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Thirty one

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Matt's party

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The rest of the week past quietly neither Benji or Robyn at that had told the other how they really felt and instead was still going along in their ‘not relationship' relationship as Joel called it. It was now the night of Matt’s birthday party. Benji had just finished getting ready and went across to Robyn’s room to see of she needed any help. He knocked on the door.
“come in” she called. Benji walked in then stopped and had to almost literally catch his jaw from dropping. She looked beautiful he thought she always did but she looked amazing red halter dress, blonde hair in loose angle curls, smokey eyes and over the knee black boots with a small ish heel.
“Benj...Benji you Ok?” he snapped out if his daze to Robyn calling his name.
“oh sorry what.” He looked into her eyes.
“I said can you do the honour’s” she laughed signalling to her dress.
“sure.” He moved closer to her doing up the small zip at the base of her back. She couldn’t help but think how handsome he looked in his black shirt and dark jeans and smelt amazing. His finger tips felt like electricity on her bare back as they brushed along her skin giving her a little flutter of butterflies in her stomach. She mentally gave herself a shake, she doesn’t get all girly like this but she couldn’t help it when it came to Benji sometimes... well more often than not lately.
“ok we ready?” She said turning round to face him once her zip was done. He looked slowly up her body to her eyes he couldn’t help himself. She noticed but wasn’t 100% sure what was meant by it. They'd both been friends, close friends, friends with benefits even dated on and off over the years but never anything serious. They’d seen each other naked and the rest, the sexual attractions there but recently this felt different.
“ er yeh but are you sure you’ll be ok in those heels?” He asked.
“yes I’ll be fine, look..” She walked across the room and back again to prove she could walk ok in them but Benji was paying more attention to her ass in the fitted dress.
“ok fine but be...” He started.
“careful. I know.” She laughed “now let’s go before the parties over.” She said reaching out for his hand and marching them out the door.
Benji drove them to the party. As they got out the car she loosely linked his arm, force of habit from using him as support when her ankle was weaker.
As they walked into the party they seen Matt first they went over to wish him happy birthday and got talking to him.
Meanwhile across the room Joel was sat at a table with Jimmy and zacky.
“here comes the love birds.” Jimmy laughed as he noticed Benji and Robyn across the room making Joel and zacky look over too.
“oh their not together.” Joel said.
“are you sure they looked pretty together when we seen them the other night out for dinner.” Zacky said looking confused.
“nope they're not if you ask them but they might as well be the way they are.” Joel said
“I’ll say.” Jimmy said.
“Benji has been helping her since the accident. They’ve always been close then there was the bust up at the end of tour with Brian but now they're like closer than ever. They both clearly like each other I’d even go as far as saying love each other but neither seem to bring them selves to act on it. It’s like they’ve lulled into a relationship without being in a relationship. It’s madness.” Joel explained.
“well Benji must be crazy not making a move look at her she’s smokin'" Johnny said sitting down over hearing the conversation.
Joel, Jimmy and zacky just laughed agreeing but not saying it out loud.
“Brian wants his head testing too settling for a cheep burger when he could have has steak.” Johnny made reference to his currently now ex girl friend as oppose to Robyn.
“how is Brian’s relationship going?” Joel laugh at his metaphor.
“it’s not they split up.” Jimmy answered.
“no surprise. She was boring.” Johnny said
“she was a lovely girl Brian was happy it just didn’t work out.” Zacky reasoned.
“Ah.” Joel said slightly concerned at the possible love triangle fude that could arise.
“don’t worry though he’s not a contender for Robyn .” Johnny said patting Joel on the shoulder clearly he caught onto Joel’s train of thought. “I know I know he must be mental but he said he’s over it and just wants to be friends with her now.” Joel nodded but felt more convinced when he seen zacky and Jimmy agreeing with him.

Once Benji and Robyn had caught up with Matt they spoke to a few other people on the way to the bar once they'd got drinks Benji seen an old friend to catch up with.
“go on go catch up, I’m guna have a sit down here for a min.” She said hopping onto a bar stool.
“heels bothering you?” Benji raised his eyebrows at her smirking in an ‘I told you so look’.
“no, no just..” She started to make an excuse he carried on giving the I told you so smirk. “ok maybe a tiny bit.” She caved laughing.
“ok I won’t be long.” He laughed.
“be as long as you like.” She smiled.

Benji went off catching up with his friends whilst Robyn chilled sat at the bar. She felt someone sit down next to her she turned in her seat to see Brian sat next to her. She looked at him for a second they hadn’t seen or spoke to each other since the fall out at the end of the last tour.
“can I sit here?” Brian asked hoping she wasn’t still angry.
“looks like you already are.” She laughed to his relief.
“and is that ok.” He said cautiously.
“Yes it fine.” She smiled.
“friends?” He said holding our his hand smiling.
“friends.” She smiled shaking his hand.
“can I get you a drink.” He offered relieved that she seemed to be ok with him.
“nah I best not with my medication.” She said.
“shit yeh how are you?” He said looking at her arm.
“better than I was but my shoulders fucked.” She said.
“shit.” He said she nodded.
“how are you anyway? What’ve you been up to.”
“not a lot really we’ve been taking it easy for a while and doing a bit in the studio.” He said she nodded.
“so you and Benji getting on well.” He asked.
“yeh, yeh we are.” She said glancing over to Benji across the room engrossed in conversation with his friend.
“you two make a great couple.” He said smiling as she turned back round to look at him.
“oh no we’re not together.” She said.
“really?” He said raising his eye brows as if he didn’t believe her.
“yeh were just... friends.” She said not too convincingly. Brian just nodded still not believing her even a blind person could see the love and attraction between Benji and Robyn.
“anyway how’s it going with your girlfriend?” She asked hoping to change subject.
“it's Not, we broke up.” He replied.
“Oh” she said not really knowing what to say.
“it’s fine if wasn't meant to be. I’m enjoying having a bit of me time anyway and playing the field.” He smirked.
“I’ll bet you are.” She laughed. They was getting on totally platonically as friends both sure there was nothing more there. Just as they’d stopped laughing Robyn seen Benji walk towards her out of the corner of her eye and then as he obviously just noticed her and Brian laughing together clearly put two and two together and made five million. He turned and stormed out.
“one second.” She said to Brian concerned that Benji had defiantly got the wrong end of the stick, hopped off the chair and went after him the best should could given injuries and heels. Joel, Jimmy, zacky, Brian, Billy and Paul also noticed something was wrong and went after them.
“Benj, Benji wait. Shit. Fucks sake Benji I cannot physically chase you!” she called after him breathless and in some pain making her have to stop. He stopped really not wanting her to hurt herself chasing him and turned to face her. She walked slowly towards him as she tried to catch her breath. The expression on his face looked like he was in as much pain as she felt. Joel stopped stopping the others behind him just outside the building a fair distance from Benji and Robyn but they could still hear a bit of what was going on.
“Brian what's going on what did you Do?” Jimmy said.
“nothing I was just talking to Robyn.” He defended.
They all looked at him like they didn’t believe him.
“seriously just talking as friends that’s all nothing more.” He carried on his defence.
“are you sure?” Zacky asked suspiciously.
“100% any fool can see how much She loves Benji. There’s nothing between us.” He said they seemed to believe him.
“so what’s all this about?” Billy said.
“shit.” Paul said.
“What?” they all said looking at Paul.
“I heard Johnny tell Benji Brian didn’t have a girlfriend anymore.. I think Benji may have read too much into Robyn and Brian chatting at the bar. You know given history and all.”
“yep that would do it.” Joel said. They all looked on.

Mean while across the car park where Benji and Robyn where.
“Benji what the fuck?” She heaved still a little out of breath.
“I love you, ok. I’m in love with you! always have, probably always will but once again I've fucked up because I didn’t have the balls to tell you. I missed my chance you go back to Brian. I’m going to go home just call me if you need me and...” Benji rambled.
“Benji, shut up.” She said and before he knew it she'd stepped forward put her good arm around his neck and pulled him into a kiss.
As they pulled apart from the kiss but still stood close together with Robyn's arm around his neck.
“what the fuck..” He whispered looking into her eyes smiling.
“I love you too you bloody idiot.” She laughed and they kissed again.
A chorus of ‘whoops’ and wolf whistles came from the guys watching on.
“well it’s about time.” Joel laughed.
“guys why’s everyone outside?” Matt asked noticed everyone had disappeared. Then noticed Benji and Robyn. “I thought they weren't together?” Matt said looking confused.
“well they are now. At last.” Billy smiled.
“wonderful. Now can we all go inside and get a drink please it’s my birthday!” Matt said a little impatiently.
They all went inside slowly followed by Benji and Robyn.

The party carried on for sometime Benji and Robyn kept themselves to themselves for a while Robyn perched on her bar stool and Benji stood between her legs as she loosely wrapped her legs round his.
“I can’t believe it’s took us so long.” Benji smiled stroking some hair out of her face.
“it’s always been there we both know it.” She smiled. It was true they’d always carried a flame for each other. Always knew they was meant for each other it was just a matter of time until they committed.
They kissed.
“why have we not done this before now.” He smiled.
“we have many times.” She smirked referring to the on off physical side of their relationship mainly from when they was in school and just leaving before Good Charlotte became big.
“well yeh but no I mean actually admitted that we have feelings for each other.” He said.
“I duno I guess we needed time. I don’t think either of us have been in a place where we was ready for a relationship before.” She said he nodded. They looked round from their little bubble noticing the room had pretty much emptied and the party was virtually over. There was just Matt, his girlfriend, Jimmy, his girlfriend, Brian, Johnny, Zacky, Joel, Paul, Billy, his girlfriend and Dean sat round a table most of them extremely drunk.
“oi you two love birds over there are you going to come join us you know its my birthday.” Matt slurred calling to Benji and Robyn. They laughed and walked over to the table sitting joining them. There was only Joel and Billy besides themselves who was sober.
“right let’s play truth or dare.” Jimmy announced.
“ah no I’m not drunk enough for this game.” Robyn laughed.
“well drink.” Johnny slurred passing her a bottle of whiskey they'd been shotting.
“love to but I can't on my meds.” She smiled sliding the bottle back to him.
“but you have to join in, it’s my birthday.” Matt pouted.
“really I think you might have mentioned its your birthday once or twice.” She laughed sarcastically.
“come on Robyn don’t be a spoil sport.” Paul slurred.
“you guys only want to play so you can bully me and Benji with questions.” She laughed knowing them all too well.
“can you blame us.” Dean said.
“yeh come on we’re all friends here.” Paul cheered.
“What do you want to know?” Robyn said simply as if it was no big deal yet the whole Benji Robyn saga had been the mystery everyone wanted to know for years.
“everything.” Paul blinked not believing she would give in so easily.
“like what there's not much to tell.” She shrugged.
“have you two actually been together all this time since the accident. Like when we seen join in the restaurant?” Jimmy asked.
“No that’s genuinely the first time we’ve voiced our feelings properly.” Benji answered putting his hand on hers on her leg.
“What was the deal in school?” Paul asked the million dollar question. In high school Benji and Robyn spent a lot of time together but under the radar as much as possible. Obviously the guys had a hard time in school not being in with the popular kids or the football players. Benji and Joel had a tough time at home with their dad leaving. Robyn hated the clicks in school and the popular kids yet strangely didn’t have a lable and fitted in with most groups. The populars always wanted to have her around and the football players competed for her attention as they all wanted to date her she couldn’t stand the lot of them however it worked well for when she stood up for the guys. She had a lot of trust issues having been betrayed by people she felt closest too.
“school was shit.” Robyn said in general avoiding what she knew he really meant.
“school was a tough time for most of us as you guys know. Robyn helped me deal with a lot of stuff.” Benji admitted. Not even Joel knew how much support Benji needed from Robyn to make sure he was the one there for his family and the band. Robyn noticed Joel give Benji a ‘what the fuck’ look. She knew Joel would be hurt if he thought Benji felt he couldn't go to him about something but at the time Joel and his family needed Benji to lean on so it was easier for them all to get through it if Benji had Robyn secretly to lean on.
“ah it was nothing.” Robyn tried to brush off.
“No it was something.. wasn't it?” Joel pushed looking a mix of pissed off and hurt. The others winced not wanting there to be any trouble.
“look Joel it was a long time ago...” Robyn tried to defuse the situation.
“Joel don't be pissed off..” Benji started.
“don’t be pissed off I thought we had no secrets we got through all that shit together.” Joel said.
“and we did but...” Benji started.
“but what some stuff you just didn’t want to tell me.” Joel interrupted. “I’m the person your supposed to have turned to its our family.” Joel ranted he really didn’t mean offense to Robyn he just couldn’t imagine why Benji felt he couldn’t have turned to him.
“look Joel you was in no state for me to be able to lean on. You all relied on me. When dad left you all broke down it was left to me to be strong. Then the band the hard times at the beginning getting knocked down and having to get back up again time and time again I had to keep being strong pushing us forwards..”
“and we all appreciate you for that.” Billy added trying to break the tension.
“Well without Robyn none of this would have been possible she was there to pick up the pieces you all put on me so don't give me shit for needing someone to lean on when you all leant on me and you know you did.” Benji ranted. Joel seemed to think a little and soften. Billy and Paul just seemed like they'd seen a while other world behind the scenes they never knew existed and gave Robyn appreciative looks. She just smiled humbly she didn’t do it for credit she did it because she loved them all and believed in them.
“I’m sorry Robyn I didn’t mean any offense.” Joel said to her quietly.
“none taken at all Joel its all in the past.” She smiled.
“I feel like we should thank you.” Paul said.
“yeh if Benji hadn’t have been the driving force behind us we wouldn't be here now.” Billy said.
“Oh don’t be daft I didn’t do it for credit...” Robyn said.
“ yeh we know why you did it.” Johnny smirked suggestively looking between Benji and Robyn wiggling his eyebrows. They all laughed which lightened the mood.
“no that’s also not why I did it you dirty minded bugger.” She laughed flicking a bear mat at him.
“but it was a perk.” He smirked dodging the bear mat.
“ yeh I suppose so.” She nodded in agreement to his surprise causing the others to raise their eyes brows.
“wow wow wait a minute if you two haven’t been together or admitted feelings for each other how long have you actually been sleeping together for?” Matt said in his drunken state trying to get his head round it all.
“erm how many years has it been since we left school?” Robyn wondered out loud.
“wow so wait you two where at it way back in school?” Paul burst out.
“yeh sort of.” Benji smiled.
“I knew it I fucking knew it. What did I tell you.” Paul said triumphantly to Billy. Billy laughed nodding like a wise old owl.
“wait you know something don't you?” Robyn laughed at Billys smug look. He nodded.
“I seen you guys at prom.” He admitted.
“wait you guys didn't go to prom.” Joel looked at them confused.
“yeh they sort of did.” Billy smiled at them.
“spill.” Joel looked at them like he just realised there was so much he didn't know that he thought he did like he'd found a whole other world he didn't know about.
“Well as you know we was going through a hard time.” Benji started as Joel remembered Benji said he didn’t want to go to a stupid prom to put up with shit he didn’t have to that they had enough going on without going voluntarily into school to be given more shit from the other kids.
“and I just hated everyone.” Robyn laughed.
“no change there then.” Dean joked earning him self a beer mat in his direction from Robyn.
“yeh so we didn’t actually intended to go to prom we just met up and went for a walk..”
“wait Billy what did you actually see.” Robyn smirked questioning Billy as well there’s no point spilling all the gory details if they didn’t have to.
“I seen you guys outside it was probably one of the last songs played the slow one dancing...” Billy smiled
“Benji doesn't dance.” Paul laughed.
“you looked so happy and peaceful.” Billy finished.
Benji and Robyn glanced at each other remembering that night fondly they'd both been to rock bottom and back then just found peace and happiness supported by the other that night which gave them the strength to get up and carry on fighting again not long after was when the band was signed and Robyn and Benji slowly began to grow apart until the hadn't seen each other for a few years then met back up on the last tour to where we are now.
“there's more to it than that.” Dean said from the look Benji and Robyn gave each other.
“No Billys right that night was probably the happiest either of us was those days.” Robyn announced. Knowing that night was special and meant so much to each of them.
“so then what?” Jimmy asked.
“we all left school. These guys got signed and became big stars. I did my thing. We started to loose contact more and more and the rest is history.” Robyn summarised.
“wait wow wow go back did you sleep together at prom.” Paul asked.
“yeh we did, big deal. we slept together most times we seen each other after that.” Robyn said off handedly “Now is it home time yet I’m so tired.” She yawned.
“but we have more questions.” Johnny pouted.
“it’s really not that interesting.” Robyn laughed.
“I’m so tired we need to go.” Robyn said her meds making her drowsy. Benji nodded and got up.
“I hope you had a good birthday Matt.” She smiled giving him a kiss on the cheek.
“I certainly did even if you two tired to steal my spot light.” He pouted faking being hurt. She pouted back and they laughed. They said their good byes to everyone else and left.
“I am so happy they finally got their shit together and got together.” Billy laughed when they'd gone.
“you knew there was stuff going on behind the scenes with them all along didn’t you.” Dean observed.
“I had an inkling and I'd seen them together a few times and then there’s the stolen glances they had at each other.” Billy nodded.
“I just can’t believe how much they actually went through together and we didn't know.” Paul said then eyed Joel cautiously.
“I know don’t worry I’m not angry.” Joel said knowing they was thinking he might be as Benji hadn't told him stuff.
“you sure your ok Joel?” Billy asked.
“yeh just makes you think. It’s like a while other world behind the scenes I didn’t know about. I feel shit he felt he couldn't lean on me but at the same time I know what he means when he said I wasn’t in a state to. I needed him to lean on so he had to lean on someone else.” Joel made the realisation.
“we feel the same it was Benji to picked us up and pushed us forwards as a band to then become who we are today.” Billy said.
“cheers to Robyn.” Paul said holding up his glass and they all joined him.
“and cheers to me and my birthday.” Matt reminded them. They all looked at him. “well they got together because of my party so I can take some credit for that.” Matt justified. They laughed and cheers-ed.
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