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Entry 39

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The Austrian is clearly suffering from PTSD. He’s terrified of Nieri, who, to our knowledge, is innocent. But why would he be terrified of him, specifically?

Category: Historical - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst,Drama - Published: 2018-05-07 - 188 words

February 5, 1916

We don’t know where Nieri is, and The Austrian is having a panic attack. He finally started speaking some German, albeit random jargon. Wo ist Er!?! Er ist gegangen! Gegangen! Er ist Weg zu gehen und Mord mehr Leute! I believe he’s talking about Nieri. Delusional man. I feel horrible for him. When we finally calmed him down, we asked him about what he means. He went back to Hungarian, writing it down. I think he’s mute when he is calm, but starts talking when he gets scared. Shell Shock. Such a horrible thing to get. But is it that? It reminds me of it, but it’s not from the shells. Stress after something shocking? I don’t know. But he has written down an explanation. We will have to wait a few hours before we know what he is talking about.

Én tudom. Ő az. Ő az, aki volt. Ő a közt bujkál farkas, sheeps ruha. Meg kell szabadulni tőle. - Meg fog ölni, ha lesz rá alkalmunk. Kérem. Kérlek, ne. Ezt a biztonságot, és az én kedvemért.
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