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picture of the past

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jay learns about something that happened in his daughters past which is about to happen in his future

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Hi well long time no see,
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Angel of music

A small photo was held in her hand carefully to prevent finger print smudges. Staring at it for a while a few tears ran down her face leaving a little wet steak along her face.
"I guess you kind of want to see this, it's not so bad but to me it is." her face was now sullen as she passed it across the table were they sat. The back ground was in a nice neighborhood except for there was a house missing only black ash and a few figures and a part of the skeleton of a house stood, which were recognizable as wood planks and beams. The grass of the lawn was scorched and the trees that grew there were well burnt on one side. In front of all this was a sidewalk. There sitting on it was a man he was not that old but in his mind he was he aged form tiredness and pain. His cloths were dirty and a little raggedy torn here and there but never bothered to be patched or replaced. His hair sat messily on his head as if never brushed in awhile. His eyes seemed dead all except for a small twinkle, which kept him alive for his only child, his daughter.

Jay continued to study the picture feeling sharp pains it was him and he knew it, why was he so upset what caused him to let himself go like that? Where was terry in the picture? Where was Theresa? Why was he in front of a burnt house? In addition, most importantly what needed to be changed so badly they came back to make sure it never happened. The buzz of questions hung over his head as if a cloud storming like thunder. All he could hear in his head was banging from the throbbing head ach he was getting from over load of information. A small whisper sang into his ear the kind you get from putting one and one together.
"You said you would always protect mom let no harm hurt her that you could prevent and mom would always say the same to me but she was able to but you couldn't"

As the memory echoed threw, his head it clicked the burnt house why he was sad all the questions he just asked himself was answered.

"How'd the fire started?" he asked
"Know one knows really but I know how you can prevent all this"
"What happened?" asked a confused Archie who stared at the picture with puzzlement.
Alliya decided she would say what happed "well one night some time from know their house catches on fire" she turned and looked at Jay "you were gone, late from work it was dark when you got home. Auntie Theresa was upstairs with terry she was 10 when this happened but auntie Theresa was telling terry about these stories the same ones I grew up hearing we both knew them from heart but still liked hearing them. It was the story of Pandora's box and with all that's wrong in the world came a little hope" she paused for a while "well she had a vision which scared her, her face went ghastly pale and she told terry to run down stairs as fast as she could"
"When she got down stairs in the living room the stairs were already ablaze" Alliyas voice went quieter until it was just a whisper.
"Well some time ago auntie Theresa was in a fight and ... well she injured her ankle and leg well every since it had been bad, it would have healed awhile ago if she just let it rest but she continued to use it and fight. It rather caught up to her a few years later and well sometimes, she could barely walk. We guess she could not get out of the house in time because of her leg.

A tear stained girl sat quietly as the words had a chance to sink into the minds of the two boys. Her voice, which quivered, spoke in a whisper.
"It was awful really it was I stood out side as I watched flames engulfed the house, swallowed in one gulp. You came home just moments after the firemen arrived you tried to go into the house but they would not let you in. I remember you coming over and hugging me and telling me it was going to be all right but you also lied there two. An echo of darkness was traced in her voice.

"Why what happened?" Asked Jay unsure if he wanted to her the rest of the answer
"Well after awhile you kind of lost the will to live, lets just say well you couldn't provide for terry any more your apartment was awful small and cramp and in the worst part of town. You did not work and ended up on welfare and terry was taken away from you, but instead she came and lived with us for the next few years. So this is were this whole thing comes in. she could not stand to see you stand in front of your old house everyday and being so gaunt." Said Alliya

"Therefore, we came back in time to stop all this from happening, to prevent mom from dieing in the fire. To prevent her from hurting her self in the first place" Said terry very firmly.

Not the best I'll admit, I wasn't sure how to write this chapter so it may be kind of well...dumb, stupid, boring (so many words) which ever one you choose to describe it as.
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Angel of music
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