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Thirty five

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Choosing the dress

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The next three months went by pretty much the same the band working in the studio. Linzi and Robyn sent most days together whilst the boys was in the studio they went shopping, for coffee, for lunch, made wedding plans, ran errands and went to Robyn's hospital and physio appointments. Robyn no longer needed a sling and had some movement back in her arm that she managed most light day to day tasks. Benji and Robyn’s relationship was still going really well they was closer then ever.

Robyn was up early before Benji and in the shower as she was going wedding dress shopping with linzi.
“what you doing up so early for?” Benji said walking in the bathroom.
“Linzi want a to go wedding dress shopping she wants an early start so that she can get the perfect one.” Robyn laughed whilst washing her hair.
“well I never though if see the day you badass Robyn was not partying and drinking and now getting up early to go dress shopping with a girl-friend.” Benji laughed.
“oh really well how about you get in her and ill show you badass.” She laughed raising her eye brows at him.
“now that’s a offer I can’t refuse.” He smiled getting in the shower with her. He stepped toward her under the water so she was pressed again the wall kissing her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as they deepened the kiss playing with her tongue piercing ...

“right is that badass enough now we’re both late.” She laughed as they was rushing round to get ready before linzi and Joel arrived.
“getting there.” He smirked smacking her ass on the way past.
They could hear knocking at the door as they finished off getting ready and rushing to the door.
“What took you guys so long we’ve been here for ages.” Joel said as they opened the door to him and linzi stood there a litttle impatiently.
“Well we’re here now let’s go.” Robyn smiled averting the question walking out the door and locking it. Joel and Benji went to Joel’s car and linzi and Robyn went to linzi’s car.
“so today’s the fast you find THE dress, are you excited?” Robyn smiled at linzi.
“excited, scared, nervous.” Linzi laugh.
“it’ll be fine you’ll find the perfect dress and look like a Disney princess and all that jazz.” Robyn laughed.
“so what made you and Benji so late? Do not tell me you was late because you was up to no good.” Linzi smirked.
“then I’m afraid I cannot tell you.” Robyn signed grinning.
They pulled up outside the wedding dress shop and went inside. Linzi had an appointment so she could browse all the dresses and styles try on what she wanted then once she’s decided what she likes measurements would be taken and then the dress made for her.
As Linzi was looking round she kept asking Robyn's opinion.
“how about this... or what about that... or that but with this.” Linzi said flicking through the dresses.
“yeh they’re nice but linz I don’t know why you picked me I’m shit at this I’m more jodhpurs and yard boots.” Robyn laughed.
“don't be daft you always look great.”
“only by fluke.” Robyn said they laughed.
“I can’t believe the wedding is just over a month away, how fast has time gone.” Robyn said.
“I know its crazy and then soon enough once the weddings over the boys will be away on tour.” Linzi said sounding a bit down.
“hmm. Anyway don’t wish this time away.” Robyn said quickly trying to keep her up beet.
“have you thought about what you'll do when they go back on tour? Will you go with them?” linzi asked.
“I don't know I’ve not really thought about it although I suppose I should be thinking about sorting my job out too really.” Robyn sighed.
“What do you think you'll do?” She asked curiously she knew it was still a touchy subject.
“not really sure ill have to discuss with Dan really. Anyways enough about all that let see these dresses on.” Robyn smiled pushing linzi towards the changing room she didn’t want to start feeling down talking about work.
Linzi tried on all the dresses they selected and they discussed their opinions of then then narrowed it’s down to just two.
“right come on linz try them both on again.” Robyn said shoving linzi back into the changing room. “we’re nearly there.”
“I think I like this one best.” Linzi said coming out in the frost.
“you don't?”
“I do like the other but its you wearing it so it’s up to you.”
“ahh That really doesn’t help me.” Linzi sighed.
“go try the other on again.” Robyn said linzi went and tried the other on. “what do you think now?”
“I still like the other better.” Linzi said.
“well that’s the one then. It's your dress and your day. You’ll look beautiful what ever you wear and that dress is amazing.”
“are you sure?” She sighed doing a twirl in front of the mirror.
“yes defiantly.” Robyn smiled at her.
“I do really like this one.” Linzi smiled excitedly.
“well job done.” Robyn smiled and high fived her.
“wait wait Robyn I need to ask you something.” Linzi said stopping Robyn mid track. Robyn turned back to look at her. “you’ve been amazing this whole time will you be my chief bridesmaid?” linzi asked hopefully.
“I er.. Yeh sure. But are you sure you don’t have an old friend or your sister you’d prefer?” Robyn asked taken a back.
“I gotten closer to you than any of my other friends and even sister lately and you’ve planned pretty much the whole wedding with me so it only seems right its you.” Linzi explained.
“well then I’d be honoured.” Robyn smiled giving her hug.
They finished off at the shop and mad their way home. When Robyn out in Benji was still out. She decided to attempt to cook dinner she still struggled with her shoulder but managed thing's one way or another. She got a little bit carried away setting the table with candles, flowers and nice cutlery and a glass of wine or two for herself. When it was almost done Benji walked through the door.
“What are you doing?” He said with a big smiled looking around the kitchen and the table.
“cooking you dinner.” She said into his neck as she kissed it as she stepped towards him.
“well it looks and smells good how did you mange?” he said.
“oh don’t get me wrong it wasn't bloody easy but I done it.” She laughed looking proud.
“your amazing.” He pressed a kiss to her lips.
“I know.” She winked at him.

“so how was your day?” Robyn asked as they was sat down eating dinner.
“good we got plenty done. How was dress shopping, did linzi find the one?” He laughed with emphasis on ‘the one'
“Yes eventually." Robyn laughed. “would never have thought it would be so hard finding a dress.” Robyn laughed never being that type of girly girl.
“it’s s funny seeing you letting out the girly girl in you.” He laughed knowing it would wined her up a little.
“well don’t get used to it.” She eyed him with smirk she knew he was trying to wined her up.
“oh before I forget I was thinking of asking the guys round for a little get together tomorrow night. Get a take away and have a chill after a long week.” Benji said.
“yeh sounds good. I could do with winding down after all my hard work dress shopping.” Robyn laughed.
“I bet.”
“oh also linzi asked me to be chief bridesmaid today.”
“that’s ace I take it you said yes.”
“yeh I’m honoured I did say did she not want her sister or a friend she'd known longer but she insisted on me.”
“well you are kind of amazing.” He smiled cheeseily.
“you bet your ass I am.” She winked and laughed.
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