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Twenty five

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Seconds later Benji appeared at the door.
“can I come in?”
“yeh.” I nodded.
“What’s the verdict, when can you come home?” He looked hopeful
“I can’t... not yet anyway.” I told him everything the doctor had just told me. “ yeh basically I’m fucked.”
Benji was quiet.
“shit, I’m sorry that sucks.”
“your telling me it does.” I looking down pulling at a bit of fluff off the bed sheet with my good arm.
“well if you want to come home or at least to where your staying here if your allowed to I'll stay with you and look after you.” He said.
“I couldn’t ask you to so that.” I looked up to him.
“you haven’t asked me, I’ve offered and I mean it the band’s got time off now and when we do start back up we'll be in she studio so I can be around to do what ever you need.”
“I really couldn't let you do that Benji I’d be too much of a burden.” I said shaking my head.
“no you wouldn’t let me care for you. I know its hard for you to be a patient but it sounds like you really need to be now. I know we've not been on the best of terms.. totally my fault.. but please let me make it up to you.” He said taking hold of my left hand again.
“Benji don’t feel like you have to do this out of guilt.”
“I don't.. I love you. It’s took me long enough to say it but I do I love you always have always will now please let me care for you.” He smiled hopefully still holding my hand. I sat insurance thinking for a moment I have no idea what I’m going to do with my life its been totally turn upside down and shit all over.
“well?” he asked shaking me out of my thoughts.
“only if your sure? Once I can fly I can fly home to moms or something...”
“there’s no need you have me for ever and ever.” He said kissing the back of my hand.
He stayed a little longer before the nurse came and said he should go so we both can get some rest.

Narrator’s P.O.V
The next two days drove Robyn crazy being stuck in hospital Benji visited both days and stayed all day. They hadn’t had a serious talk about what had happened on tour and all that went with it. Robyn had a lot on her mind with her injuries and recovery and how that will affect her life and her career. Benji realised this so kept all chat light hearted to try to take her mind of it. He figured she'd talk when she was ready. Benji had just arrived with the coffers as the doctor come to do his checks and decide if she could go home.
“I'll leave you to it.” Benji said about to getting up.
“no stay.” Robyn said he looked at her and sat back down.
“well Miss Copeland you appear to be doing well I’m happy with all the checks. I’m happy to see you’ve been a good patient so far.” He smiled knowing she was hating being looked after.
“so can I be discharged?” she asked hopefully.
“do you have people to look after you?” He questioned looking briefly at Benji.
“yes that would be me.” Benji smiled.
“ok I cannot stress enough there is to be no walking, plenty of rest and as little movement as possible. I want to see you back here in two weeks before you even think about boarding a plane.” He reiterated to Robyn. “now if you’d like to come with me I'll go though medication and a few other essentials about care.” He said to Benji who then followed him out the room.

“Madame your carriage awaits.” Benji reappeared in Robyn’s room with a wheel chair. She flinched at the thought of a wheelchair but couldn’t help but let out a laugh at him.
“come on it'll be fun.” He laughed.
“fun is not the word I would use.” She grumbled.
“oh come on stop complaining at least you get to leave hospital.” Tried to cheer her up.
He held a hand out for her to take to help get from the bed into the chair.
“come on then let’s get this shit on the road.” She said still in a grump.
“you wish is my command.” He grinned. She shook her head laughing at him.

They left the hospital and Benji drove very carefully so not to jolt Robyn’s injuries. They pulled up outside the hotel she was staying.
“well Mr Madden that happens to be the safest I've ever seen you drive.” She teased raising her eyebrows at him with a smirk.
“Only the best for you.” He grinned knowing it was winding her up.
“Urgh giveit a rest.” She fake pretended to gag and laughed.
Benji loved how they was getting along almost just like old times but they was both very aware or the elephant in the room of discussing the ‘tour drama’
He helped her out of the car carefully which is very difficult when there’s a diagonally opposite arm and leg to avoid.
“right if you wait here ill just check at reception about rooms I asked if they could sort adjoining rooms for us that way you can just call or knock on the wall if you need me.” He said.
“if not like I can go far is it.” She rolled her eyes lightly.
“well no I guess not.” He laughed.
He disappeared off to reception and returned a few minutes later.
“ok we’re set ill take you to the new rooms then go and get your things from the old room.” He smiled wheeling her off before she could answer or protest.

Benji helped Robyn to get comfortable on the bed watching tv with some magazines. Then went off to get all her things.
“right I think that's everything.” He said bringing the last of her things in. “is there anything else you need?”
“not right now. Come sit.” She said patting the bed at the side of her. He hesitated for a slight moment knowing the elephant in the room was probably going to come up then sat next to her on the bed.
“before you start I know I was such an idiot making that deal with Brian. Totally out of order thinking I can control your life and being such an ass. But the truth is I have always loved you.. more than friends but never had the bottle to admit it because we already had an amazingly close friendship I didn’t want to risk loosing that but then when I seen you and Brian getting close I got worried and started to let my feelings out. I got worried I might have missed my chance and then went a ruined everything but now of you’ll let me I want to make it right even of we just get back to being friends I would be so happy.” He rambled on.
“you finished now.” She said amused at him trying to get so much out in a short space of time. “Benji if I've learnt anything lately from this accident is life's too short as cliche as that sounds. I was angry at you both and needed time to sort my head out but I’m over that now and let’s just move on from it. You know nearly dying really puts things in perspective.” she laughed.
“I’m glad to hear but seriously nearly dying is nothing to be laughing at you scarred the shit out of us all.” He said sincerely.
“I’ve got to try to find a lighter way to look at it when in all honesty my life's fucked. I’m basically an invalid for months and then who knows if my shoulder will fully recover. My careers over, I might never even be able to ride for fun want more with put the stunts. I have no idea what I'm going to do.” Said worriedly holding back the tears she could feel building up.
“don’t worry about any of that at the moment I know its hard bit just focus on your recovery and getting better to start with everything else will just fall into place after. Don’t stress about all that just now and I’m going to be here for you the whole time you have a good support network around you your mom, Karl, Dan and Sally not to mention Joel, Paul, Billy and Dean. Just try to relax.” He tired to reassure her patting her leg then moving his hand quickly forgetting it might be too much too soon but she took the hand in hers holding in resting their hands on her leg and resting her head on his shoulder.
“wanna stay and watch a movie?” She said quietly.
“sure what do you want to watch?” He said relaxing onto the bed more with her.
“I don’t mind, you choose.” She said her head still on his shoulder.
They watched a movie and then Benji helped her be all set for bed he said good night and went through to his own room. He hated seeing how defeated and vulnerable she was it just wasn’t Robyn she was always a tough, strong willed, happy, fun loving person.
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