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Entry 36

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There’s not much on this one in terms of the animal, but it does give insight into what a soldier thought during the silence in between artillery fire.

Category: Historical - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2018-05-04 - 243 words

January 24, 1916

It is silent. No one dares to break it. I think we’re contemplating what may happen. I am. I am afraid that we might be the next one in the beast’s sight. We are on edge, and we can all see it in each other. With little conversation, we just sit and wait for anything to show up. We are terrified of any animal, even the lowly Chamois. Someone shot one, yesterday. The only one at ease is the Austrian. It seems that speaking his mind has taken a load off of him. Good for him, he deserves it. He has gone through more than any of us. But he also seems to be contemplating something, as well. I think he means to take his life. Morto con i tuoi alleati è meglio che essere vivi mentre hanno perduto, for him. Still, we need to find out more about what happened, as to make sure we do not end up like his allies. Yet, I wonder about that position, again. Will reinforcements arrive? I hope so. We need to have our minds taken off of this. Killing innocents is better than pondering about how we might die.

We ponder our demise,
with waters and saddened eyes.
As we watch how the eagle flies,
through its golden skies,
eyeing its prize.
Oh, we saw it brutalize,
a man’s poor fellow allies.
Yet, we arise,
as we publicize,
that amber sunrise.
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