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Entry 31

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This is the only description given of the animal. Large, wolflike, silent, and walking on two legs. No animal hasn’t been identified to be the one described. What it was, no one may ever know.

Category: Historical - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama,Horror - Published: 2018-04-30 - 224 words

January 15, 1916

The silence has gone on for too long. Currently, I, alongside Silvano, Kit, and Arsenio, camp in No Man’s Land. We sleep in crude foxholes, dug from the shell holes of both sides artillery barrages. It is hell out here. Many men lie out here, all are dead and enveloped in mud. We are quiet, as we know not of what may lie outside of here. Austrians or animals, either one a threat. But now, we lie, needing rest. We have a long day ahead of us. We need all the sleep we can catch.

Kit saw something. No one else did, though. He says that it was wolflike, large, yet silent. It was walking towards our lines. If it was what killed our man, days ago, we are sure it will be slaughtered, like it deserves to be. But there was something about it that Kit is unsure of. He swore he saw it walking on two legs. None of us have never heard of an animal that is wolflike, and walks on its hind legs. He must be seeing things, and I cannot blame him. I am nervous about what we might find, tomorrow. We may walk into a storm of bullets, or we might wander into a dying camp. We hope it is nothing like the storm of bullets.
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