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Thirty four

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Karl visits

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“good morning beautiful.” Benji said as Robyn’s eyes fluttered open.
“right this watching me sleep things getting weird Benj.” She goes keeping a straight face.
“I.. er.. well.. no..” Benji stuttered then seen her grinning and playfully hit her on the head with a pillow which she tossed back at him.
“come on I'll let you make me breakfast.” She winked and smirked taking his hand and him pulling him to the kitchen.
“what’s your plans for today?” Benji asked preparing breakfast whilst Robyn helped where she could with one hand.
“It’s my first physio session at eleven thirty but don’t worry if your busy at the studio I can see if my mom’s free or get a taxi.” She said.
“in can take you but you’d have to come to the studio with me after as i wont have time to bring you back if that’s ok.” He said.
“yeh that’s fine with me.”

After breakfast they got ready and left for the hospital for Robyn's physio session. Robyn went in for physio herself and Benji waited in the waiting room; he could hear some screams in pain he hoped they wasn’t Robyn in pain but had a feeling it was. Just short of an hour later Robyn reappeared.
“hey how was it?” He asked as they left the hospital making their way to the car.
“painful so painful.” She said weakly.
“what did they say?” He asked sympathetically.
“they gave me some exercises to do to get some movement back in it but I just cannot move it its so painful. It’s fucked.” She said breaking down into tears. He stopped walking and wrapped his arms round her pulling her into his chest into a hug.
“hey its ok don’t worry give it time. It’s only been your first session its going to take time. You’ll get through it I know you will.” He said holding her till she calmed down.
“right come on we best go before your late.” She said after taking a moment to compose herself.
“are you sure?” Benji said following her as they set off towards the car again.
“yeh.” She nodded.
They got to the car and Benji drove them to the studio. They had just made it on time but all the other guys and linzi was already there. They all said their hellos to each other and the guy started working linzi was sat on one of the stools and Robyn perched herself on the table next to her they was just talking random stuff and some things about the wedding plans. They'd been there for over an hour when all of a sudden the door flung open and before anyone knew what was going on a furious Karl stormed in and marched right over to Benji.
“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING FUCKING AROUND WITH MY SISTER AGAIN!!” Karl fummed punching him and pinning him against the wall. Robyn seen and leapt off the desk as best she could and ran over.
“Hey? HEY!.. WOW.. KARL WHAT THE FUCK?!” Robyn shouted after him getting between them as Dean and Joel tried to hold Karl back but he kept shaking them off.
“I’m going to kick his ass!” Karl shouting still in a blind furry he had always been very volatile at times.
“well you have to go through me first.” Robyn said still stood between them. Everyone looked slightly worried incase Robyn got injured.
“move.” Karl said slightly calmer to Robyn.
“no.” She said keeping his eye contact.
“Robyn..” Joel said worriedly.
“it’s ok.” Robyn half glanced at Joel but trying to keep Karl’s eye. “Karl what the actual fuck?” She said to him.
“him, you what the fuck are you doing back with him after all he's put you though.” Karl said to her Robyn still stood between them Benji holding his eye where Karl had just punched him. Karl and Benji didn’t always get on well. Karl had had always had beef with Benji for many reasons. One being jealousy for how close he was to Robyn something he never was, two the because he didn’t like the on off relationship Benji and Robyn had as he seen it as Benji using her, and three after the last tour with the problems with Rebecca and then Brian.
“oh Karl you don’t even know the half. Why can’t yu just pipe down and think things through.”
“what's supposed to mean.. ‘I don’t even known the half'" he mimicked her tone.
“oh I don’t know maybe pick up a phone? Take and interest. KNOW WHAT THE FUCK YOUR TALKING ABOUT BEFORE YOU SWING YOUR FISTS!” she felt her self getting very angry at him she too could be very volatile too at times. She loved Karl as a brother but his hot headedness was his down fall and the fact he liked to portray this protective big brother act but yet would go months on end without so much of a phone call. He meat well as when he was around he was great but he'd just get too caught up in his football and his life in England, he reminded her of their father in that way.
“hey guys maybe we need to just go sit down and talk.” Dean tried to reason with them to defuse the situation.
“no Karl I think you need to leave.” Robyn said.
“I not leaving here without you.”
“well your tapped in the head if you think I’m going anywhere with you right now so I suggest you fuck off and only come back of your willing to talk like a civilised human being.” She said calmly but you could tell the fury in her voice as she pushed him out the door.
“Rob are you Ok?” Joel asked as she walked back in.
“yeh I’m fine. He’s a nob. Where’s Benj?” She said.
“in the bathroom.” Joel said Robyn followed the direction he pointed. She knocked on the door then went in.
“shit. Come here.” She said as she seen the cut above his eye and bruise starting to form. She cleaned the blood from around his eye and held a cold towel on the bruise.
“well now this really does feel like old times in school again.” Benji said with a little laugh.
“my brothers a dickhead.” Robyn said simply. “how that feel?” She said looking to his eye.
“I’ll live.” He smiled “I forgot the cracking right hook your brother has.”
“yeh well he’s lucky my arms fucked or he’d have an eye to match yours after that performance.” She laughed and kissed him he then piled her in to deepen the kiss.
“hey guys we're.. going to leave you be.” Paul walked in to announce they was going to call it a day then when he seen them kissing smiled to himself and left.
“where are they?” Billy asked Paul.
“oh we I think Robyn's just making him feel better.” Paul let a laugh out.
“sounds like old times then.” Dean laughed.
“yeh come on let’s go.” Joel said as they left.
“come on I think we best go” Robyn said after a minute. They caught up with the guys outside.
“wow Benji look at your eye.” Joe said as they caught up with them.
“yeh Karl can't half throw a punch.” Benji laughed
“Karl’s a nobhead.” Robyn rolled her eyes.
“what was all that about?” Dean asked Benji shrugged his shoulders.
“it’ll be something and nothing knowing my brother.” Robyn said.
“right well we best be getting off. Give us a shout if you need anything.” Billy said as he and linzi headed off.
“yeh we'll shoot too.” Paul said and he and Dean left.
“Will you guys be ok or do you want me to come back with you?” Joel offered.
“I think we'll be ok thanks bro.” Benji said.
“thanks Joel.” Robyn smiled.
They all made their way home.

“here I think you need to put these on your face.” Robyn said handing Benji a bag of frozen peas when the got home.
“thanks. You shouldn’t have stood infront of him you know what if he’s have hurt your shoulder trying to get to me.” Benji said flinching putting the peas on his face.
“Karl would not dare go through me he know his life wouldn’t be worth living if he did. Anyways its not like it’s the first time.” She smirked at him.
“always saving my ass ey.” He smiled pulling her gently to sit on his lap.
“of course” she grinned.
“I think I need to thank you for that.” He smiled pulling her into a kiss.
“hmm I wonder how you could do that.” She mumbled against his lips. Just then there was a knock at the door. Robyn groaned and got up to answer it. As she opened in Karl was stood there he opened his mouth about to say something but she slammed it shut again before he had chance.
“who was it.” Benji asked confused. There was knocking again.
“just Karl.” She said simply.
“are you not going to see what he has to say?” Benji said.
“let him sweat out there first.” She half laughed as they could hear calling from out side ‘come on Robs please let me in‘ then lots more banging on the door.
“RIGHT FINE!” she shouted and opened the door. Karl walked straight in for fear off her locking him out again “I swear Karl you start swinging your fists again we’re finished.” She warned following him clearly not impressed at all.
“no, no I won't. Can we have a word.” He said to Robyn meaning without Benji there.
“I’ll go...” Benji started feeling slightly uncomfortable at the sibling dispute.
“no you won’t you'll stay.” She glanced at Benji between stirring daggers at Karl. “and you owe Benji an apology.” She gleared at Karl like a mother scolding children. Karl looked like a child being told off and not wanting to do it. He squirmed Robyn just raised her eye brows at him in a way that he would get no further unless he apologised.
“I’m sorry man, I shouldn't have stormed in and hit you like that.” He said half heartedly. Benji nodded at him.
“right what the fuck all this about Karl.” Robyn signed.
“exactly what I said what the he’ll are you doing? Your so blind when it comes to him.” He pointed at Benji. “I don’t want to see you get messed around.”
“Karl get a fucking grip you have no idea what your talking about or anything to do with mine and Benji's relationship. I never have and never will be ‘messed around’ by Benji.”
“but..” Karl started with the same old argument again.
“no Karl no buts Benji has always been there for me always will be. He’s been amazing since the accident.. which yeh its been hard but I’m working through it with the help of Benji, thanks for asking by the way. It’s been so hard these last few months if it wasn't for Benji I don't think I'd have got through it. Yes we’ve had the odd bump in the road but who hasn't. So don’t come in all guns blazing when Benji has had my back more than y...” She stopped short of her rant giving Karl a few home truths she knew it hurt him when ever it came up the closeness she had with Benji and that he always missed out on being the close big brother he wanted to be. Benji looked taken a little back and Karl upset.
“more than me.” He finished her sentence for her sounding hurt.
“yes Karl. yes more than you. You know you fuck of doing your football thing, which is great I’m happy for you I am. But you feck off and totally forget about me, about mom. Then out of no where think you can jump back in and get it all wrong. It’s the same story over and over. And you bang out of order today.” She said scolding him.
“well when you put it like that I may as well just go.” Karl said in his usual stubborn manner.
“right see if you want to be a brat about it then fine just go.” Robyn signed.
“if that’s what you want." He said clearly hurt but won't back down.
“no Karl I want you to be a brother but if you can’t manage that then it might be for the best.” She said.
“guys come on this isn’t what either of you want. Let’s just worn down and talk about it.” Benji said.
“What do you care.” Karl snapped at him.
“Karl!” Robyn shapes back.
“about you not so much but I know you both will regret going your separate ways like this and I don’t want to see Robyn hurt.” Benji said. Robyn and Karl just stared at each other.
“Karl you clearly care about Robyn wanting to protect her like you do however you maybe just need to talk more to get the right end of the stick perhaps and Robyn I know you care for Karl your just angry at him when you don't keep in contact. Why don't I leave you two and you can talk.” Benji reasoned and left them alone hoping they'd talk and not kill each other.
“so you miss me.” Karl smiled cheekily trying to break the ice. Robyn raised her eye brows at him and couldn’t help but let out a laugh.
“your a total dickhead you know.” She smiled as he stepped forwards to hug her.
“I know I am and I’m sorry. I miss you too and wish I called more too but I just get too wrapped up in football and England and I know its a shit excuse and I do need to try harder and I defiantly shouldn’t have stormed in and punched Benji. I see I got that totally wrong. If you says he’s a good guy I'll take your word for it.” Karl said sincerely.
“He is Karl I know you two haven't always got along well but seriously Karl he is a good guy.” She said he nodded.
“and how are you since the accident?” Karl asked sheepishly as he knew he should have checked in more about that at least.
“the ankles healed well but my shoulders not good. I started physio today but the doctors say I can’t stunt rode again probably won’t ride again full stop so careers over and ill be lucky if I ever get full motion back in my shoulder and could always have pain from it.”
“shit really? I can’t believe you almost died though.” Karl said.
“yeh and where was you eh.” She said giving a little light dig.
“now now let’s not start that again. I’ve learnt my lesson I must call more often.” Karl said feeling bad.
“Hey guys was thinking if you’ve not killed each other we could order take out food for dinner.” Benji popped in half to check they wasn't tearing holes out of each other and half because he was hungry.
“Yeh sounds good. Are you staying Karl?” Robyn asked.
“sure.” Karl replied. Benji went off to order food then joined Karl and Robyn.
“mate I'm really am sorry about punching you.” Karl said looking at Benji's eye. “ I was so wrong. I didn’t keep in touch like I should with Robyn and my mom then when I found out about the accident weeks after it happened in was angry at myself and then I heard you’d been there I was more angry at myself and took it out on you. Thanks for taking care of my sister and please forgive me for being a jackass.” Karl said holding out a hand for Benji to shake. Which Benji smiled and shook.
Karl stayed till later that night and they was all having a chat and catch up getting along well.

The next morning Robyn woke up to Benji handing her breakfast in bed.
“Hey I could get used to this.” She laughed. “ooo ouch.” She said looking at Benji's eye.
“well I brought you breakfast with your meds this time because we’re in the studio this morning so I’ll have to shoot now is there anything else you need help with before I leave?” Benji said.
“erm no I think I’ll manage I’m supposed to be trying to do low level things with my shoulder now.” She smiled sipping her coffee.
“right well if you need me call me though.” He said giving her a kiss before leaving.
“Ok see you later.” Robyn smiled and kissed him back.
Robyn took her time having breakfast and getting dressed etc she was reading a magazine when there was a knock at the door. She answered it to linzi at the door.
“Hey you Ok?” Robyn said stepping to the side to allow her in.
“yeh I was thinking whilst the guys are busy do you fancy going out for a coffee or lunch may be some shopping?” linzi asked. “ I'll even chop your lunch for you if you need it.” She laughed.
“oh well definatly a deal.” Robyn laughed grabbing her coat and they left.
Linzi and Robyn had a good day chatting and getting to know each other better. They got alone really well which was nice as Robyn didn’t have many ‘girl’ friends.
When Robyn got home Benji was already home and mid way through preparing dinner.
“Hey.” Robyn smiled wrapping her arm around him from behind and kissing the back of his neck.
“Hey what did you do today?” He smiled.
“linzi called and we went out for lunch.” She said still with her arm around him resting her head on his shoulder.
“that’s nice you two seem to be getting along well.” He said.
“yeh we are.” She smiled.
“that’s good.” He said turning round to give her a kiss on the lips.
“how’s you're day been?” She asked.
“good we got quite a lot done.” He starting to put dinner out Robyn service table. They ate dinner carted and chilled out the rest of the evening in each other’s company.
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