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Entry 34

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Truly, the Austrian’s reaction is strange. Crawling back, shouting murder in Hungarian... a fit of PTSD must have come over him. No man could’ve done what happened at that camp.

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January 19, 1916

Something strange happened today, and everyone is clueless as to the reasons why. Nieri was walking along, minding his own business, but when the Austrian caught sight of him, he suddenly started to crawl backwards, rapidly. He then started shouting, what sounded to be, gyilkos! gyilkos! We had to calm him down by way of getting Nieri a good distance away from him. He has begun shaking like he did before, too. No one has any explanation for it, only clueless guessing. Some think Nieri has something to do with the slaughter, but I doubt it. Men don’t do that, especially him. Though he may want a medal, he wouldn’t do that. Well, exactly like that. I imagine he’d be quick and clean, not brutally. No man here would do something like that. But, again, that rumor goes around. Un Loup Garou. It had died down to almost nothing, but the slaughter probably brought it back up. Again, it is fantasy. Bambini raccontano storie di fantasia. La realtà racconta della verità. Yet, now, more people are in on it. I believe that men that can turn into wolves is a ridiculous fantasy. One is more likely to encounter a Strigoi in Romania than this Loup Garou. Hell, one is more likely to see God face to face than with this myth. It saddens me to see how easily people fall back onto myth, rather than reality. La follia è semplicemente non essendo logica.

uomini parlando di squame dragone.
Ma non vi è nulla che tracce,
tutti i tentativi sono tutti non riesce.

vedere l’arroganza come mosche.
Non importa i numerosi tentativi,
non vi è nulla in veste.
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