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The Kids Who Feel Like Dead Ends

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Pete wakes up and discovers Beckett might still have a few tricks up his sleeve...but hey, it's all good because Pete gets a few laughs out of this one.

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1Exciting's been a while, I know. Things have been wacky with me starting college and all. Anyway, looks like there'll be a couple chapters...and I'm thinking of starting another, regular Petey story, and then maybe a Patrick one. :]

Pete slowly woke up, feeling like he had the worst hangover in history. He wasn't surprised to find that he was trapped in a police car. But he was also pissed to find that he was shackled to floor of the car.

These people were idiots. Didn't they know there was something not right with those vampires? It's not exactly complicated to figure it out. Anyway, not many people lived long after they found out the Dandies' secret.

He peered out the window of the police patrol car, but he became more alert because of what he saw. The guys were getting handcuffed on the side of the street. Dandies were talking to...police officers? Police officers are laughing with Dandies? The Priest had his arm around one of them? And that girl, he knew her from somewhere.

Pete raised his shocked face to see that the two guffawing officers driving him away had...fangs.

"What the hell?"

An officer stopped laughing and shot Pete a glare. "Yeah, what do you want?"

"You're not a cop."

"Brilliant realization, rock star," the vampire muttered, smirking at the one driving.

"Why are you even bothering to take me to Beckett? You're just a goon and always will be one."

The vampire stopped smiling. "Shut your mouth or I'll stop this car and shut it for you." Pete smirked back at him. "You little--"

"Sheldon, knock it off. The kid's only trying to get you to open the door," the driving vampire snapped.

Sheldon muttered something unintelligible and the other vampire glanced at Pete.
"Nah, Beckett doesn't want that. Besides, the Red Queen would kill us," he said.

They both laughed again, but Pete froze, forgetting about the handcuffs. He curled his fists and let out a growl, swinging a fist out and shattering the window next to him to pieces. The driving cop stamped his foot on the brakes, jerking them all forward.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?" Sheldon shouted.

Pete coldly stared at him and ignored his bleeding knuckles.

"Sheldon, shut up! You're attracting too much attention! Beckett will take care of him later."
The vampire started up the car again, but Pete wasn't paying any attention.

What did the Red Queen have to do with anything? She had no busy being here, none at all! He guessed that screwing him over once just wasn't good enough for her. The heartless bitch would live to see Pete's heart wrenched out.

A gasp almost escaped his lips. If she was working with Beckett...then she'd seen Gwen. Poor, sweet, unsuspecting Gwen. Once she realized how much Gwen meant to him, there was no telling what would happen to her. No physical abuse would satisfy the Red Queen. She'd attack where most human beings were the weakest--the heart.
She would tell Gwen about their affair.

Pete wrestled with his shackles again, but Beckett knew to make them strong.

"Keep rattling those chains, kid," Sheldon sneered.

"Keep rocking that horrible toupee, lackey," Pete snarled back.

The other vampire laughed, but Sheldon glared murderously at Pete.

"Can't I just...break his leg or something, Murdoch?" Sheldon asked. "We can say it was his fault."

Murdoch shook his head, and pulled the car onto the private drive of a gated property.
"Don't touch him," Murdoch snapped.

Sheldon looked up in disappointment just as Murdoch parked the car in front of an enormous mansion.
"So we're not drugging him and dragging him to--"

"No," Murdoch answered quickly, opening the back door of the car and unshackling Pete from the floor.

"You're a sick bastard," Pete muttered to Sheldon.

Sheldon just flashed his fangs with a sadistic grin. Pete looked up at the mansion and stared at the windows. He thought he saw a face and a flash of white at a top window, but he took a second glance and nothing was there.

The vampires led Pete up to the large oak doors, which was a surprise. It meant that Pete's capture was no secret, far from it. Beckett was making an example of Pete. Become a renegade vampire and face the humiliation and torture of your punishment.
Murdoch opened the doors and immediately all eyes were on Pete.

The foyer opened up to a glamorous sitting room where vampires (mostly women) hung off the furniture. Clearly Pete was a pet to be won--how completely creepy.
He glanced down at his knuckles, wincing at the familiar pain of quick healing.

Sheldon and Murdoch dragged him past and down a marble staircase that curved its way underground.

"Could Beckett be more cliché?" Pete muttered.

The vampires didn't answer. Thankfully, there were lights that led the way past long halls of holding cells. A few minutes passed before Sheldon smirked at a vampire asleep in a chair in front of a cell.

"Boo!" he hollered, forcing the vampire to his feet with a jerk.
The vampire glared and muttered a few obscenities at Sheldon before sitting down.

"You know, it would be nice if someone around here was actually competent," a familiar voice called out.


Pete turned to see Patrick gripping the cell's bars with a grin on his tired face.
"Pete?" he asked back.

"Ok, ok, before you two get all hot for each other, at least let us put rock star here into the cell so we can leave," Sheldon said.
He laughed and pushed Pete into the cell near Patrick, whose face burned bright red. Pete didn't really care...all that mattered was that Patrick was alive.

The vampires left, and Pete looked behind him at Andy and Joe, who amazingly were still asleep on a bunk bed to his right.

"I thought they killed you," Patrick said softly.

"No. But I sure as hell was going to kill them if you died," Pete answered, hugging Patrick.

Patrick smiled back at Pete, but Pete knew he was only pretending to be okay. The bandages on his neck, arms and hands were proof.

"So how are they?" Pete asked, looking at their sleeping friends.

"Well...Joe got hammered in the head pretty badly, but he's sleeping it off. Andy got stabbed a few times, but he should be okay."

Pete sighed and sat on the other empty bunk bed, staring at them.

"Have you..." he began, but stopped, tucking his legs into his chest.

"No,” Patrick answered, pushing his glasses up the bridge of his nose (a nervous tic). “I don't know where she is."

"She can't be dead."

A silence passed for a moment before Patrick sat down next to Pete.

"No." Pete didn’t know if he believed it.

Though it wasn't much of an answer, it meant the world to Pete. He turned to answer Patrick when he heard it.

Click. Click. Click.

Pete stood up slowly, staring out the cell bars.

"What is it?"

"As if this nightmare couldn’t get any worse."

Click. Click. Click.

He held onto the cell bars and looked out into the hallway. Just as he concluded he was going crazy, he saw her. First, a long, graceful leg slipped out of a slit in an ebony dress, and then the rest of her exquisite body followed, her long, blonde hair blowing behind her.
She grinned wickedly at Pete. "Hello, Peter."

The Red Queen.



"What the hell is the Bitch Queen doing here?" Patrick asked.

"And why do you still have those sideburns, Pattycakes?" she taunted back.
Pete didn’t know if they’d survive the night.
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