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Twenty eight

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The next two days was the same as usual around the hotel they had flights booked early the next day. They spent the morning packing well Benji physically packing and Robyn supervising. Then the afternoon they went to the movie’s stables to see the horses and the team before they left.
“Hey good to see you out and about.” Dan said walkibg over to greet them.
“yeh we came to see you guys and of course my boy before we leave tomorrow.” Robyn smiled.
“so your cleared for flying. It’s good to see you before you leave. Diego's been a favourite on the movie.”
“well he is the best ever.” She smiled proudly. “come on take me to him.” Dan lead the way over to Diego's stable.
“hey buddy, have you got yourself a fan club.” She smiled patting him. “listen mums got to go away for a little while to get better.” She spoke to him as he nuzzled her softly. Dan and Benji made small talk to the side of her but still had her in ear shot. “you be a good boy for uncle Dan and be the brightest movie star out there.” She said getting choked up a few silent tears falling as she patted him and rubbed his muzzle.
“how’s she doing?” Dan asked Benji.
“hmm not too bad it gets to her sometimes but trying to keep her positive.” Benji explained but he knew Dan already had a good idea
“hopefully when she's home she'll feel a bit better.” Dan said as they was both keeping an eye on her with Diego.
“I’m hoping so. It’s hard seeing her like this. It’s just not Robyn.” Benji said as they seen her getting tearful but knew she wouldn’t want a fuss.
“I know but she'll get there. It’s Robyn she will get through it and with you by her side she has all the support she needs.” Dan said knowingly patting him on the shoulder.
“thanks I hope so.” Benji nodded.
“he’s a credit to you.” Dan smiled talking to Robyn. “you have done an amazing job with him and the others you’ve trained too.. and the future ones too.” He smiled. “I have to get on now but keep in touch, visit when you can and get well soon.” He gave her a hug and shook Benji's hand before leaving.
“right come on I suppose we'd better go too.” She sniffed wiping away a tear giving Diego a kiss on the muzzle Benji nodded and they left.

They went back to the hotel Robyn was quiet that night but Benji knew best to leave her be.
The next morning they got up and ready to go to the airport to fly home, Robyn was still a bit quiet.
“so I was thinking would you rather I came to stay with you at yours or would you rather come stay at ours?” Benji asked.
“I don’t really mind but I could always go stay with my mom for a bit to give you a break.” Robyn replied.
“If you want to see your mom that's fine but I honestly don’t mind coming to stay with you or if you’d prefer coming to stay with us.” Benji said secretly hoping she didn’t go her moms he'd really enjoyed spending so much time with her he didn’t want that to change.
“I just thought you might want a break..”
“I don’t need a break your not a task or a chore your one of the most important people in my life I'm here for you whatever you need. Years ago you had my back and got me through a lot of tough times, shit that I probably wouldn’t have got through without you. Now let me have your back.” He smiled. Robyn had been his rock mostly during high school when his dad left and they was having a really tough time at home. Benji felt like he had to be the strong one in the family but then didn’t feel he had anyone to lean on himself except for Robyn. Robyn supported him she was his go to person he felt he needed to let off steam, shout, cry or just sit and do nothing. She was there no matter what. No one really knew exactly how much She had done. She had pulled him back from breaking point countless times.
“don’t feel like you have to repay me I’d do it all over again in a heart beat.” She smiled giving his hand a squeeze.
“likewise for me now. So your place or mine?” He smiled.
“mine.” She caved and just smiled at him. Robyn’s place was a large flat that once you used the elevator to get to it there was no stairs for her to negotiate.
They landed got their bags and set off to Robyn's place.
They didn't do much for the rest of the day they unpacked their bags and relaxed. They had a take away that evening as there wasn't much food in.

The next day they’d got up had breakfast. Robyn was sat with her foot up in the kitchen reading the news paper. There was a knock at the door.
“Benj door.” She called to him as he was out the back.
He came through to answer it Robyn cpuld hear a familiar voice.
“hey Joel how are you?” She smiled as they walked into the kitchen.
“I’m good but how are you?” He asked concerned.
“little bit banged up if I’m honest.” She laughed.
“anyways Joel's here to keep you company I'm going to nip to the shops and pick up some of my things.” Benji said. He knew she'd never agree to a ‘babysitter’ if he told her she'd insist she was fine alone then knew her well enough to know she'd have some terrible idea that she'd manage to do something she couldn’t and injure herself more. This was she has a babysitter and Joel gets to catch up with her.
“you have him well trained.” Joel laughed as Benji went out before Robyn could protest.
“he’s been great.” Robyn smiled sincerely.
“so you two made up then?” Joel asked already knowing the answer.
“yes you know I was on my way to the airport to come see you all and talk to Benji when the accident happened.”
“really. But he called you every day and you never answered.”
“I know I was mad at him but then when I wasn’t it felt better if I came to speak to him in person. Then things changed...” She trialled off.
“so how are you from the accident?”
“pretty fucked my ankles broken but should heal fine. My shoulders knackered it may never heal fully. I probably won’t ride again I certainly can’t stunt ride. So my careers basically over...” She started to get upset again so stopped and looked down.
“hey, hey it’ll be ok it'll work out your tough.” Joel moved round putting a hand on her back.
“hmm that’s what everyone keeps saying but it’s not the same. I have life changing injuries I just have to accept that.”
“that really sucks there's not a lot I can say to make it better but I know you and you will bounce back.”
“I know I just feel shit being so helpless at the minute ill feel better when this casts off and I can at least be mobile again.”
“how long is the cast on for?”
“hopefully just under four more weeks now with any luck sooner.”
“never was a good patient was you.” Joel laughed.
“nope miss independent right her.” She laughed.
“ so you and Benji?” He grinned suggestive.
“.. are good friends and he's been an amazing help since the accident.”
“and is that it.” Joel looked hopeful but disappointed.
“that’s it.” She smiled both of them knowing there was still so much unsaid and not done. He knew both Robyn and Benji had stronger feelings for each other than friendship. Robyn knew Joel knew she had a spark for Benji but hasn’t acted on it.
“..for now...” Joel grinned.
“..maybe.” She smirked.
“well I’m just happy you two are getting on again even if it’s not under the best circumstances but you know maybe its a bit of fait.” Joel concluded.
They chatted for the rest of the day about anything and everything catching up. Benji got in later that afternoon with lots of general shopping and a big suit case.
“Benj do you think you have enough stuff?” Robyn laughed.
“oh yeh haha I just picked up some stuff.” Benji laughed.
“some stuff you look like you brought the whole shop.” Joel laughed. Benji shrugged and carried on unpacking.
“you staying for tea Joel?” Benji asked.
“I think you’d better otherwise we might be the size of a house with all this food.” Robyn laughed.
“well I guess I better had” Joel laughed.
“that’s it you two joke away.” Benji faked being hurt.
“ah we're only messing with you Benj your doing a great job.” Robyn smiled.
“yes mom will be impressed.” Joel laughed.
They hung out the rest of the night and Joel went home late on.

The next few weeks went by of pretty much just chilling out round the house and some of the guys came round to visit and catch up. Robyn went to her moms a few days too which gave Benji some free time even though be insisted he didn’t need it.
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