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Translater’s Note #2

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Before I start, please, I need to say that this is just my opinion on the matter, so bear with me, per favore.
General research that I did, personally, points to two possibilities: a large wolf and a bear. However, I do want to point out that the possibility of a wolf over the average height of 1.5-1.8 meters and height of 0.8-0.9 meters is highly unlikely. The largest wolf ever recorded was 106.6 kg. And seeing one walk two legs is possible, but nigh near impossible. My research shows that most wolves that are seen walking on two legs are alphas. The animal seen by Kit Fabron was alone, but it also walked on its hind legs for well over a kilometer. That eliminates the possibilities of it being a wolf.
As for a bear, the size is definently right. Only problem is that the closest someone has been to a bear was in 2005, 99 years after the entry. To top it, the main place of bear refuge was il Trentino, which was far behind the Front. However, this was before a large hunting of the bear population occurred (or the early years of it), so the population was as large as it needs to be to be above a “threatened species”. But bears, also, rarely walk on their hind legs. The possibility of seeing one do so for a kilometer is also highly unlikely.
But, the only possibility of what it could be, logically, would be a bear. But I find it unlikely.
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