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Twenty six

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Out of hospital

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Robyn's P.O.V

The next morning I'd been awake since early this morning to be honest I hadn’t slept well at all it was difficult to get comfy and the pain from my shoulder when the pain killers wore off woke me up.
I just lay there watching some rubbish day time tv as i knew there was no chance Benji would be awake this early he loved his sleep far too much.
At mid morning i heard a knock on the adjoining door.
“morning Benj.” I called and he entered.
“how long have you been awake for.” He half smiled half frowned.
“a little while.”
“you should have called me." He said
“its ok I know you need your beauty sleep.” I laughed.
“that may be the case but come let’s get ready and we can go get breakfast.” He laughed walking over to me.
“hmm sounds good to me, I’ve been starving whilst you’ve been counting your z'd's” she I pretended to be annoyed.
“I said you should have called.” I defended.
“I’m joking but I am starving so let’s get a wiggle on.” I said starting to shuffle off the bed.
Benji helped me get to the bath room and get washed and ready it took me so much longer to so things with just one hand Benji helped with most things but other things you can imagine I did myself, a girl has to keep her dignity.
We went down for breakfast and I'd had a message off Dan saying he was going to visit me. After breakfast we headed back up to my room and it wasn’t long before Dan arrived.
“right I go out and leave you too it.” Benji said once he’d let Dan in. “call me when you need me.” He said to me.
“he could have stayed if he wanted to.” Dan said coming sitting on my bed next to me.
“nah it’ll do him some good getting some time to himself away from playing Florence Nightingale. He's been great but I feel so shit on him doing everything for me.”
“I’m sure he wouldn’t do it if he didn't want to. I take it you sorted everything out between you? He clearly cares for you. We all do and anything you need anyone of us are here for you you just have to ask.” He said.
“yeh we’ve talked about shit but to be honest it’s all water under the bridge now. As you know I was heading to visit him and sort things out when the accident happened.”
“How are you anyway?” motioning to my injuries.
“fucked to be perfectly honest with you totally fucked.” I sighed. “I’m is so much pain even on the pain killers. I’m a total invalid pretty much. My careers over. I’ll probably never ride again. All I can hope is that my shoulder makes a functioning recovery for day to day life. It’s shit really shit.” I said holding back tears.
“look I'm sure its not that bad what have the doctors said?” He said clearly trying to keep me positive.
I explained all what the doctor had said to me at the hospital before I left.
“look Robyn I know that doesn’t sound the best prognosis but I don’t know one stronger mentally and physically than you. You have so much determination once you set your mind to it you can do anything. You have all of us around you the team, Benji and the band, your family we're all right here for you. If anyone can do it you can.” Dan said again trying to keep me positive.
“that may be the case but I’m not super human. I think you need to be looking for someone to replace me.” I said being realistic as i know with all the work we have on at the moment they would defiantly struggle being a member down.
“I’m not replacing you, you will always be a member of our team. I’ll look for cover for this year at least and see from there. Once your ready to return to work ONLY when your ready your place will always be open for you even if we rejig it a bit so your more office based and managerial.” He said. I nodded.
“and Diego...”
“you don’t even need to ask he will be well looked after and safe with us. I’ll keep him under my wing.” He smiled knowing Diego would be one of my biggest worries not being able to look after him. I nodded unable to speak the emotion escaping me I tried to had a few silent tears that slipped out but he noticed.
“oh Robyn come here its all going to be ok.” He said gently hugging me.
“I hope so I really hope so.” I sniffed there was no point hiding it now fully crying letting it all out. Dan just held me till I calmed down.
After my little break down Dan stayed for a while longer filling me in on what’s been happening with the horses and the movie which helped to cheer me up and take my mind off things.
“Ok do you need anything before I leave?” He asked standing up.
“nah I’m fine thanks Benji will probably be back soon.”
“are you sure your ok alone till he gets back?” He asked worriedly.
“ yes I’m fine I don’t need a baby sitter 24/7.” I laughed.
“Ok if your sure. I’ll see you soon. Keep in contact and come see Diego anytime.” He smiled giving me a little hug before he left.
Shortly after Benji arrived back.
“hey where’s Dan.” He asked looking round the room.
“he left. Did you have a good afternoon.” I smiled.
“why'd he leave you alone. You should have called me I’d have come back sooner.” He frowned.
“it’s fine, I’m fine, chill. I thought it would be nice for you to enjoy some free time. What did you get up to.” I smiled missing the outside world considering I spent most of my time outside on my feet active with the horses sitting around all days a bit mind numbing.
“hmm.” He said not quite agreeing with me being left alone. “I enjoy being with you. I didn't really do much just had a walk around and went in some shops.”
“wow really rock n roll Benj.” I said sarcastically playfully.
“fuck off.” He laughed just as playfully.
“now see I actually wish I could but under current circumstances..” I half joked half meant it for real.
“ we ciuld go out for dinner tonight if you like.” He said without thinking too much then back tacked. “i mean as erm friends to get you out if this room n..not a” he stuttered. Clearly he thought flirting/dating was too soon after our fall out on tour.
“oh right I see am I not dateable now.” I raised my eyebrows pretending to be annoyed and that I'd misunderstood what he meant.
“ I erm didn’t mean it like that.” He stuttered again. I true really hard to hide my amusement at watching him squirm he was so easy for me to wind up sometimes. “I would love to..what I meant was..erm” I started laughing.
“I’m messing you plonker come here.” I pulled him to sir on the edge of the bed. “dinner being a date or otherwise would be totally fine with me.” I said in more of a whisper to his ear with my arm around the back of his neck, cheek to cheek with a brief kiss on his cheek. He looked to happy to form words. “however getting me ready for dinner, getting to dinner and eating dinner with a duff leg and arm isn’t going to be so simple so i vote rain check on dinner for now and we order pizza and a movie again. What do you say?” I said as he regrouped himself.
“what the lady wants the lady shall get, pizza and a movie it is.” He flashed his smiled and wink at me that got me every time from right back in high school to this very day the hands on devil that he is. As he went to pick up the phone to order pizza.
“the lady need some pain killers, so if you could do that first it would be amazing.” I smiled sweetly.
“of course.” He smiled putting the phone down before he'd dialed and getting my painkillers.
We chatted about pointless shit the rest of the night, ate pizza and watched a movie. I think I am starting to fall for him all over again. I don't remember the end of the movie as the next thing I knew I was waking up early in the morning from being asleep with my head on Benji’s shoulder where he was sat next to me on the bed watching the movie last night.
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