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Twenty four

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Robyn tries to see Benji

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Over the next few weeks Robyn and the team was super busy with the horses working on the movie. she was feeling much better now and felt over all the hurt and anger from the tour. She did speak to Joel and the guys when she had any rare free time. Benji still tried calling her at least once a day but she still hadn’t spoken to him not that She didn’t want to but thought it might be best to do it face to face. She wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to happen or what to do or say but she was ready to start to at least talk to him again.
Robyn had arranged a couple of days off she's planned to go a visit the guys as a suprise and more importantly see Benji.
On her way to the airport as she got to the traffic lights hers turned to green and she set off then CRASH a lorry had ran a red light smashing into her car.

The next thing Robyn knew she was slowly waking up feeling like the worst hang over of her life every part of her body hurt her vision was blurry to start with she seen a figure move out of the room then as her vision cleared up seen a nurse smiling at her.

Robyn's P.O.V
“don’t worry, don’t ty to move or talk just yet take your time. You’ve been in a car accident everything going to be ok but just take your time.” She said as she was doing various checks on the machinery around me.
“such a lovely man.” She smiled at me nodding to the figure who had obviously left the room to get her when I was coming round. “he’s not moved from you bedside the whole time you be been out.” She probably means Karl but ‘lovely man’ clearly she doesn’t know that well he must be after her number I laughed inwardly a little.
“now how are you feeling?” She asked me taking the oxygen mask.
“not so great.” I croaked my throat was so dry and body hurt to even breath.
“You've been through a lot I can get you some more pain relief and make sure you sip at water.”
“what happened?” I asked I honestly didn't remember anything except leaving the yard.
“a lorry ran a red light and bit your car. Your extremely lucky to still be with us your defiantly a fighter. You’ve been unconscious for two days, your right shoulder and collar bone was shattered so you’ve had surgery to repair it and your left ankle was broken but luckily it was a clean break so should heal well. The rest is cuts and bruises. You must rest.”
“you say luckily my ankle was a clean break so should heal well.. but what about my shoulder? I’m a professional horse woman I stunt ride for a living?” I started to panic.
“like I say you need rest. Take it easy allow thing to heal.” She said clearly avoiding telling me any bad news. “I'll send him back in he'll be so happy to see you awake.” The nurse said motioning to the door and leaving probably before I asked her more questions. The door opened and I expect to see Karl or even Dan what I didn’t expect was... Benji.
I just looked confused I could find any words.
“please don’t be mad. I don’t want to cause you any more stress.” He said quickly. I still just looked at him baffled.
“I don’t understand.” I shook my head in confusion to how Benji was there how he knew and no one else did.
“that'll be the concussion.” He said not quiet getting that I was confused about him not the accident.
“No, you.. how are.. why are you here.”
“because I love you and there's no where else I’d rather be.” He smiled knowing full well that's not really what I meant.
“fucks sake Benji.” I said frustrated but couldn’t help to humour him.
“when they found you they looked at your phone to try to find someone to call to let them know you was injured. They seen most calls in your log from me and thought I was a good bet as an emergency contact.” He smiled proudly.
I just nodded I attempted to move position slightly in bed but winced in pain. I had my right arm strapped up across my chest in a sling and my left leg in a cast. Benji jumped up looking concerned when I winced in pain.
“What is it what go you need?” He asked
“I’m ok was just trying to sit up a bit.” I huffed I am defiantly not a good patient. I’m too independent I don’t do sympathy I don’t do asking for help or sitting round doing nothing
“let me help.” He said stand up.
“It’s fine. I’m fine.”
“well your not fine though are you.”
“well clearly not my whole body hurts, my shoulders fucked, my ankles fucked, I've been out for two days, I’m stuck in hospital and to top it off out of all the people they could have called the called you.” I ranted then instantly regretted my last sentence a soon so sad it and seen the hurt in his eye.
“ah Benji I didn't mean it like that..”
“no no I don’t blame you at would you want me here I just got the phone call and panicked. I miss you wanted to make things up to you but didn’t know how and you was rejecting my calls and I’m so so sorry about everything but I thought I had time to prove to you how sorry I am and how much I love you and then all of a sudden I could loose you... and I just her be here but I’ll go you dont want me here I'll call Karl or Dan or who ever...” He rambled he was sat on my left holding my left hand in both of his with his head down. I cut him off by putting my left hand on his cheek lift his head so he was looking up close to me.
“I was coming to see you.” I so quietly looking into his eyes holding his eye contact.
“you, you was? Why?” He looked a little confused but hopeful .
“to make things right.” I was still holding his cheek. He looked into my eyes then seemed to pluck up the courage to give me a soft kiss on the lips.
“but seriously I am still a little angry at you.” I said smiling at him as we pulled away from the kiss. I looked a little hurt then smiled.
“a little angry is better than what you was.” He smiled.
The nurse knocked and came in with pain meds and said the doctor was on his rounds to doing checks.
“so does my family and Dan know what happened?” I asked once the nurse had left.
“says lot.” I rolled my eyes I nearly die in a car accident and in hospital only Benji who I'd fallen out with visited. Really feeling the love from family and friends here.
“No no they'd be here but Karl was stuck in England till next week and its a track for your mom you know she doesn’t like traveling and Dan and the guys have been super busy on the movie without and the hospital would only let one person in at a time.” He tried to explain.
“its fine I know who to cross off my Christmas list.” I faked being hurt. He looked at me seriously for a minute then laughed I tried to laugh a little but it was very painful.
Just then the doctor knocked and entered.
“I'll leave you to it.” Benji stood and left whilst the doctor started looking through my papers.
“your a very lucky lady Miss Copeland.” He said looking up at me.
“so I’ve heard. I don’t feel so lucky.” Wincing in pain as I tried to move again.
“yes you will be sore for quite sometime. I’m happy from your checks and papers that you are put of the woods now but you will need plenty of rest to heal and definatly physio once your shoulder is finally heeled.”
“What’s the exact extent of my injuries no one has really explained anything to me yet. I have a physical job I stunt ride horses...”
“you have been in a very serious accident you was knocked unconscious which has given you concussion hense the memory loss from the crash which may or may not come back to you. Sometimes our brains choose not to remember traumatic events. Your left ankle had a clean break which is now in a cast after six weeks should be fully healed. Now your shoulder was tricky one it had dislocated shattered the collar bone. You have had reconstructive surgery. It was a complicated one it must be completely immobilised for at least two weeks and kept in a sling for eight weeks then you must avoid and strain or wear on it for further six months and then it will need re-evaluating. You will need physio in two months time to learn how to use it again and rebuild strength to it with out any unnecessary strain to it. You certainly will not be going near horses for at least a year and even after that I’m not so sure unfortunately. I’m sorry i know it’s not the news you want to hear but at least your still here with us.”
“Honestly am I ever going to ride again?” I asked scared of the answer. He took a long pause before answering.
“you have a long recovery ahead of you if you rest and don’t rush things there's a chance you may ride but stunt riding and any high physical activity just simply won’t be worth the risk of re injuring your shoulder. Any more damage to your shoulder and you could risk loosing all function of it and the arm. I’m sorry its not the news you want to hear but i have to speak honestly to you.” I stayed quiet and just nodded.
“I appreciate it, thank you. When can I go home?” I said.
“I want to keep you here for at least the next two days and re-evaluate you again then. I know your only here with work, which you won’t be doing any time soon. Where will you be staying? You can’t fly home for the next two weeks at least. Do you have someone to care for you as you cannot be walking around you will need a wheel chair to start with...”
“a wheel chair can I not just have a crutch for my left side?”
“that would be ok for a couple of steps but mostly you will need a chair as your won’t be sturdy enough on one crutch and You won’t want to jolt that shoulder around I cannot stress enough how you cannot risk movement with that shoulder. So I cannot discharge you unless I know you have some where safe and accessible to stay and people to care for you.”
“I cant be a burden on people my team are too busy working especially being a person down. Are you sure i can’t fly home or do stuff myself as long I take it easy.”
“unfortunately not Miss Copeland.”
“well looked like I’m stuck here till I can fly.” I huffed well I’m fucked in every way. He nodded.
“if you need to speak to me any more just call the nurse. Look after yourself Miss Copeland.” He said and left.
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