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Entry 29

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Ignác Tímár, the Austrian deserter, clearly has a goal in kind: getting out of the war. Smart thing to do. A death to soldier count ratio brings up that 25% of soldiers died, but 33% were wounde...

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January 8, 1916

The Austrian, who’s name is Ignác Tímár, will be leaving for Treviso in a few hours. The officers have said that he was to choose what he wanted, and he wanted to leave the war. I cannot blame him. He had to have seen the dead in No Man’s Land, and that was enough to make him quicken his pace to get out of this useless war. No one is sure how he’ll fare in Italy, where only a handful can speak German. We expect he will be taught, and he will catch on after a little while. He’ll have to, if he wants to live here. Living in a country but being unable to speak the language is a hard task, according to Fabron. I imagine it would be. Nieri also did something I wouldn’t imagine he’d ever do, as well. He talked to others and I, openly. He explained a lot of what had happened in his life, what his six days at the front were like, and what he thinks of the war. All of us were so shocked by it. We never would’ve expected him to have an open conversation. He grew up in Milano, where things were quiet, until the war broke out. When it did, he was eager to fight in it, so he went and signed up in France, where trench warfare was almost nonexistent, until a year later, according to him. When he was discharged after a wound, he came back to Italy, and then joined when it decided to join the fight. He wants to contribute to the war, and find a nice place afterwards, where he can enjoy himself, telling stories of his experiences, and his daring moments. He sounds like one who wants to be given a medal, or two. But why wear a medal that says that you killed other men? Why tell your story of murdering a man, who had a good life? Why be in this war, at all?
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