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The Dance

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Okay you'll find this is very similar to my other chapter in my story 'If i never Knew You'

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There had just been an annoucement that there was a spring dance coming up.


"Yeah Ryan"

"I was wondering if you'd like to go with me?" He said after gym.

"Sure ryan i'd like that"



"Hey Jay"

"Would you like to go to the dance with me?"

"Sorry Jay...Ryan already asked me..."

"Oh that's fine."

Then suddenly jay's crush Ashley came up.


"oh great" he said under his breath
He didn't like Ashley, though every other guy did. He thought she was annoying.

"Jay! jay! Let's go together!!"

"To what?"

"The dance silly!!!!"

"Oh right"


Everyone had entered the dance floor excited.

Jay was there with Ashley's arms clenched into his. But his mind was just wandering off searching for Theresa.

"Hey jay!" Atlanta and Archie said. There were just sticking around, seeing who had the best dance moves. So far Archie was winning. (What????atlanta always wins at archery and running).


Then he glanced at the stairs.

They came a beautiful girl weraing a white strapless, knee-length dress with two strands of hair pulled back into a half ponytail and the ends of her hair were put into loose ringlets.

He thoughthe was starring into th eyes of an angel. He thought that angel was all his until he saw Ryan walking towards her.

"You look stunning" ryan said.

"Thank you"she replied.

After the fast song with was Promiscuous Girl by nelly Fertado.,then came on a slow song, your Beautiful by James Blunt.

"May i have this dance" Ryan exclaimed.

she giggled and have him her hand.

Jay got mad. Then Ashley pulled him out on the dance floor.

Ashley put her head on his shoulders as he stared at Theresa and Ryan. No matter what he did his head kept wandering into her direction.

After some girls saw Ashley dancing with Jay they all wanted to dance with him. He looked cute in his suit.

Then the song was over.

"I'll be right back" Theresa told Ryan.

She felt Jay's eyes on her the whole time. She needed to get some fresh air outside.

"Okay" said ryan.

Jay followed her.

"Theresa! Can i speak to you?"

"what jay?"

He grabbed her hands and starred into her eyes.

"tell me do you like him?"

"ryan? Yes why?"

"Like as in friend or like like?"

"Jay I only met him? Of course just as a friend, but I'd like to know him better."


"Why not?" she laughed.

"That's...that doesn't matter..just..'

She looked away, then he slowly moved her chin back and starred into her eyes again. There was no where else he wanted to be he had to kiss her. And he...she broke away.

She took her hand away and said "I have to go" and she left.

He just stood there heart broken. He tried to real his lips back in.

What was his problem!! theresa thought

Why did he have to do that? Why's he jealous? He ignores me and now cause i like another person he wants me? uuuggghh!!! Why do guys always want what they can't have! she stormed back into the gym.

"I want to leave" said Theresa

'what happened?
"Nothing i don't want to talk about it, please can we go?"

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