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charmed to meet you

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jay and archie confronts the mysterious girls

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"Ah... are names are terry and alliya is there a problem?" said the copper hair girl
"You're your are... You are aren't you um well" said a now confused jay
"Are what? a straight question would be ok but not this gibberish." answered terry
Suddenly jay caught hold of himself "right"
During this time Archie just stared at the other girl he didn't need to hear it he already knew he wasn't sure how but he just did.
"Here this should make it clearer for you" said the vivid purple hair girl as she passed something silver to Archie terry had done the same to jay. They both held one in there hand.
"That was yours till you gave it to us some time from now" said alliya
They examined what the girls gave them it was a charm bracelet. A silver chain with charms hanging of it each a different symbol
"Do you recognize it?" asked a curious terry
"No not at all" said jay
"Do the symbols stand for something?" asked Archie as he continued to look at the piece of fine jewelry he held.
There were 14 symbols a club, a rose, a hammer, a helmet, a sword, a moon, a lighting bolt, a peacock feather, a trident, a lyre, an arrow ready to be fired from a bow, a winged sandal, a wine goblet, and a heart. Each hung evenly spaced from each other.
"Yes it was a gift from the gods thanking you guys for helping them" said terry
"Each symbol represents one of the Gods and Hercules. A club for Hercules, a rose for Persphone because her love for flowers and nature. A hammer represents Hephaestus metal work and forging. The helmet is Hades because of his invisible helmet. Ares is the sword the god of war. The moon for Athena is considered goddess of the moon along with wisdom. The lighting bolt is of course Zeus and the peacock feather is Hera. The trident is Poseidon. The lyre represents Apollo's love of music. The bow and arrow is his twin sister Artemis the goddess of the hunt. Hermes is the winged sandal. While the wine goblet is Dionysus god of wine." Said alliya very certain of what she said
"They gave it to you and your friends after you defeated Cronus for them. It was one of the ways they thanked you"
The two boys had absorbed every word they had said
"How do we defeat Cronus" asked jay
"We can not tell you that it's in our agreement that allowed us to come to this time"
The two girls sat down at a table the two boys joined them
Alliya noticed the look in Archie's eyes and realized what he wanted confirmed.
"Yes were your daughters but it would be strange for you if we called you guys dad so we will call you your regular names ok"
The two boys murmured "ok"
Terry now took control of the situation
"As you can guess we came from the future but from stories you told us when we were younger that's not to abnormal" she looked at both of them as they nodded there heads
" From what I gathered you haven't defeated Cronus from that one question" pausing again she continued " so you and mom aren't dating yet neither are you going out with auntie Atlanta." Archie's face went red from blushing
"I guess to let you know if you were ever wondering each gift was equally received"
Alliya lifted her one pant leg to reveal a silver ankle brace.
"I'm also very fast!" she added.
Jay wanted to know though about his future "terry who's your mother"
"Theresa and that's why were here we need to change the future"
"Because something wrong happened you couldn't help her you would always tell her you would protect her and she'd tell me the same and she did but you couldn't" tears were coming to her eyes know
Jay let the words sink in
"Here this picture tells a story."

Here is the next chapter the next one should be up soon but not before friends and family
Sorry if you disagree with some of the symbols I know Athena's is the owl or olive tree but I went with my own and I know Hercules isn't a god but he always played and important role on the show Opps... forgot charion
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