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Thirty two

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After the party

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On the way home in Benji's car. Robyn looked over at Benji who seemed deep thought.
“you Ok?” She said looking him over.
“yeh" he smiled. “I was just thinking I wonder if things would have been different if I’d have stayed and not gone touring with the band.” Benji said.
“No I don’t think so I think we did exactly what we was supposed to. I think we was meant to him off and do our own thing and then it brought us back together stronger eventually.” She said honestly. Benji nodded.
“I still can’t help but think if we’d just got together then we wouldn’t have wasted so much time.” Benji said.
“ think about the people we where back then we was both in bad places trying to find our way. A relationship then would have been a train wreck.” She said.
“yeh that's true we we're a mess probably me more. You was amazing you always are.” He said.
“shut up don’t go all mushy on me.” She laughed making him laugh.
“no seriously that why I know your going to get through this.” He said motioning to her shoulder.
“I hope so.” She sighed.
“I know so. you have me to lean on.” He smiled proudly.
As they pulled up outside the house Robyn was virtually asleep from her meds. Benji got out and went rode to her side of the car.
“come on we're back.” He whispered helping her out the car. She couldn’t stop yawning walking up to the door.
When they got in Benji went and changed out of his shirt whilst Robyn first job took her heels off then went to take the rest of her meds for the evening. As she got to her room Benji was just coming out of his ready changed.
“help me.” She pouted tugging at her dress zip. He smiled and went over and undid it. She turned walking into her room wiggling out of her dress Benji’s heart skipped a beat at her bear back as she'd gone bra-less in her dress so was walking away from him in just her frenchies till she pulled on a large hoodie with some difficulty at first but she'd started to learn to manage everyday things with one hand. She got into her bed then looked to where Benji was. He went to turn to go back to his room.
“Benj come here for a cuddle.” She said sleepily. He didn’t need telling twice. He went a sat next to her in the bed as she snuggled into him. She was asleep in seconds so Benji ended up staying there... not that he was complaining at all.
Robyn woke up the next morning well more like afternoon she must have been wiped out as she slept in later than ever. Benji wasn't beside her, she got up and went to the kitchen Benji was no where to be seen. There was coffee made and some breakfast set out with a note.
‘didn’t want to wake you. Made you breakfast. Totally forgot I told Paul I'd help him move somethings. Back soon. Love Benji xxx'
She read the note then sat down having some breakfast. It was time for her to take her meds the only problem was the bottle with the child proof lock was also Robyn proof when she only had one good working arm. She struggled, shouted and swore at the bottle for almost half an hour getting frustrated as she was now in quite a lot of pain then there was a knock at the door. She went to answer it.
“Joel am glad to see you.” She sighed relieved someone was here to rescue her. “come in.” She said already walking through the house.
“you ok you look a bit stressed?” Joel asked as he shut the front door and followed her to the kitchen.
“stressed is not the word. On my wits end more like. Stupid child lockbox also adult with one working arm proof.” She huffed passing him the tablet bottle. He laughed and opened it for her.
“thank god your my hero Joel.” She laughed taking her tablets sitting down holding her sore shoulder.
“are you Ok?” He asked eyeing her worriedly.
“yeh just over due the pain meds because I couldn't get the damn thing open.” she said.
“Is Benj not around?” Joel asked looking round.
“No he left a note when I got up saying he had to help Paul with something. He was thoughtful enough to leave me some breakfast but clearly forgot the meds.” She explained Joel nodded.
“coffee?” She asked getting up pouring her self some.
“please.” He smiled.
“so how are you after last night?” She asked him as she sat at the table with him.
“I’m good I didn’t drink.” He said thinking she meant if he was hung over.
“I mean with all the stuff that was said.” She said quietly.
“ah I’m ok you know like you said it was along time ago we we're all different people then and it was a tough time for everyone.” He said. She eyed him as if she didn’t believe him 100%.
“I mean yeh it hurt to think he felt that some things he couldn’t tell me or at times he felt he couldn’t lean on me for support that he couldn’t tell me he was struggling too but I do see why he did it and I’m very greatful you was there for him so he could be there for all of us.” Joel said from the heart. She smiled at him
“but seriously thank you.” He emphasised.
“honestly Joel you have nothing to thank me for none of you do I did it because I cared for you all not just Benji but obviously I care for Benji a lot. He just needed someone to talk to, let out his frustrations, shout laugh cry you name it we went through it.” She laughed.
“well your like a guardian angle.” He smirked making them laugh.
“Well now hero’s and guardian angles and it not even lunch time.” She laughed.
They chatted a little longer until Benji came in. Bebji said ‘hi’ to Joel then put an arm round Robyn from behind and gave her a kiss. Joel was smirked.
“what you laughing at.” Robyn smiled at him.
“you two its so strange seeing you together but good to see finally.” Joel said.
They laughed and rolled their eyes. Joel left not long after. Robyn was sat at the table reading a magazine whilst Benji was off doing something across the house.
“hey Rob do you have any plans for tonight?” Benji said walking into the kitchen.
“nope when do I ever have any plans these days.” She sighed not looking up from the magazine.
“well I was thinking we could er go on or first official date.” He said stood in front of her smiling waiting for her reaction. She slowly raised her eyebrows looking above her magazine at him. She couldn’t help but laugh when she seen him smirking at her.
“oh right and what would this date be?” She said playfully.
“oh in was thinking dinner and a movie?” He asked hopefully.
“really? We always do that but if I’m not that special.” She said pretending to be offended.
“oh well I er..” he stuttered. She laughed to herself behind her magazine. She sighed standing up putting her magazine down pretending to be annoyed as she walked just past him leaving him trying to think on the spot. She came from behind to the side of him kissed him on the cheek.
“joking sounds perfect.” She whispered in his ear making him let out a sigh of relief and a laugh as her whispering in her ear sent goose bumps over his body.

“so where are we going tonight?” Robyn asked sitting down next to him on the sofa later that day.
“I thought we could try the new place in town unless you wanted to go anywhere else?” He smiled putting his arm around her.
“sounds good to me.” She smiled. “It’s fairly posh isn’t big id best go dig something suitable out that’s not too low to short or got pieces cut out of it.” She laughed.
“you could make a bin bag look classy.” He said.
“that maybe be the case however I doubt the restaurant would agree with you.” She patted his leg then got up to start getting ready.

Later that evening Benji was once again ready first. Robyn had been in her room for over two hours.
“Rob are you nearly ready, are you ok, do you need a hand?” He called from outside her room. There was silence for a minute then the door opened.
“voilà” she smiled clearly proud that she’d managed to get completely ready by her self for the first time since the accident. She had a figure hugging black one shoulder dress that on the side that had the shoulder finished just above her knee and the side that hand no shoulder (conveniently the side of her shoulder injury) was full length to her ankle. With her hair down with the front in a quiff and her black classic Prada heels with red sole finished off with her natural make up with Smokey eye. Benji just stood looking her up and down he felt like the luckiest guy in the world.
“Will I do?” She asked raising her eye brows at him. He stepped forwards to her placing his hands on her hips.
“you’ll do more than just do.” He whispered leaning in to kiss her cheek and down her neck. She leant back to look at him for a second and lifted his head to kiss him properly.
“right are we going before the place closes.” She smiled. He nodded.
“my lady.” He smiled holding his arm out for her. She laughed and took it as they left the house.

“so cheers to our first official date” she smiled raising her glass of wine he clinked it with his water glass.
“and many more to come.” He smiled.
They chatted and bantered like always with lots of flirting involved too during their meal there was definate sexual tension between them.
“so what movie do you want to see?” He asked as they’d finished their meal.
“hmm I was thinking we could skip the movie...” She said slowly sliding her foot up his leg. “and go straight home.” She raised her eye brows suggestively at him.
“that sounds a much better plan.” He grinned. They quickly got their things and left.
The journey home was almost in silence. As soon as the front door closed the looked at each other for a minute then broke into a passionate kiss. They made their way down the hall to her room as it was closest discarding of items of clothing along the way. They landed on the bed together.
“are you going to be Ok?” He asked looking at her shoulder.
“Benji shut up.” She breathed pulling him back to a kiss.

They was still lay in bed together after they'd had sex... a few times.
“this make me so happy.” Benji broke the relaxed silence.
“yeh we kinda was always good at this.” She laughed meaning the sex.
“No, no I didn’t mean.. well yeh actually its probably the one thing that has always been good from way back when; But I meant us, now life in generals good really good.” He smiled. “ you know there was times I didn’t think I'd even make it through the week let a lone be here now with you happy the band going well and everything.”
“ deserve it you deserve all the happiness in the world. You’ve both through so much and worked your ads off for all you have.” She smiled giving him a kiss.
“well I owe a lot of it to you especially back in the day no matter what state I was in you always knew exactly what to do or say to help.” He kissed her forehead.
“it wasn't all one sided you helped me too.” She said lacing her fingers with his holding his hand.
“oh hardly compared to you, you listened to all my shit, you gave advice, you gave me food when we had nothing, a place to stay if I needed it, you always knew how to talk me down when I was angry, saved my ass more times than I can count and most of all gave me the strength to get up and carry on fighting when everything got me down.”
“yeh well it was my pleasure to be around someone who genuinely liked me for me and not just for who my dad was. They was all two faced bastards that just wanted to be my friend to see what they could get. Who ever says your school days are the best time of your life clearly need their head testing” she laughed.
“yeh as shit as it was though the only bright side was how much time I got to spend with you. After that we seen less and less of each other... until now.” He smiled.
“see it was meant to be fate brought us back together. All be it in a slightly shit way once again.” She looked to her shoulder “but that being the case silver linings and all.” She smiled and kissed him. They chatted and snuggled then went to sleep.
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