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Entry 37

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Neither side left any possible position open, even if all the men there were dead. It would be a gap where the enemy could go through. So, sending more men is just what they’d do. But what did th...

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January 26, 1916

It seems my suspicions were right. The Austrians are back and they caught us off guard. We lost two men, and three were wounded. We repelled them, though. It seems like it will be back to old times, before long. It will be better than thinking about the massacre. The Austrian did something strange, though. He grabbed the rifle from one of the men who fell, and shot the one who killed him. He then shot three more men, at different ranges. He did it all in four shots. We believe he’s a sniper. That would explain why he was able to do that. When we asked him about it, he just seemed to brush it off. We don’t trust him, now. We don’t know if he might go back, or just try to kill us. But we hope that he stays with us. We need someone like him. If anything comes along, he’ll be the first to see it. A man like that is a precious commodity in this war. Almost anything that can help fight is a precious commodity.
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