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Thirty six

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I dare you

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The next day Benji went to the studio and Robyn went to physio then that evening the guys was coming round. Joel had come back from the Studio with Benji and they was waiting for the other guys to arrive. Benji was in the shower whilst Joel and Robyn was chatting having a bru in the kitchen.
“so how's physio going?” Joel asked.
“shit I hate it.” Robyn said in her usual blunt to the point tone but not in a nasty way.
“that bad eh?” Joel laughed.
“It’s just bloody painful and I still don’t have full range of motion in my arm.” Robyn sighed.
“it just takes time.” Joel reasoned.
“I’m top bloody impatient to give it time.” Robyn laughed.
“we know.” Joel laughed. “anyways your lucky to be alive so stop complaining.” Joel said. Robyn nodded in agreement.
“what’s you plans with work or have you not thought that far?”
“not sure. I won’t be riding again.. not for a long while thats for sure. I’ll have to go up and sit down with Dan to discuss it really. I’ll probably go up after the wedding whilst you guys are on tour.”
“are you not coming with us on tour?” Joel asked
“hmm not really thought about it...” which she genuinely hadn't put much thought into anything past the wedding at the moment.
“Benj would like it if you did.” Joel stated.
“yeh I could probs meet you guys once I’ve got stuff sorted and Karl wants me to visit too.” Robyn explained.
Just as Benji was coming out the shower all ready there was a knock at the door he shouted her get it then reappeared in the kitchen behind a mountain of pizzas.
“Jesus Benj did you order enough pizzas?” Robyn laughed.
“We’ll better too many than not enough.” He smiled. There was a knock at the door just as Robyn was helping Benji with the pizza mountain.
“I’ll get it.” Joel said. Coming back seconds later followed by Paul and Dean.
“do you guys need any help.” Dean offered.
“it’s ok make yourself comfy.” Robyn smiled. There was another knock at the door Joe, went to get it to reveal Billy and Linzi. Benji and Robyn was busy in the kitchen getting food and drinks ready everyone was chatting between themselves but also watching the slick system Benji and Robyn had going.
“look at you two your like Mr and Mrs Smith.” Paul announced laughing.
“yeh smooth guys real smooth.” Dean smirked.
“shut up.” Robyn laughed throwing the dish cloth at them. As she turned Benji slapped her on the was. “ooo you fucker.” They laughed. There was another knock at the door. Robyn went to get it not really knowing who it could be she thought everyone was there.
“who’s this?” Joel looked at Benj confused.
“oh i seen Tony and Matt earlier and invited them. I totally forgot.” Benji said and went to the door just as...
“well are you going to come in or just stand there catching flys.” Robyn said as Tony was stood checking out Robyn and Matt impatiently behind him.
“Tone mate come on.” Matt said pushing him in the door way.
“I’m sorry about my cousin he's a retard.” Matt said to Robyn walking in too.
“lovato how you doing?” Joel said coming over giving Tony a guy hug.
“good mate and you.” Tony found his voice.
“not bad.” Joel replied as they was walking through the house to join the others.
“so your the lovely Robyn we’ve heard so much about.” Matt smiled to Robyn.
“I guess I am.” She smiled.
“your hotter in person.” Tony grinned.
“is that right.” Robyn raised her eye brows.
“behave lovato our Robyn would eat you for breakfast.” Paul launched.
“oh really.” Tony looked excited.
“charmer you aren’t you.” Robyn laughed walking past him to get a drink.
“Benj..mate.. wow.” Tony smiled at him approving of Robyn.
Joel, Tony, Dean and Benji went to get food in the dining room. Billy Paul and Matt was playing video games sat on the floor in the living room. Robyn was stood in the kitchen talking to linzi.
“you seem to be a hit.”linzi laughed nodding towards Tony.
“apparently so.” Robyn laughed rolling her eyes.
“how was physio today?” linzi asked.
“not too bad they're happy with the movement so far but we’re still only at 50%.” Robyn said impatiently.
“give it time.” Linzi smiled.
“also I have this wonderful scar for the wedding photos.” Robyn said flashing her large scar across her shoulder.
“ you wear it well.” Linzi smiled. “wear it with pride your war wounds and how far you’ve come.” Robyn nodded.
“come on lets get food I’m starving.” Robyn said as they went for food then joined the boys in the living room. Linzi perched on the sofa behind where Billy was sat on the floor. Billy and Paul was in a battle against Dean and Matt in the video game. With Benji, Joel and Tony watching. There wasn’t any space for Robyn to sit on a sofa but Benji pulled her down to sit on his lap.
“you doing ok.” He whispered to her. She nodded smiling putting an arm around the back of his neck giving him a kiss.
“you?” She asked.
“I am now.” He smiled.
“get a room guys.” Paul said.
“my house my rules.” Robyn laughed tossing a pillow at him making him loose the game he was playing with Tony.
“whoo!” Tony celebrated
“aw no rematch that was Robyn's fault.” Paul pouted.
“mate you don't need to blame it on me that you suck.” Robyn teased.
“oh is that how it is.” Paul pretended to be shocked and offended.
“Yeh It is.” Robyn laughed.
“maybe I should kick your ass at it then. “ Paul said.
“oh Paul you don’t want to get beat by a girl now do you.” Robyn laughed.
“you just know ill beat you.” Paul smirked.
“right come on.. move over.” She said getting up nudging Tony over as he handed her the controller .
“you sure you know what your doing Rob.” Joel half laugh and was half surprised like everyone else no one had ever seen Robyn near a video game before.
“erm I think so. Where’s the start?” She asked pretending to look confused.
“right here.” Tony pointed out. Paul looked smug. They began playing Robyn let Paul get a bit ahead of her at first then out of know where beat him.
“WHAT!” Paul exclaimed as everyone laughed.
“I told you you’d get beat by a girl.” Robyn laughed.
“how is that even possible.” Paul said dumbfounded.
“we never see you play.” Billy laughed shaking his head at Robyn.
“you don’t have a brother like Karl without learning a few tricks.” Robyn shrugged. As she stood up smirked at linzi ago high fived her.
“you are like the perfect woman.” Toby said in a daze.
“charmer you aren’t you.” Robyn laughed.
“are you sure you don’t have a sister just like you that you can set me up with.” Toby grinned.
“unfortunately I’m one of a kind.” Robyn patted him on the shoulder.
“I don't think the world could handle more than one Robyn.” Dean laughed. Robyn pulled a face at him joking.
A little later Robyn was in the kitchen doing some dishes.
“holy shit look at that spider.” Linzi said as she was walking through to Robyn.
“you’ve got the be shitting me.” Robyb said. She hated spiders. The boys came through. Benji picked the spider up in his hands and grinned at Robyn.
“wow Benji don’t you dare.” Robyn warned. He just stepped closer to her still grinning.
“I mean it Benji you know me better than that.” Robyn warned. Meaning she will always get her own back. Benji looked in thought for a second then threw the spider towards her. Robyn screamed hysterically rubbing over to linzi frantically brushing at herself. Everyone was laughing.
“your good? your good its ok it’s not you.” Linzi reassured her amused. Robyn breathed a sigh or relief then calmly walked back over to the sink whilst everyone was still laughing. Picked up the bowl of soapy water from the sink and launched it a Benji.
“ROBYN!” Benji shouted shocked. Everyone looked on in shock and amusement.
“Benji! You should know me better than that by now.” She grinned. Benji shook his head hiding a smirk and went to get changed.
“girl you totally just flooded your kitchen.” Linzi laughed.
“I know, totally worth it. Pass us the mop.” Robyn said simply.
“she’s totally fucking nuts.” Toby whispered amazed.
“yep that's our Robyn. “ Joel laughed.
“want a hand?” Joel offered.
“nag its Ok, but if you happen to see that spider..” she nodded in the direction Benji three it. “..Would be much appreciated.” She winked at him. He patted her on the back and went to look for it.
Linzi helped Robyn clean up the water and then they joined the boys in the living room having a drink.
“don’t, just don't.” Benji said doing his best to act pissed off at Robyn as she walked in. Robyn let out a little laugh.
“aw I’m sorry but you did throw a fecking spider at me.” She defended going over wrapping her arms around his shoulders from behind.
“ok fine even.” He grinned.
“you two a bloody nuts god knows what happens she your left alone.” Matt laughed.
“Oh you wouldn’t believe.” Robyn smirked.
They all hung out the rest of the night having a a chat and a laugh.
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