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Twenty two

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What happens next...

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Robyn had arrived in Canada in her hotel room she would be staying in whilst they was working on the movie. It was quite a nice luxurious hotel all paid for by the movie. She had one he’ll not a hang over she closed all the curtains and just rested in the dark and quiet trying to recover. She appreciated the quite although it felt strange after being on the buses where its never ever quite for one reason or another. Just then her phone started ringing the sound piercing through her sensitive head. She checkedthe caller ID before She answered it as she was not ready to speak to any of the guys. She'd already had loads of calls from Joel, Paul and Billy. It was her brother Karl.
“hey bro.” She answered he phone.
“wow you sound like shit.”
“thanks Karl, love you too.”
“haha sorry but seriously you put away some drink last night girl.”
“don’t remind me.” She moaned
“well don’t worry because Benji looks how you feel. I didn’t have the pleasure of Seeing Brian before I left.”
“I couldn’t give two hoots about either of them right now... wait before you left, where are You?”
“I’m at mums it didn’t feel right staying on the buses with out you there. And I’m sure you don’t mean that at all.”
“I certainly do they’ve mashed my head right up.”
“well maybe that's the problem your using your head not your heart.”
“that's very mushy for you Karl anyways I'm surprised you've not knocked them into the next state never mind telling me to follow my heart. Who are you and what have you done with my brother.” She laughed
“well I'd love to have knocked them out for hurting you but they’re just not worth it. And I’m just trying to be a supportive brother telling you to follow your heart... yet secretly hoping it leads you away from those two losers.”
“well don’t worry I don’t plan on seeing either of them any time soon.”
“anyways other than being rough as shit how are you after all whats gone on?”
“I don’t know, numb.. hurt, pissed off. I just need this head space. I feel cheated out of a relationship.”
“with who..”
“well I don’t know do I after they messed with fate. Things wasn't allowed to run their course whether it be something blossoming with Brian or rekindling old feelings with Benji.”
“I don’t know what to tell you sis just what will be will be.”
“hmm right now as far as I'm concerned neither will be.”
“We'll see about that.” You could hear the smrik in his voice.
“And what’s that supposed to mean.”
“I think you know... anyways I've got to shoot. I’m call you later.”
“You can’t just leave it like that.”
“bye Rob love you.” And he put the phone down
“prick” Robyn laughed to herself tossing her phone back onto the bed.

3 weeks have past the Good Charlotte and Avenged Sevenfold tour has ended they played their last show last night and everyone was just packing up getting ready to go home. The guys had some much needed time off coming up.
“There’s that girl again with Brian.” Billy said as he walked back onto the bus.
They all looked over out the window the Brian walking onto the A7X bus with the same girl he'd been spotted with quite a lot recently.
“they seem to be seeing each other a lot lately.” Dean stated.
“I seen them looking very cosey the other night.” Paul added.
“I wonder if Robyn knows.” Billy said.
“I doubt it she's still not answering anyone’s calls.” Joel said. Who glanced over at Benji who was being quiet glaring at Brian and what looked like his new girlfriend. “you ok Benj?”
“hey fine.” Benji brushed off snapping out of his glare.
“I hope shes ok has anyone spoke to Karl? Has Robyn spoken to Karl?” Paul asked.
“yeh I spoke to Karl the other day. He keeps in regular contact with Robyn he said she seems to be ok.” Joel explained.
As Benji looked up he seen Brian and the girl kissing outside the A7X bus.
“This is so fucked up.” Benji said throwing the bag down he was holding and marching off the bus. The other guys looked up to see what Benji had seen.
“Benj don't do...” Joel started to tell Benji ‘not to do anything stupid’ but was cut off by the door slamming behind Benji as he left the bus.
“your a fucking joke!” they heard Benji shout to Brain as he stormed passed Brian and the girl. The girl looked slightly confused and Brian was trying to just brush it off to her. Joel, Billy, Paul and Dean watched helplessly out the window relieved that Benji didn’t cause any more trouble and instead walked by after his out burst.
“Ah thank god for that I don’t want to be breaking up any last day of tour fights now.” Paul laughed.
“he’s still taking the Robyn thing really hard isn't he.” Dean said.
“clearly Brian didn’t fall for our Robyn quite as hard as our dear Benji ” Billy added.
“its always been Robyn for Benji always has and probably always will.” Joel sighed.
“I take it Robyn hasn’t answered any of Benji’s calls either?” Dean asked Joel.
“nope and he’s called almost every day since she left. If he’s lucky it rings through to voice mail if not she buttons him.” Joel explained.
“aw they have to work it out hopefully now we have some time off they can maybe sort something.” Billy said hopefully looking at Joe mainly as he was obviously the closet to Benji and Robyn situation.
“I’ve not told Benji, don’t want him getting his hopes up or blowing up my plan. I spoke to Dan the other day and arranged to go with him and the team when they take the horses up to Canada to try to see and to Robyn. He’s not told Robyn so not to spool her if she doesn’t know there’s more chance I can get her to see to me.” Joel explained his plan.
“well I hope for our sake as well as Benji’s you manage to sort things out between them as Benji’s been miserable since she left.” Paul added.

Over on the A7X bus Matt walked on as Sarah the girl Brain was with was leaving.
“hey how’s it going?” Matt asked sitting opposite Brian.
“good really good.” Brain smiled.
“you two seem to be getting close.” Matt smiled pointing towards the door where Sarah had just left.
“yeh she’s a great girl.” Brain said clearly smitten. Matt raised his eyebrows at him.
“good I’m happy for you..” Matt trailed off.
“but...” Brain said waiting for Matt to finish off what he knew he wanted to say but was holding back.
“but what about Robyn.. “
“what about her.” Brian cut off.
“is that it are you done with her over her?”
“well yet I mean Robyn is an amazing girl any guy would win the lottery to have her but... Shes a handful... and all shit that went on... Sarah’s lovely and sweet and I’m happy with what we’ve got and excited about a future with her now” Brian tired to explain.
“ok well if your sure i just don’t want you to regret anything that might have been with Robyn. “ Matt said.
“I think that ships sailed to be honest she's still not answering anyone’s calls either.”
“well as long as you sure.” Matt patted him on the shoulder getting up to start packing.
“I’m sure.” Brain stated.

The rest of the day both bands finished off packing up and then began traveling home and getting back to their normal day to say lives.
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