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Entry 28

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Deserters were somewhat common in the war, especially before an attack. Most knew they were going to die, and they wouldn’t be able to back out. So, the easiest way to get out was to desert. But ...

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January 7, 1916

A deserter came to us, today. Someone from the Austrian side. Seems that he was going to be a part of the next offensive. Smart man. He would’ve died if he decided to stay. He is speaking freely, all about the way the Austrians are positioned, their supply problems, and the morale of the men there, which is still high, it seems. However, we do not know what to do with him. We are not going to kill him, of course. We are leaving that up to our officers. I entrust they will do the right thing. The man also had a piece of paper, written on by him, in one of his pockets. It is in Hungarian, it seems. No one can translate it, but him. He can speak a good portion of German, but otherwise, he can only speak Hungarian. The poor man must’ve endured hell, traversing through No Man’s Land. I can only imagine what must’ve seen.

A halott fekszik, nyugtalan, mégis békés
Én eddig megtett, a senki földje.
Nekem lőttek, láttam a halott.
A vereségem, elrohadtak, hogy fekszenek, így még békésen gyötörte.
Nyugtalan, hogy nem bánkódik az élet, újra.
Nem aludt, a halott megérdemel.
A halott a érdekelnék, és a gyülekezet énekelni.
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