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Whoa i'm doing 3 stories at a time here! Okay So this new kid Ryan is well as you guess is new to olympia high and he has a bit of a crush on theresa. Find out how jay will react! (after this st...

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Theresa sat in the front row waiting for her to be called up on stage from 'Mr. Fetcher' (who was actually Apollo, only Theresa knew in that class) to play her sond she'd been assigned to practice on her lyre.


Ryan was on his way to music class. He was a new student here at Olympia High. He was trying to find room D108, when he heard the most beautiful sond ever. He followed it and it led to the exact music room he was looking for.


"Beautiful Theresa! Absoulutely astounding! Magnicient!" exclaimed 'Mr. Fetcher'. Ryan quietly opened the door. Everyone turned around to see who it was.
"Ah! You must be Mr. Johnson! Ryan Johnson! Am I correct?"
said Mr. Fetcher.

"Um, yeah" replied Ryan. He had brilliant blue eyes, and brown hair just as gorgeous as Jay's, Theresa thought.

Theresa walked back to her seat.

"Everybody, this is our new student, Ryan Johnson"

"Hey what's up!" said a kid in the back seat.

And everyone else just said hi.

"Well my boy, please take a seat, there! One right next to Theresa!"

So Ryan quickly went over a took a seat next to her.

"Your song was really pretty" ryan said as he sat down. Remembering the lovely tune and how Theresa tilted her head and slightly closed her eyes as she played the beautiful instrument.

"thanks" she said with a smile.

Class was over. And Theresa and Ryan became friends.
"What class do you have next?" Theresa asked.

"Gym."he replied

"me too!"she exclimed

"Awesome!"he said back

"Let's see your schedule."

"Ahhh, looks like we ony have music and gym together. she said.

"Oh well, let's walk together." he said.

"Alright" she smiled back.

She liked this guy, and she also liked Jay. But Jay never seemed to notice her...and he was too busy always thinking of Cronus they never spent time together. She'd always try to make him laugh. He'd do that for awhile and then leave to say he's got something important to do.

He was never always there for her. He prabably didn't feel the same way anyway. She wouldn't have a chance.

Ryan and Theresa were walking down the hall, when they saw Jay and Archie talking.

"Hey Jay, isn't that Theresa? And she's walking with some guy"Archie pointed out.

Jay quickly turned around. Did she like this guy? he wondered. Why was she with him?

Theresa noticed this and just ignored and faced ryan again and laughed at something he said.

Jay stood there speechless. "Jay? earth to Jay!!!" Archie was yelling.


"Dude, don't tell me your jealous?...You've ignored her and you tell me to go confess to Atlanta?" Archie said.


Archie laughed. "When you tell Theresayou like her, I'll tell Atlanta i like her! Deal?" Archie asked.

"Fine, deal"

They shook.

Okay i know you guys might hate me for making Theresa hate Jay but you gotta read the next chappie!
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