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Entry 38

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On the Italian Front, the largest casualties taken were by the Austria-Hungary Army, but only by about 200,000. But even then, that is horribly large. That many people should have never died in the...

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February 1, 1916

All quiet, again. But I know that the Austrians are just preparing. They always are. Though our men at the front lines may be attacking and dying, we are the ones taking the defense. It is better that way. News is that all the offensives have failed so far. Our numerous numbers of men just get cut down by the Austrians. At least it is the other way here. One would rather take lives than lose lives. The Austrian wrote something else down. We’re currently trying to translate it. He looked paranoid when he wrote it, and Nieri had a look of worry on his face while he wrote it. Is there something the two know? Or is there something between them?

Szörnyű érzés, hogy újra megtörténhet. Nem akarom, hogy holnap újra, nem mindenkinek. Kérem, hogy megszabaduljon az ember, az a szemét.
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