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Entry 33

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(This entry does hint at suicide. Read at your own discretion.) The lone survivor they brought back had PTSD, no doubt about it. It would take days for him to finally be able to speak. All that ti...

Category: Historical - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2018-05-01 - 213 words

January 18, 1916

We are back, and everyone is both skeptical and terrified of what we saw. Some of the higher ups have asked Fabron for a full report. They probably won’t believe what we saw. I want to not believe that happened, either, but I saw it, and I stepped in it. I know that it is real, that all those men were slaughtered in the worst way possible. But the lone survivor is still shaking, albeit not as much. Others feel pity for him, but I feel sorrow for him. Vedendo gli uomini si combatterono con get macellati intorno a voi e voi vivere e ricordare ciò che hai visto è una sensazione che nessun uomo può stomaco. He won’t talk, but he is writing. I’m not sure what he is trying to do, but he gave it to me with a look of plea in his eyes. He’ll respond to what we ask him, in German, but only on paper, and his handwriting isn’t very readable. It’s from his shaking. But the plea in his eyes makes me wonder what he wants. To get out of here? Or does he want to die, so he does not have to feel guilty about being the only living one?
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