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Brotherly confessions

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The next morning Benji was up before Robyn. This wasn’t unusual any more with the mix of Robyn's pain meds and sleeping pills it made her sleep in and drowsy in the morning. Joel had came round so Benji and Joel was in the kitchen having breakfast.
“morning.” Robyn mumbled shuffling in.
“isn’t this more like afternoon to you.” Joel laughed.
“it used to be but now especially with all these meds I’m lucky if afternoons morning.” She laughed sitting down at the table as Benji pour her a cup of coffee.
“thanks.” She smiled at him which he returned. She felt relieved that he seemed back to normal this morning.
“so what are you guys up to this morning?” She asked them.
“not a lot just chill in really." Benji said. “unless you wanted to do anything?”
“well my mom called to see if I’d go shopping with her.” Robyn said.
“ah that’ll be nice for you guys.” Benji said.
“yep which gives you guys the day to do what ever you want.” She smiled. Just then the door bell rang signalling the arrival of Robyn's mom. “that'll be get now.” Robyn said getting up to answer the door.
“just make sure you don't over do it.” Benji said.
“hang on I’m confused am I answering the door to my mom or is she sat right there.” Robyn joked. Opening the door to her mom.
“ha ha very funny.” He said getting up to help her get her jacket on as she was struggling. As well as them all saying ‘hellos' to her mom.
“ok are we ready.” Robyn’s mom said to her.
“yep.” Robyn said to her mom. “do you need me to pick anything up?” said turned to Benji.
“erm no don't think so. Unless you get some mince I can make a spag bol tonight.” Benji said.”
“or we could get a take away.. save you having to cook. It’s on me this time remember.” She smiled knowing he thought he’d got away with paying at the restaurant.
“Ok which ever you want. I am happy to cook but don't mind either way. Have a good day, nice to see you Mrs Copeland.” Benji smiled as they left. He turned to walk back into the kitchen to Joel who was sat smirking at him.
“what a wrong with you.” Benji laughed.
“you two, since when did you become Mr and Mrs Smith.” Joel laughed.
“I don’t know what your talking about.” Benji said confused.
“you and Robyn are like so in a relationship.” Joel laugh realising Benji actually didn’t realise what him and Robyn looked like to people who didn’t know them.
“we’re not in a relationship.” Benji laughed.
“well you both act like you are. Don’t get me wrong its great its about time but just come out and say it, you two have finally got together properly.”
“Joel we're not it in a relationship.” Benji tried to say as seriously as he could but amused at his brother.
“Well you should be in a relationship the way you are in your what you call ‘not relationship’” Joel laughed.
“we’re friends not in a relationship.” Benji said more seriously and plainly.
“for God’s sake Benj when will one of you make the first move then. You both like each other.” Joel said seriously.
“I can’t because I love her.” Benji said sounding stressed.
“that makes no sense if you love her tell her.” Joel shook his head.
“I can’t because we are getting on so well again I don’t want to risk loosing her if a relationship doesn’t work.”
“why would it not work?” Joel pushed.
“it didn’t last time.” Benji shook his head remembering the whole tour and Brian drama.
“that was different last time.” Joel tried to convince him.
“no it’s not” Benji said quietly
“that was just a silly mistake. Seriously you two are meant to be.” Joel said seriously.
“hmm well I’m happy how we are at the minute.” He said not sounding too convincing.
“really? You mean your happy playing relationship in your ‘not relationship’” tried to hold back the laugh again.
“yeh something like that.” Laughing at how ridiculous it sounded.
“so are you guys going to Matt’s birthday party at the weekend?” Joel asked.
“hmm I guess so.” Be no said not sounding too enthusiastic.
“What’s up its not like either of you two to pass up on a party.” Joel said.
“well you know with Robyn’s injuries an all...” Benji tried to sound convincing.
“she doing ok. They’ll be booths to sit in and stuff. Come on there's something else bothering you.” Joel said knowing Benji all too well.
“well Brian will be there.” Benji came out with it.
“that shouldn’t matter should it?” Joel said.
“I dunno. I’m so close to Robyn now I love her more than ever what if seeing Brian again ruins that.” Benji voiced what’s been on his mind.
“all the more reason to tell her how you really feel. I think you’ll find the feelings mutual between you. Last we knew Brian had a girlfriend anyway and you can’t just hide from Brian forever you guys will bump into him sometime.” Joel said hoping to get through to him.
“he might not be with her any more. What if they see each other again and want to give it ago.” Benji rambled.
“like I say tell her how you feel.” Joel said smugly.
“I know but I can't.”
“for fucks sake Benji why can’t you?” Joel said laughing at how frustrating Benji was going round in circles.
“.. I’m scared.” He said laughing a little at how silly he knew he sounded. Joel laughed then realised he was serious.
“Benji you are not shy with girls.” Joel said bluntly.
“It’s different with Robyn, so different.”
“that’s sort of a good thing but you’ve just got to do it nice you’ve done it you won’t regret it.”
“I know I know.” Benji sighed.
“and do it sooner rather than later. At least bright side you already know What its lie being in a relationship from your ‘not relationship’” Joel laughed making Benji laugh too.

Later that evening Joel had already left when Robyn got in.
“I’m home Benj” she called after saying bye to her mom and closing the door.
“hey did you have a good time?” He came to greet her.
“yes and I brought Chinese for tea.” She smiled.
“perfect.” He smiled as they went to the kitchen. Plated up the Chinese and went to the living room to eat. They ate, chatted and watch tv the rest of the night.
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