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Thirty three

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Billys announcement

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The next morning Robyn woke up to Benji lay awake next to her.
“I wasn’t watching you sleep... well I did look over for a minute and think how lucky I am because your so beautiful but I wasn’t watching you sleep in a crazed stalker way.” He laughed.
“good morning Benji.” She smiled shaking her head. She yawned. “I need coffee.” she announced rubbing her head.
“your wish is my command.” Benji said getting up and pulling on his boxers.
“I wasn’t hinting, just thinking out loud.”
“yes but I needs coffee too.” He said and wonder off to the kitchen. Whilst Benji was in the kitchen there was a knock at the door Robyn pulled benji’s hoodie on as it was easiest and quickest as she could just leave her arm in the sling inside the hoodie.
“I’ll get it.” she called opening the door to Paul.
“Paul hey come in.” She said stepping to the side to let him in.
“I take it you and Benji are getting along well.” He grinned at her stood in just Benji's hoodie which just covered her ads in her girl boxers.
“Yes thank you.” She smirked.
“hey Paul whats up? Coffee?” Benji asked handing Robyn a cup of coffee and giving her a kiss as she reached for it.
“Will mine come with a kiss too.” Paul laughed.
“only if you want it too.” Benji winked playing along.
“oh now how can you did it that.” Paul laughed looking to Robyn who grinned and wiggled her eye brows at him.
“so other than to make out with Benji over coffee what brings you here Paul-y.?” Robyn asked.
“Billy said to tell everyone he wants us all to meet him for lunch today he has to tell us something so as I was passing I thought I'd pop in and tell you. I called Joel who was with Dean so that was two birds one stone.”
“hmm wonder what he wants?” Benji said thinking out loud.
“I don’t know he his called me this morning, wouldn’t give anything away” Paul said.
“hmm hope he's ok.” Robyn added a little concerned.
Paul and Benji chatted a little longer about band stuff Robyn half listened and half read the paper.
“right well I best go try and get dressed.” Robyn signed standing up leaving Paul and Benji chatting.
A little later Robyn came back through to the kitchen holding her fitted jeans up looking defeated and frustrated.
“I can’t do my jeans up.” She huffed to Benji Paul looked on amused. Benji smiled trying not to laugh he knew Robyn didn’t find it funny when she couldn’t do something because of her shoulder. Paul didn’t know and Benji was trying to give him the look to say don’t laugh which he didn’t get.
“right I best get ready.” Benji said after helping fasten her jeans. She flopped down at the table opposite Paul still looking amused.
“don’t laugh its not fuckin funny.” She sounding pissed off. Paul’s face dropped he knew Robyn well enough to know she’s not one to be on the wrong side of.
“ah I’m sorry Paul it just gets so frustrating literally not being able to do anything for myself.” She sigh feeling bad for snapping at him.
“it’s ok I get it. How’s it going?” he asked.
“I go back next week for them to do more xrays and assessment on it. The pains a bit better I’m just so bloody useless with it. I’m so not used to relying on people and not being active with the horses especially.”
“sucks. Hope it goes well for you next week. Your not useless from what i see your doing really well and it’s ok to ask for help sometimes you know.” He said sympathetically. “how’s your horses?” He asked.
“they’re fine they're filming in Canada still for the movie. Dan's took them on for me.”
“I bet you miss them.”
“so much Diego’s like a member of the family.”
“you’ll be back at it before you know it.” He smiled.
“right I suppose we best be going for lunch.” Benji said walking back in.
“yeh do you want a lift with us Paul?” Robyn asked.
“yeh sure.” Paul said as they got up and left.

When they arrived at the restaurant Billy, Linux, Joel and Dean was already they. When they walked in they l said their hellos to each other day down and ordered their food. They all sat chatting away to each other until their food arrived.
“ah shit.” Robyn said as her chicken arrived as she realise she actually couldn't cut it with one hand normally she went for something easy like pasta that she could just use a fork for. Benji (at the side of her), Joel (opposite Benji) and Dean (opposite Robyn) looked at her to see what was wrong.
“I didn’t think thos through so well did I.” She said looking at her food
“pass it here ill cut it for you.” Benji said quickly trying not to draw attention. Joel and Dean had notice and looked amused. About it open their mouths to make a joke...
“laugh and one arm or not I will kick you ass.” Robyn half joked half meant it. Billy and linzi looked a little confused from the other side of Robyn.
“touchy subject.” Paul whispered to Joel and Dean.
Benji passed her plate back to her and she smiled gratefully. They all made small talk as they ate.
“so what's up Billy, why where here?” Joel asked him everyone looked to Billy.
“well erm we’ve got some news.” Billy said clearing his throat and holding Linzi's hand. “we got engaged .” They both smiled.
“ah congratulations guys.” Robyn smiled standing giving them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Benji, Joel, Paul and Dean following in the congratulating them.
They stayed at the restraint chatting and having some drinks. Billy and Robyn had swapped seat giving Robyn and Linzi chance to chat about the wedding. Robyn had met and spoke to linzi a few times through the guys but didn’t know her that well.
“so how'd he do it?” Robyn grinned to linzi.
“I came in from work the other night there was rose petals leading to our dining room where he’d cooked a candle lit dinner then he got down on one knee after the main course and asked me.” She smiled.
“aw God bless him he’s such a sweetie. You’ve got a good one there.” Robyn smiled. Linzi nodded. They watched the boys for a minute totally engrossed in talking band stuff and smiled.
“ how are you after the accident?” linzi asked.
“it’s painful and frustrating but I'm getting used to it now.” Robyn turned back to look at linzi.
“I bet. Benji’s been helping you hasn’t he?” She asked with a smile.
“yeh Benji’s been great I don’t know how I would manage without him. You don’t realise how much you need both hands for the simplest of things.” Robyn said linzi nodded. “like I can’t even out a bra on or fasten some of my jeans without help.” Robyn exclaimed finding the slightly funnier side of it.
“I bet Benji enjoyed that then.” She laughed. Robyn raised her eye brows and smiled in agreement.
“it’s so bad he like my career.” Robyn laughed. “he even had to cut up my lunch for me before. Which reminds me I need to apologise to Joel and Dean later I snapped at them for laughing before.”
“ah I’m sure they deserved it anyway.” Linzi laughed. “so what’s the deal with you and Benji. I know you’ve just got together, bit there's history there right?” Linzi asked.
“yeh you could say that.” Robyn laughed. “it’s along story really. We've been sort of on and off since school. There been a lot of shit along the way but now we’re both in better places in our lives it just seems to have worked out.”
“yeh I think I remember you vaguely from school you was a year or two above me and Billy like the guys wasn’t you?” linzi asked.
“yeh, yeh I was. I started late though with my dad’s job we moved around a lot.”
“football wasn’t it?” linzi asked.
“yeh.” Robyn rolled her eyes. “he was one of the manager of the team. The main reason why people tried to be up me ass. Pissed me right off.”
“I never seen you around so much.”
“no I tried to keep a low profile. The popular kids pissed me off hounding me to pretend to be friends just to see what they could get from me. I mostly tried to keep myself to myself was easiest for if we moved again too. It was hard always being the new kid or then the oh my god there's that girl with the famous dad.” Robyn explained linzi nodded.
“does your dad still work for them?”
“no I don’t see much of him any more he left my mom for a woman half his age a while back. My brother plays professionally in England though it’s going well for him.”
“that’s good. So was you and Benji together in school?” She asked
“ erm well not officially its was complicated.” Robyn struggled to explain the depths of Benji and her relationship.
“complicated how?” linzi asked intrigued.
“well I’m sure you already know the shit the boys went through with their family and their dad.” Robyn started linzi nodded. “I was very close to them mostly Benji we just kept it quiet.”
“why?” linzi asked confused.
“it was just easier they had a hard enough time as it was from the other kids I didn’t want to make it worse. Josh I think his name was the captain of the football team he wanted me well only so he could try and get a place in the team my dad ran when he left school. So if he seen me and Benj together he’d make things really difficult. He got his ads kicked enough without getting it kicked because of me.”
“oh my god yeh I think I remember once the guys getting pushed around and was it you came round the corner and like cleared deck with them. They shit themselves and ran off.” Linzi said remembering how Robyn came round the corner seen Billy, Joel, Benji and Paul getting their asses kicked she pulled the football player away from them and basically told them to fuck off she certainly wasn’t someone to mess with.
“yeh most likely I broke up a fair few fights they'd got into.” Robyn nodded.
“shit times who ever says school days are the best days of your life need their heads testing.” Linzi said.
“yeh I know its horrible.”
“especially going through all what they did at home too poor guys never got a break.” Linzi said.
“ oh I known it broke my heart some of the state’s Benji would come to me in. He had it rough.”
“he came to you?”
“yeh he was at breaking point when his dad left his mom and josh was out trying to earn as much money as they could Joel and Sarah needed him to be strong for them his mom couldn’t take much more so he turned to me so he was the strong one for them but broke down to me. There was times is just listen, hold him, brought him food, cleaned his wounds when he was beat up. He was so protective of his family he took beatings for Joel and ended up getting into fights when kids picked on Sarah. You know it wasn't all one sided it was nice for me to have someone who actually understood me and seen me for me and not just the football managers daughter. I was invisible in my family my dad engrossed in his work everything we did had to portray an image my mom was stuck trying to do everything he needed and my brother tries his hardest at football to be noticed and to impress our dad. It just fucked my head up I couldn't stand all the fakeness and portraying a certain image. Then when they left school ans6 they was struggling to get the band up and running it was just easier for us to keep our relationship or whatever we can call it in the back ground we kinda liked it that way. When it all got a bit too much we’d come together and let it all out we knew neither would judge the other and we was just there for each other.” Robyn explained. “any days I’m probably boring you going on about all this shit.”
“No not at all. I knew they had a hard time but didn’t quite realise the half of it. So what happened when the band got big?” linzi asked.
“we just sorta lost contact we both went off doing our own thing and grew apart a little.”
“did you not see each other at all?”
“yeh we used to meet up when we where close by either their tour and I was working in or around the same place or if we had time off the other would visit wed catch up... usually end up having sex but nothing more to it or at least we didn't think the other thought more to it. We both always knew their was a strong bond between us and we loved and cared for each other we just never payed attention to our feelings enough to realise we loved each other until recently.”
“aww it’s like a true love story all be it a broken one at times but true love.” Linzi smiled.
“anyways enough about mine and Benji’s broken lives I want to hear more wedding plans.” Robyn smiled.
“erm we’ve not made many yet just that we want to do it before they go back on tour again.”
“wait that's not that long they're in the studio now so they'll be back on tour in.. six months! Your planning a wedding to happen in six months. Bloody he’ll good luck girl.” Robyn laugh.
“I know a little crazy right but we thought if the tour goes on we don’t want to wait that long till they get back to them start organising it.” Linzi explained.
“well if you need any help providing it doesn't require two hands you know where I am as I have plenty of time free now” Robyn offered.
“I will defiantly tale you up on that.” Linzi smiled.
“right ladies sorry to break this up but we need to make a move.” Billy said as they all got ready to leave bot realising how much time had passed.
On the way out Robyn caught up to Joel and Dean walking between them.
“I owe you two an apology. I'm sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you earlier.” She apologised to them. “I shouldn’t take my frustrations out on you guys.”
“it’s ok we forgive you.” Joel said wrapping an arm round her in a sideways hug.
“you don’t need to apologise we shouldn’t be laughing at you anyway.” Dean said giving her a squeeze with an arm around her waist.

“so you a linzi seem to be getting on well.” Benji said as they was in the car on the way home.
“yeh I like her.” Robyn smiled.
“who are you and what've you done with the real Robyn.” Benji laughed knowing Robyn didn’t like many people.
“shut up I'm not that bad.” Robyn laughed. Benji raises his eyebrows
“you have threatened three of my band member that you call friends just today alone.” He joked. Robyn cringed.
“I didn’t mean to they provoked me.” She grinned innocently. Benji laughed shaking his head at her.
“so what was you and linzi talking about?” He asked.
“she was asking about me and you and school and stuff.”
“our school days seem to be hot topic at the minute the guys keep asking me stuff.”
“course we’re hot topic, we’re smoking.” She slapped him playfully on the leg and winked and they laughed.
“I asked about the proposal and the wedding. Do you Know they're planning to get married before you go on tour again.” She exclaimed.
“really that's not a lot of time.”
“I know but she said they don’t want to wait till after the tour of its a long one.”
“suppose that makes sense.” Benji said as they pulled up outside the house and went inside.

Later that evening Robyn had just had a bath when she came out of the bathroom in a dressing gown and hair in a towel she could smell food. She went up behind Benji cooking in the kitchen wrapped her arm around his waist from behind and kissed the back of his neck.
“you didn’t have to cook again or at least waited and I'd help.” She said into his neck kissing him again sending shiver down his spine.
“It’s ok I don’t mind cooking.” He said turning round to face her. “if you keep doing this.” He smiled kissing her.
“hmm that I can manage.” She smiled kissing him again.
“Benj.. Benj I think the food done.” She reluctantly pulled away from him seeing the pan start to over boil.
They ate dinner and then sat watching tv on the sofa. Out of no where Robyn got up and sat on Benji's lap facing him with a knee either side of him and kissed him.
“what’s that for?” He smiled.
“because I can.” She whispered and kissed him again.
“mmm I’ve wanted this since we where kids.” He mumbled she sat back to look at him. “to be with you properly not having to hide not having everyone’s shit to deal with just you and me.” He smiled pulling her back in for a kiss.
“I love you so much.” He said as the looked into each other’s eyes foreheads together.
“love you always.” She whispered back as they kissed again. They enjoyed just making out on the sofa for a while relaxed and romantic before they moved to the bedroom.
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