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Entry 27

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Catching someone else reading your journal and possibly writing in it would be unexpected. But seeing a mysterious man reading it and possibly writing in it would bring a rush of panic.

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January 5, 1916

I caught Nieri reading through my journal today. I about lost it when I saw he had a pen. But, luckily, he was writing something down on another sheet of paper. If he had wrote anything in here, I would’ve hit him with the end of my rifle. Personal belongings are for personal use, not everyone’s. He wouldn’t tell me why he was looking through it, though. But last night was quiet. No one saw anything, it seems. But someone did say that they thought they saw Nieri attempting to walk out of camp, but he came back when he saw the patrols. Deserting is probably not the case. He would’ve made a break for it, if that was the case. I suspect he didn’t want to use the latrine. Can’t see why he wouldn’t, though. At night, we empty it, so it was clean. But if I get the chance, I’ll look at what he was writing. Should show him what it’s like to have someone reading your writing. I hope it does.

The night,
oh, how it consumes the light.
The moonlight,
how it penetrates the blight.

See the twilight,
see the harrowing sight!
See the eagle’s flight!
See it’s reverential might!

let it rise.

the prayer for the dead.
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