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Twenty nine

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Mobile again

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It was finally the day that Robyn was going to the hospital to get her cast of her leg. She was so happy to finally be on her feet again.
“Ok Miss Copeland today we will remove your cast. Your ankle has heeled fully now however you will still need to take it easy on it as it will still be weak it will need building up gradually. We will send you home with a crutch to use to help reduce the strain on it however I cannot stress the importance that you don't over do it as any extra strain on your shoulder injury would be catastrophic.” The doctor explained.

“oh this feels amazing.” Robyn said gleefully as they was slowly walking her with a slight limp put of the hospital. Benji looked at her slightly confused.
“walking, it's so nice not to be sit on my ass permanently.” She laughed at Benji’s confusion.
“it'll be nice not to be running round after you so much.” Benji teased. She raised her eye brows at him.
“jokes. Joking.” He laughed holding his hands up.
“I think we should do something tonight to celebrate.” Benji said.
“I might be mobile but I’m hardly ready to go painting the town.” She laughed.
“No but we could go for dinner at least you’d be sat down then.” He asked hopefully. “you’ve hardly been out since your accident I thought it would be nice to have a change of scenery.”
“ yeh I suppose your right dinner sounds good.” She smiled.

That evening they was getting ready to go out Robyn was managing better learning how to do things one handed but it was so much easier being able to walk around now too. She'd managed to wash her hair of a fashion and dry it but didn’t do much to style it just left it down naturally in its loose waves. She’d managed to negotiate a little black dress but was unable to fasten the zip at the back.
“Benj.. Benji I need help.” She called as she heard him passing her room. He was completely ready.
“wow are you sure you do.” He smiled seeing how beautiful she looked and how much she had managed alone. “I hope you’ve watched that shoulder.” He said walking over to her as she turned round signalling it was her dress zip she was stuck with.
“no I didn’t don’t worry.” She laughed. He done up her zip slowly enjoying the coconut smell of her hair the he noticed a set of heels she had out.
“oh wow no you can’t be thinking of wearing heels.” He said she turned round to look at him.
“Benji I can’t wear flat with a dress.” She said as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.
“you’ll have to there's no way you can wear heels and risk falling off them.” He lectured as if a mother would to a daughter who didn’t agree with what they wore to go out in.
“I’m not that clumsy.” She smirked knowing really what he meant.
“no but that ankles weak and not to mention risking your shoulder.” He warmed.
“fine but I’m not happy about it, you have to wear heels with dresses.” She huffed.
“well you don’t and you'll look fine what ever you wear.” He smiled.
“fine, ill look fine really is that all I can amount to now just looking fine.” She pulled her face in a sulk.
“ok let me rephrase that you will look amazing what ever you wear.. sand you know it.” He laughed with a little wink.
“you’d just say that anyway to make sure I didn’t wear heels.” She joked.
“you know I mean it.” He said suggestively as he walked out the room.
They was both thinking how much they really liked the other but just hung back waiting for the other to make the first move. Who knows it either ever will at this rate.

They went to their favourite Italian restaurant. Made general chit chat whilst they ate. Once they was finished the editor brought the bill.
“let me get this, as a thank you.” She smiled.
“no way never. I will pay. He lady can not pay for dinner and anyways it was my idea to come out.” Benji said.
“ Benj times are changing its ok for the women to pay.” She laughed.
“no but I insist.” Benji said.
“are we really going to argue over who’s paying." She laughed.
“there’s no arguing I’m paying.” He said smugly.
“no really your not. Compromise let’s go halves?” She reasoned.
“hmm ok but I need to go to the Bathroom first.” He said and shot off. He returned minutes later.
“right come on off we go.” He smiled grabbing her jacket to help her with.
“Ok but we need to pay.” She said standing and letting him help her with her jacket.
“I’ve paid. Don’t argue.” He said quickly as she turned to look at him angrily. “if you really want to you can pay me back later.” He held his hands up she laughed at him.
“you Benjamin Madden are bad.” She playfully hit him on the shoulder knowing full well he will never let her pay him back. He shrugged and held out his arm for her to link to help support her on her recovering ankle.
On their way out they walked passed a table where Jimmy and zacky was sat eating with their long term girlfriends.
“hey Benji... and Robyn didn’t know you was back.” Jimmy said.
“hey guys.” Benji said.
“yeh well after the accident and all..” Robyn trialled off.
“shit yet we heard you where in a bad accident how are you?” zacky said.
“pretty banged up but getting there slowly.” Robyn said briefly.
“ah well make sure you look after yourself.” Zacky said.
“hey just thinking we’re having a party for Matt’s birthday at the weekend you guys should come; Joel, Billy, Paul and Dean too.” Jimmy added.
“Ok I’ll let the guys know. We've not been not managed to be out and about much but if Robyn feels up to it we'll see you there.” Benji smiled.
“yes i should manage a few hours it'll be good to catch up with everyone. Just the pain meds have been really wiping me out too.” Robyn smiled.
“anyways we'll leave you guys too it, have a nice night.” Benji said.
Benji and Robyn left the restaurant in silence they had never brought up Brian since they met back up again. Benji was silent in thought about them seeing Brian again and how it would affect things. He knew he’d seen Brian with a girl at the end of the tour Who was rumoured to be his new girlfriend but he didn’t know if Robyn knew nor did he know what Robyn thought about Brian any more.
Robyn knew Benji was thinking about Brian after their conversation with Jimmy and zacky in the restaurant. They had both been in this little bubble just the two of them for weeks they'd never thought of anyone else which could mean added complications. Robyn knew Brian had a girlfriend Joel had told her when he came to visit her in Canada and she was ok with that he'd clearly moved on and she was pretty sure she didn’t have feelings for him any more.
“Benj you Ok?” She broke the silence as they got in his car.
“What, oh yeh, yeh fine.” He mumbled.
“we don’t need to go to the party if you don’t want to.” She said.
“w.. why wouldn’t I want to, I mean if you don’t want to that's fine.” He stuttered.
“I think it'll be nice to get out and see everyone.” She said generally.
“yeh, yeh it will. I’ll call the guys tomorrow.” He said and then they didn’t speak again. Robyn not knowing how to address clearly the topic of Brian that was bothering Benji but why should it bother him too much its not like they’re in a relationship or is it because he does want a relationship then discussing that was a whole other kettle of fish so she chose not to say anything for now. Benji was still in his own head thinking of how close he’d got to Robyn again but didn’t know how best to go about taking it further. He was now worried that he could loose her again after getting so close if Brian came back in the picture.

The car rise home was in silence. They got out the car and made their way to Robyn house and went their separate ways in the house getting changed and ready for bed. Robyn could undo her dress so went out into the hall...
“Benj I’m stuck.” She said weakly. He appeared out of his room and she turned round so he could get to her dress. He unzipped it in silence still caught up in his own thoughts.
“thanks.” She said quietly.
“welcome.” Benji said quietly.
They went back into their own rooms. Minutes later she heard him going to the living room switching on the tv. She pulled on some joggers and a top and shuffled through to the living room. She sat next to him snuggled in how they usually sit.
“Benji are you ok?” She asked not baring the silence any more.
“hmm.” Benji mumbled not quite paying attention to her. She sat up a little to look at him.
“Benji, really.” She said getting his attention.
“What, oh yeh sorry. Yeh, just.. tired.” He said snapping out of it trying to make an excuse.
“we can go to bed if your tired.” She said a little confused.
“no let’s do this for a little while.” He said putting and arm round her pulling her in close again seeming to return to normal. She just nodded a d cuddled into him. They watched trash on tv for a while then went of to bed (in their separate rooms).
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