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Chapter 5-Inmate #6669

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Chapter 5.

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"Shut it! Or I'll shove this where the sun don't shine!" Harley shrieked at the wall whilst waving a small clenched fist in the air.

"Fuck you, bitch." Came a rough reply from behind said wall.

"Rapist!" The blonde yelled, turning and plopping down on her bed. (Well, she couldn't even call it that. It was just a flat piece of cushion (the "mattress") with an even flatter duvet and pillow, on a suspended ledge.)

"I am not a rapist!"

"Yes you are!"

"How then? Huh? Explain your "logic" to me."

She shook her head and lay down on her left side, facing away from the offending wall. "You kidnapped her and brought her to New York so you could have your way with her... Deflowering my precious angel!" She closed her eyes and breathed out deeply, attempting to calm herself. The last thing she needed was another guard telling her to shut up (despite him starting the fight!). Honestly she was beginning not to care because he was really pushing his luck...again! "If I didn't stop you when I did you would have tortured her for God knows how much longer a-and killed her." She had no doubt in her mind he was planning something along those lines, or, more accurately, exactly that. He was a complete psychopath. A deranged monster who kills anyone and everyone in his way. Why would Lucy be any different? He was merely using Lucy as a way to get to at her. And by God, did he succeeded. She could still remember the day she found out that they were "dating". That day the plan he had been concocting for God knows how long was finally set in motion.

She remembered distinctly that it was an usually warm morning, because she woke up sweaty, and subsequently bypassed her morning coffee in favour of a cool glass of orange juice. That day she had planned a little shopping trip with her then sixteen year old daughter as she had recently been "released" from prison. (Obviously Lucy didn't know that, she just knew "mommy goes on business trips every once in a while".) She had their whole day planned out. First, they were going to go get breakfast in the diner across the road, then go shopping in the newly refurbished mall a few blocks over, and maybe after that go have dinner at Maroni's. Lucy always loved the lasagna there and she needed to patch things up with the mobster anyways, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Anyways, she, with this plan in mind, quickly finished her drink and hurried from the kitchen and down the hall to Lucy's room.

She stopped outside the teenager's door and was about to knock when she heard a giggle emanate from within the room. Harley already bright smile widened at this. She had known for about a month or two that Lucy was either starting to date or has been dating someone. The blonde was over the moon at this relevant, even if her daughter hadn't wanted her to know. She had found out accidentally actually, much to Lucy's dismay. Whilst on the phone to Floyd from prison, she found out that Lucy had been "on her phone constantly" and was "texting some boy". She naturally got excited at the thought of her daughter finding love and when she was next able to speak to Lucy she asked her all about it. Unfortunately, the stroppy teen didn't let up much. In the end, she only knew his name, Jason. Instantly, she hated the name (for obvious reasons) but from what she heard he seemed like a nice boy. All in all, in her eyes, whoever made her baby happy was good in her book.

She proceeded to knock on the door, to alert Lucy of her presence, before flinging the wooden barrier open. She hadn't even got a word out when she clamped her mouth shut. The scene that was in front of her had literally taken her breath away.

Lucy was laying on her bed with a dark haired boy laying half on top of her. They were in a...compromising romantic embrace. Harley, understandably embarrassed, went to leave before they noticed her. Unfortunately, she managed to hit the doorway as she left causing her to swear and, more importantly, get their attention. "Mom! Get out!" She vaguely remembered Lucy yelling at her. Instinctively, she went to apologize, but again stopped herself when she realised something. The perpetrator had also turned to look at her... It was him! The bastard was glaring at her. He had the audacity to be in her home, abusing her daughter and he was glaring at her! Hell no!

She doesn't exactly remember what happened after that because of her overwhelming blind rage. But she could guess, from Lucy's refusal to speak to her for three weeks following the incident, that it was brutal... But she couldn't blame her for kicking the sicko out! He was violating her! That evil bastard had been the one grooming her precious angel all that time. He was not about to get away with it.

Harley had barely noticed there had been a period of silence (or that she zoned out) until the sound of Jason moving on his bed reached her ears. She opened her eyes and listened out for his reply.

"You're so beyond deluded, Quinn. It's not even funny. I would never hurt her like that." He sounded oddly subdued. It was almost as if he was telling the truth. He was acting as if he truly care about her.


"Yeah right."

"Why is it so hard to believe, huh? Well, actually, it's not like you have a heart. You wouldn't understand."

"Wouldn't understand?!" Harley screamed, sitting up on her knees and turning over on the flat surface to bang her fists on the wall. How dare he?! Who did he think he was?! "I gave birthday to that girl! I nurtured her for seventeen years! I won't let you ruin her!"

"That is if you even are her real mother."

"What?! Of course, I am!"

"Sure, Harley. You're just the type of psycho bitch to steal a baby from a hospital."

"Psycho bitch!? Look who's talkin'!"

"Oh! So the "psycho bitch" part offender you and not the, yanno, whole you're-not-her-real-mother thing. Interesting..."

"Oi! I am her mother, you bastard!"

"Prove it!"

"I can't just magic her birth cert out of thin air, dummy!"

"Like she had one in the first place," he scoffed. "You're crazy, but you're not crazy enough to go to a hospital to give birth. No, you wouldn't risk that."

"Damn right I wouldn't! They'd have taken her away from me. From her mother!"

"Her kidnapper more like."

"I have a birthing tape, rapist. I have proof."

"Firstly, I am not a rapist and secondly, I don't wanna see that tape. I've seen enough of your body already, I don't need to see anymore."

"Yeah, whateva! I wasn't gonna show it to ya anyways, rapist."



Before Jason could yell another obscenity back at her, there was a loud bang on his door. "SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTHS! YOU'RE WRECKING MY HEAD!" It was Bill, the security guard that had the unfortunate job of patrolling this end of the hall. He had been doing it for almost two weeks now and to say it was affecting him would be putting it lightly. The poor bastard was on the verge of losing his voice from all the yelling. Little to say, he couldn't wait until the two got moved to Extreme Isolation. He didn't understand why they were still up here in the penitentiary after a month, but then again he wasn't paid to think about why the prisoners were located here. He was paid to make sure they stayed in their cells and remained (relatively) quiet.

"Yeah, whateva, Bill!" Harley huffed, laying back down on her bed. He was such a killjoy.

Harley swore the food got worse every time she had to eat it. Hell! That time she force fed a milkshake through her nose was better than this.

"I hate pineapple," she muttered, stabbing the offending yellow fruit with her plastic knife. "Ew."

"Harley!" A familiar voice called out to her. The blonde perked up at the sound and looked around to find the person who had grabbed her attention. Thankfully, but didn't take her long to see who it was; Her on and off best friend, Selina Kyle. She smiled at her steadily approaching figure and waved to her. She didn't wave back, which didn't surprise her. She shrugged it off and turned back around, awaiting her friend's arrival.

"Harley." The cat burglar repeated, sitting down across from her. The other woman raised her bright gaze from the disgusting pineapple to her friend, eager to speak to her. For the last month she had been stuck in tiny cell with only her daughter's rapist for company. So she was quite understandably glad to see a friend.

Unfortunately her feeling of joy didn't last long when she saw the look on the Selina's face. She looked concerned, very concerned. Her skin was paler than usual and there were bags under her eyes. Her large smile dropped. "What's wrong? You don't look well."

"No, no, I'm alright." She waved her concern off with a flick of her dainty hand and shook her head. "I'm just recovering from the flu, that's all."

"How long have you been here?"

"About a week. I've been in the infirmary."


"Yeah." She threw her eyes up to heaven. "Remind me to never break into the snowman's lair again. That bastard nearly froze my tits off! I'm convinced that job gave me the flu." She shook her head and took a sip of her drink of water. "Anyways," she blurted, placing the plastic cup down. She leaned forward and whispered, "yanno Lucy's here right?"

The blonde eyes widened considerably. "What?! Really?"


"I told her not to come here!"

"What? You knew?"

"Yeah. I called her a few weeks ago when I was caught. She told me Waller was gonna make her work here."


"I dunno, but it can't be good."

"Shit." She sighed, sitting up straight. "Do you think she's blackmailing her?"

"Probably... I try not to think about it really. I asked her not to come here but obviously she didn't listen to me."

"She gets that stubbornness from Floyd," Selina chuckled. "God damnit."

Harley nodded in agreement and took a sip of her own drink to help force down the taste of the stale bread she just ingested. "Do you think we can do something?"

She shrugged. "I dunno, Harl. Maybe you can try call her and ask her to leave again."

"I can't, my phone right has been taken away."


"...I dunno."


"Ok, I might have lost it 'cause I was yelling at that rapist!" she cried, looking across the room, and through the massive glass window into the men's section, at Jason (who was sat with Floyd).

Traitor! How can he talk to our baby's rapist?!

"What? Jason? He's a rapist?" Selina asked, cocking an eyebrow in surprise. That was a surprise. He seemed nice. Mad but nice. (Honestly, she'd have had a go on him if he weren't with her niece...and didn't hate her. Seriously, why did that guy hate everybody?)

"Yeah, he raped my baby." Harley nodded confidently.

"Oh my God, he raped Lucy?" Jesus Christ, how the hell hadn't she heard this?! That creep. "What a scumbag!'

"Yeah! How dare he, right?!" The blonde squeaked.

Hold on...

"Uh...Harl, are you telling the truth?" Somehow she doubted her, which actually wasn't difficult to do when it came to her friend. She had a habit of stretching the truth to satisfy her thoughts. "He wouldn't do that."

"Yes he did!" Harley frowned deeply and stabbed the pineapple with he shitty plastic knife in defiance.

"Do you have proof?"

"No, but-"

"So you're just making this up then, huh?"

"I know what he did to her! I could see it in her eyes."

The dark-haired woman rolled her eyes and tucked in to her less than appealing meal. "Sure, Harl."

"You're oddly quite." Harley heard a voice whisper. Immediately she thought it was the voice in the back of her head, but quickly dismissed that idea when she realised it couldn't be because the voice was a mans'. The voice in her head may be ungodly annoying but it was nothing compared to Todd's. At least he didn't go on about psychology constantly.

She, laying on her back on her tiny bed, looked left at the wall. "I'm thinking."

"Don't do that, you'll hurt yourself." Came a snarky reply immediately.

"Fuck you."

"No thanks. You're the last thing I'd want to be inside."

"Yeah, you just prefer underaged girls who can't fight back."

"She wasn't exactly upset, Quinn."

"Shut up!" Harley squeaked covering her ears at this. "That's disgusting!"

"She didn't seem to think so."

"That's 'cause you drugged her!"

"Why would I drug her if she was the one who initiated it? Hmm, didn't think of that did you, bitch?"

"She wouldn't."

"Ask her yourself."

The tone of his voice made her stomach churn and bile rise in her throat. It was so...icky! How could he talk about a child like that?! He's a pedophile! She was going to kill him for what he's done to her baby. And you can sure bet she's going to drag his death out as long as she possibly can. Hell, she's going to make his first death feel like a fucking walk in the park compared to what she going to do to him when she got her hands on him! The bastard was going to rot away in the bowels of this festering shit hole of an asylum (or the closest thing to it that she can find).

"Fuck it!" he suddenly exclaimed,"I'll tell you myself."

"NO!" She screamed, covering her ears.

Thankfully before he could begin to torture her, someone cut him off by the sound of a cell door being opened. Harley excepted it to be Bill yelling at then to be quiet again. It was him, but it seems he wasn't here to deliver his usual message of "SHUT THE FUCK UP!". Instead, Harley heard the telltale of footsteps and then Bills hoarse voice say, "C'mon, Todd. It's your restroom time."

"Thank God." The blonde whispered, moving her hands from her ears. She usually hated Bill but at that very moment she would have gladly kissed him for indirectly freeing her of that pain.

A smile crept on to her lips as she listened to her fellow prisoner sigh. "Good luck. You can't wash away crazy!" She called out to him as she heard him leave.

"Fuck off, Quinn!"

She hadn't known how long she had slept but when she woke up it was dark and there was the sound of snoring all around her. Guess it was late then. Jeez, how the hell had she slept for that long? She hadn't even felt tired. Maybe her body was trying to tell her something.

Maybe I should ask the docs about that. I could be ill... I've probably caught something of Selina. God darn it!

Sighing at this thought, and the subsequent images that flicked through her head of her impending few weeks of illness in the shoddy infirmary, she rolled onto her back and stared up at the ceiling. It was almost pitch black in the tiny room due to the lack of a window, but thankfully there was a little ray of light shining through the small thick glass pane in the cell door so she could just about make out the very limited furnishings in the 2 by 4 space. (That was if she squinted.) But quite frankly, she didn't waste her time doing that. She knew this cell (and many others in this building) like back of her (usually) manicured hand. There was nothing new to see here, a part from the new hideous flooring and extra reinforced cell doors. They'd obviously had a refitting since she'd last been here. An ugly one at that. Yeah, she knew it was an insane asylum, but yanno even crazy people had taste. Well, she did at least, she couldn't exactly speak for the likes of Croc or Zsasz down the hall. Animals like that would be happy with a bucket to piss in and a wooden pallet to sleep on.

A shiver ran down her spine at the thought and well, the coldness of the room itself. (They could afford new flooring and doors, but no radiators?) She grit her teeth and crossed her arms over her chest in an attempt to warm herself. It wasn't until then that she realised it must be nearing December or it was said month because it was freezing. (She knew they gave her that extra thick blanket this afternoon for a reason.)

She pulled said blanket over her and instinctively rolled over to face the opposite wall. One of her stronger habitual acts, she rather have her back to the immediate surface behind her than the (albeit) small space she was now facing. Logically, she knew there was no one else in the cell with her. No one could creep up on her. She was safe. No one could get her in here. (Well, that was debatable, but yanno, nobody important.) But nonetheless, she always had that nagging feeling at the back of brain that someone was going to attack her. Maybe that was due to her paranoia, (which was probably built up by many years of criminal activity), or, as she strongly believed, it was the after affect of that toxin that bastard of a doctor poisoned her with all those years ago. Whatever was in that concoction had stuck with her for months after the attack. It was only recently that she thought maybe it was still in her, flowing through her veins. Red had told her it should be gone by now (and from all the fucking injections she'd given her she'd like to think so too!) but maybe she was wrong. She was only a botanist, not a doctor. Hell, maybe she was over thinking it. It couldn't have stayed with her this long.

"It's all in my head,"she muttered, closing her eyes. "All in my head..."

"He's been quiet," Harley yawned, swirling her plastic spoon in her porridge lazily. God it was too early for this. Why the hell did they wake them up at like seven in the morning just to drag them into this overly (artificially) bright food hall just so they could eat their "breakfast"? There was a simple answer for this. They fucking reveled in their pain. She would have thought that in all her years spent in prison (especially this one) she would have gotten use to the rigorous schedule. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your view, she wasn't born a morning person. Honestly, she hadn't realised how bad this habit was until she had a child. Poor Lucy had been quite a difficult baby for the first few months of her life. It wasn't her fault though. She was just being a baby, you know crying at inconvenient hours and so on. But along with this normal chaos, she just so happened to be born with a temporary breathing problem. Harley barely slept for months, nevermind had a lie in out of fear of Lucy having a relapse or, God forbid, dying. It had been the worst time in her life. The worst nightmare one could imagine.

"Who?" Selina asked, taking a sip of her orange juice.

Harley nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of her friend's voice. "Jason," she mumbled, kicking herself out of her dark thoughts. She couldn't think about such upsetting things in here. It'd only depress her. It'd only remind her see couldn't see her baby. "I didn't even hear him snoring." And by God, he was a loud snorer. The bastard nearly shook her cell with the fucking noise he made. "And I can't see him around here." She glanced across the room, and through the large glass pane, into the men's section again to make sure her previous judgement was correct. It was. He wasn't there.

Where the hell is he?

"Why do you care?" The dark haired woman asked, cocking an amused arched eyebrow. "You starting to care about him or something?"

"Fuck no!" She gasped, snapping her head back around to glare at her. "Ew, no!"

"Well, he's practically your son-in-law." She burst into laughter at the sight of the blonde's face. It was priceless. She was furious.

Rather than responding, Harley looked back at her cold porridge, silently cursing her best friend's joke. If she hadn't lost her appetite before it was definitely gone now.

"Harley, go to bed."

"Later, I have to make sure she's ok." Harley yawned, cradling the six month old in her arms.

The poor little thing had been crying in pain for hours and had only now, after being medically evaluated, calmed down. She was sleeping peacefully, but Harley was hesitant to lay her down in her crib just in case something happened to her. She could never forgive herself if she suffered another attack or, worse, died in her absence.

"She's fine. Give her to me." Selina persisted, reaching for her niece. "I'll look after her." She had been holding her for hours now, cradling her in one corner of the kitchenette for ages. This wasn't right. This wasn't the Harley she knew.

The blonde shook her head and clutched the baby closer to her chest. She stepped back away from the approaching threat. "No, she has to stay with me!"

The brunette cocked an eyebrow at her (understandably) defensive stance, but persisted. She needed a break. Lucy would be fine with her."Harl." She reached for Lucy again, but was quickly stopped by a weak slap to her outstretched hand. "Hey, ow!" she yelped, clutching her hand to her chest. This reaction was more out of shock than pain, but still, how dare she?! She was just trying to help. Good God, she was acting like a wild animal. Mother's are crazy!

"No! She's safe with me. Go away!" The former doctor snarled, moving around the woman.

"Harley! You need to sleep." What the hell had gotten into her?! She was crazier than usual. And that was saying something!

"No!" She attempted to run across the large room to her bedroom, but Selina managed to beat her to it. She stood in the doorway, stretching her arms out to block her way. "Give me the goddamn baby!"


"What is wrong with you?!"

She was quickly losing her usually cool demeanor. This was ridiculous!

Resisting the urge to rip the baby away from her, she stepped forward cautiously. "Look, I know you want to look after her but she's asleep. She's not in pain anymore."

The blonde shook her head, looking down at the peacefully sleeping bundle. "No, no, I have to stay with her."

"You need to rest. Lucy will need you energised. You're not able right now." She could see that the other woman was comprehending what she was saying by the way her glazed over eyes move around the room and eventually to her baby. She hesitated for a moment, probably trying to think of a reason to refuse.

"You can trust me."

"Ok." she whispered in response. Her voice was one of defeat and tiredness. "It's for the best," she whispered to herself as she stepped up the dark haired woman. She gently placed the precious bundle in her waiting arms. "Look after her. She's not well..." She stated as if the cat burglar had not been with her for the past twenty four hours, helping her (from a distance (Harley refused to have anyone other than herself near her child)) to care for Lucy. She didn't blame her for being cautious, but this was getting out of hand. She hadn't slept in over forty eight hours, during which time she barely ate or drank anything. So God knows how she was still functioning. "I will," her friend confirmed, securing her hold on her niece. "Now you go off to bed."

The blonde nodded solemnly and drifted off towards the bedroom. "...give her her bottle in an hour or so..." she mumbled to no one in particular."...she likes her milk lukewarm..."

"I will."

"Mmm." The exhausted mother closed the bedroom door with a soft clip.

"Poor little thing," Selina cooed, rocking the baby gently as she turned and sat down on the couch. During the earlier commotion, she must have awoken because as the woman relaxed into her seat she looked down to see two big green eyes gazing up at her. Her mouth was twisted in such a way that caused her to look like she was smirking. She giggled at this. "You're going to be a lot of trouble one day for some poor boy." Lucy, in response, stuck her tiny fist in her mouth and smiled. Selina giggled again. She was never one to like babies but this little thing was adorable. Admittedly, Selina believed, after finding out that Harley was pregnant, that she should have an abortion or, at least, give it up for a multitude of reasons. (The main one is quite a doozy...) But now, as she held her, she couldn't ever imagine getting rid of such a delightful little thing. Anyways, it wasn't like her friend would have listened to her, the moment she knew she was pregnant, she was set on keeping it (despite Red's and hers complaints). Which surprised her because she in no way seemed the type to be a mother. Frankly, she believed she was only interested in keeping her out of spite and stubbornness, but as time went on and she was born, Selina came to realise that the little tike was Harley's one and only true connection. Yeah, she had friends, but they were nothing compared to family. And as her other blood relations had cut ties with her (because of her criminal status), Lucy was all she had. Thus she became the object of her affection. The apple of her eye. "Your mommy loves you very much, sweetie. You have no idea."

It was eerily quiet, Harley noted as she glared at her cell's ceiling. She had returned from her allocated yard time barely ten minutes ago and already she was bored. And she couldn't she was about to say this, well think this, but...she kinda missed her fights with Jason. Not him! Never him! No, actually, let her correct herself. She missed having someone to converse with (be it good or bad conversation), period. He didn't enter the equation. Ever.

...But still, she hadn't heard anything from him since yesterday evening. Have they moved him? Were they finally moving them to Intensive? About time! She hated Isolation. It was so boring! At least in Intensive she could actually see, and talk to people, because of the reinforced glass doors. Not like this shit hole where everybody was trapped behind steel doors in tiny little spaces. Well, saying that, analysing every inch of her cell would be far more interesting than having a conversation with any of the loons in this hallway. Again, she could believe she was saying this but...she'd give anything to be back in her old cell with her buddies to speak to. It was the second best thing she could hope for right now. Hell, she wasn't going to get the first thing she longed for anytime soon so why not focus on second best.

"Oi Quinn!"

"Huh!" she squeaked, sitting up on her bed. Who was that? She didn't recognize the voice. Ah hell, it was probably an asshole guard tryna start a fight with her. It wouldn't be the first time.

"What the hell do you want?! Can't you see I'm tryna sleep?!" she yelled, glaring at the door. She hoped her faux angry tone would be enough to ward off whatever verbal assault they were planning. It usually worked.

To her surprise the door didn't open like she expected, but rather the slot at the top of the door opened and a hand emerged via the opening. It looked like he was holding something. A slip of paper maybe? It was too dark to see.

The blonde cocked an eyebrow at this. What the hell?

"Here." As soon as he said that his hand retracted and the slot closed.

Something hit the ground with a barely audible thud almost causing her to fall off the bed with fright. Harley, slightly pissed off and very intrigued, shuffled off the bed and on to the floor to inspect what the mystery person had just delivered. Her hands quickly came across the object and she held it up to the sliver of light in the room.

It was an envelope.

An envelope? What the hell?

Furrowing her brow, she turned the blank surface over to see the other side. The word Harls was printed on the center of the white paper. She felt her heart skip a beat at the sight of the familiarly penmanship. She sat back on her heels, gazing at the envelope.

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