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Twenty one

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The aftermath of Robyn leaving

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Benji’s P.O.V
I can’t believe it she’s actually gone I thought to myself watching Robyn’s taxi drive off. Once again I’ve some how managed to let the love of my life slip away again without her really knowing how I feel. This whole situation is fucked up. I need to find her and talk to her. Although if I know Robyn I'd best let her cool off first. I started walking back to the buses everyone else was talking or bickering between themselves. Karl was raging at me and Brian.
“where you going Benji?” Joel called to me.
“the bus I'm not in the party mood anymore.” I replied.
“only got yourself to blame.” Karl shot back at me I didn’t have the energy to reply.

Narrator’s P.O.V

Joel, Karl, Brain, Matt and Paul made their way back into the party yet not in the party mood themselves either.
“where did all you guys go?” Billy asked.
“Robin’s just left for Canada we tried to stop her.” Joel explained.
“What?! Why did she not say bye to everyone?” Billy exclaimed.
“let’s say she certainly wasn’t in the mood” Matt said.
“I’ve never seen her like that before, that mad.” Paul said as they sat down around a table.
“No she doesn’t often let that side out but I guess you can't blame her and I assume she'd had a fair bit to drink too.” Joel said knowingly.
“well if it wasn't for you and fucking Benji being idiots my sister wouldn’t be like that.” Karl directed at Brian who was being quiet.
“Karl..” Joel tried to reason. “they know What they did was wrong but it’s done now.”
Karl rolled his eyes and left the table.
The rest of the party was much less eventful. All the guys went back to the buses to sleep all feeling somewhat down about how things had turned out.

On the Good Charlotte bus the next morning Joel was up first surprisingly followed by Benji.
“morning how you feeling” Joel asked as Benji joined him looking down.
“gutted absolutely gutted this situation is so fucked up.” Benji replied
“well I hate to say it but you kinda brought it on yourself.” Joel said.
“I know I know but you know how much I love her.” Benji reeled out making Joel give him a double take. He knew Benji had strong feelings for Robyn but he'd never voiced them openly to anyone before.
“wow really you love her.” Joel said softly.
“yeah I do she drives me crazy and then.. and then I do stupid stuff.” Benji said putting his head in his hands.
Just then Karl came out with all his bags packed.
“guys I’m going to shoot I can’t stay round here without Robyn around.” Karl said mainly to Joel he just glared at Benji
“And you and Brian had better stay away from my fucking sister.” Karl pointed at Benji .Then left.
“Benj what are you going to do?” Joel sympathised with his brother.
“well Karl hating me for one thing doesn’t bother me not much of a change there but..” He trialled off in thought.
“I think you need to talk to Robyn tell her exactly how you feel.” Joel said patting Benji on the back. Benji just nodded his head still in his hands. “but not just yet I think she needs to cool off first.

Over on the A7X bus
Brian was sat quietly at the front of the bus thinking of all the shit that had gone on lately. Matt walked in seeing Brian.
“hey how’s it going?” Matt said sitting down next to him.
“not so great to be honest.” Brain replied. “I seen Karl leaving this morning so at least he's not going to be giving me shit too.”
“yeh I spoke to him earlier said he didn’t feel right staying without Robyn I think he’s spending time with their mum before he goes back to England.” Matt explained. They sat in silence for a minute.
“so er what about Robyn...” Matt trailed off not knowing how to address the situation.
“What about her you heard her she's done with me and Benji.” He said simply.
“You can’t just leave it liked that though..” Matt reasoned.
“can’t I” Brian said simply. Matt couldn't quite believe his defeated attitude.
“I thought you really liked her isn’t she worth fighting for?”
“she's hot I mean like really hot you don’t need me to tell you that and she has an amazing personality and yes I did think there could be something there but I don’t know.. is it even worth it..” he trialled off.
“if you like her enough like I thought you did then yes.” Matt said.
“I don’t know if she is though, I think we all know her heart truly lies with someone else. Even if we did get together who's to say how long it would last before she's back with Benji.” Brian said emotionlessly.
“you won't know unless you put yourself out there mate.”
“anyway we don’t know where she is and you heard her she doesn’t want to see us again. I think its best I just move on. Like you’ve said before if it’s meant to be it'll be.”
“well I’m here for you what ever you decide.” Matt patted him on the shoulder.
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