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Twenty seven

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The results

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Benji's P.O.V
I had a great night last night nothing special just pizza and a movie with Robyn. We are getting along so well at the minute even flirting sometimes too. I must have fallen asleep in Robyn’s room, she'd fallen asleep on my shoulder during the movie and I know she’s not been sleeping too well lately so I didn’t have the heart to disturb her. The next thing I knew it was morning and Robyn was trying to wake me up.
“Benj come on wake up.” She nudged me.
“morning.” I mumbled rubbing my face.
“morning now come on I bed to pee or ill hop there myself.” She huffed.
“you will not hop there.” I said sitting up.
“well come on then.” She laugh giving me a final playful shove.

We got ready and went down for some breakfast. We spent the rest of the day relaxing around the hotel and chatting there wasn't much else that Robyn could do to be honest but it was ok because there was nothing else I’d rather be doing.

The rest of the two weeks until Robyn's check up at the hospital to confirm whether she can fly home went pretty much the same. We was getting closer and closer I'd say we got along better than ever if that was even possible. It was like we was in a relationship without actually being in a relationship.

Narrator's P.O.V
It was the day of Robyn's check up at the hospital. Benji and Robyn was in the waiting room. She'd already had some new stays done on her injuries and wad now waiting for the results.
“Miss Copeland.” The nurse called her through to the consultants room.
“do you want me to stay or go?” Benji asked as they got to the room.
“stay of you like.” Robyn smiled, he nodded and sat down.
“Ok Miss Copeland I am Dr Fisher how are you doing.” He said sitting down at his desk opposite them with her file and stays.
“not too bad.” Robyn replied.
“so I’ve taken a look through your files and your x-rays I am happy with the progress of your injuries. Your ankle is healing nicely we should have that cast off soon and your shoulder has a long way to go but I am happy to see some improvement there. How are you managing with the pain?” He explained.
“not too bad it just keeps me awake sometimes.”
“Ok well we can go the pain medication temporally but I think some sleeping pills may help more so as eve of we up the pain medication you will still get to a point through the night where they wear off and it will wake you.”
“and what about flying the other doctor said we would have to confirm today if I can fly home.” She asked hopefully
“yes I don’t see why not but as I’m sure you are aware you must take great care with that shoulder of yours. We can arrange for your notes to be transfared from here to your local hospital at home. Is there anything else I can help you with?” He asked.
“no I don’t think so. thank you.” She smiled.
“Your welcome take care Miss Copeland.” He smiled standing to shake their hands as they left.

“so homeward bound.” Benji smiled as they was leaving the hospital.
“yeh I can’t wait to get home now. It’s such a lovely place here but kinda sucks just being bound to the inside of a hotel room.”
“yeh it does especially when there's nothing wrong with you.” He said to winde her up.
“err well no one asked you to ‘be stuck with the cripple’.” She ranted taking his bate.
“well someone has to its not like you can manage on your own.” He carried on.
“wanna fucking bet. I don't ‘need you or anyone else.” She ranted but having the sneaky suspicion he was winding her up. She noticed him smirking in his reflection in the window they was passing.
“right. Ok, fine go for it.” He said pretending to be annoyed and storming off but Robyn knew his fame now.
Please sat there for a minute. She could see the shadow of him standing just round the corner.
“Ok Benj come games up I know your just round the corner.” She signed amused. He didn’t move obviously he didn’t realise she could see his shadow.
“Ok well I guess I’m going to have to hop.” She said as if to herself and started to try and get up. She heard Benji rush round the corner.
“wow wow wow no you don't.” He said. She laughed.
“called your bluff.” She laughed as she sat down again.
“oh haha very funny.” He smirked at her.

They made their was back to the hotel.
“so when do you want to fly home?” He asked getting her laptop out and sitting next to her on the bed.
“As soon as possible then I can start to get a bit of normality or well find a new form of normality.” She signed. He eye balled her slightly worried he knew she'd pull through this but sometimes it seemed like it was all getting on top of her.. let’s face it she has life changing injuries.
“are you Ok?” he asked.
“yeh why” she said not quite getting what he meant.
“no i mean are you really Ok? I mean like with everything” he said looking to her injuries struggling find the words. She took a long pause before answering.
“truthfully no not really but I have no other choice but to just get on with it. My job wasn't just my job it was my life my love I’m going to miss it so much. I feel a sad and angry that some idiot managed to take it all away from me without even knowing it. I hate that I have to put on people, put on you to help me do the simplest of every day tasks. It’s just shit.” She said almost in tears he pulled her into a gentle hug.
“right listen here you are the strongest person I know physically and mentally. No one has more determination to succeed than you. If anyone get through this you can, and I know you can. I can only imagine how hard it is being unable to do all what you could do with your passion for your work but you will always be a big part of it no matter what. And most importantly you are bot putting on me I chose to help you and wouldn't have it any other way because I... love you and I’m here for you.” He said from the bottom of his heart. He meant it more than he'd ever ment it before. He has always loved her in one way or another as a friend and more at points over the years and years they've known way other. Robyn felt the same they had always had a unique strong bond but strangely neither had chose to act on those feelings of any more than friendships.. there had been times of friends with benefits but never had either ever thought about a relationship. They told each other they loved the other a lot but never thought more of it as in being IN love with the other. They just seemed to subconsciously push it to one side thinking the other didn’t feel the same or that it wasn’t worth ruining the friendship. This was again one of those times.
As they came out of the hug Robyn wiping her eyes and giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“thank you.” She put her hand to his cheek “love you too and you I totally owe you big time once I'm on my feet again.” She laughed knowing full well he would defiantly be cashing in the favours.
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