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Entry 35

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The Austrian finally started talking. But the truth is almost out of pure hell.

Category: Historical - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2018-05-03 - 159 words

January 21, 1916

The man started speaking, today. We are writing down what we can, but he speaks rather quickly. I got down what he was saying when he started speaking.
Túl gyorsan történt minden. Van ott valami, majd eltűnt az emberek. Elbújtam, én három ember. Én mázlista vagyok, Mert mások is próbálta meg levágni.
I may not know what he actually says, but I imagine that he must be talking of what happened, at the start. He is almost monotone, though. It is rather ominous, as well. I remember what I saw, but it was after. He had to hear everyone as they were torn apart. Never would I want to experience it, and he didn’t want to, either. But the past is the past. The present is now. If we can get his words translated, we might find out what happened. Or we might not find anything.
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