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Thirty seven

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Dress shopping part 2

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The next morning when Robyn got up Benji was already up. She shuffled into the kitchen.
“wow you look rough.” Benji laughed pouring her a cup of coffee.
“urgh I feel it. As if I’m this rough I didn’t even really drunk much. Not compared to how I used to.” Robyn said rubbing her head.
“well you be not drank much for a long while now since the accident with your medication. Your not used to it anymore.” He laughed handing her the aspirin.
When there was a knock at the door. Benji reappeared followed by Linzi.
“wow look at you.” She said.
“I know turns out I’m a light weight now.” Robyn laughed.
“well fix yourself quick because we need to be dress shopping.” Linzi said.
“but you have a dress.” Robyn groaned confused.
“I do but you need one.” Linzi laughed.
“Oh shit I have to wear a dress.” Robyn said as if she’d never thought of it before.
“well yeh.” Linzi laughed.
“look I think you need to...” Robyn started.
“no buts about it lady you are my bridesmaid and you will wear a dress.” Linzi said. Benji laughed. Robyn groaned.
“right come on get these down you we need to go.” Linzi said.
“today?” Robyn said.
“yes today.” Linzi laughed.
“I don’t know if your brave or completely bonkers one bossing Robyn, two getting her in a dress and three taking her dress shopping like that.” Benji laughed. “anyways I’m off I'll see you later.” He said kissing the top of Robyn's head. “have fun.” He smirked.

“How about this?” linzi asked. Robyn was still a bit worse for wear.
“I’ll wear what ever you want me to wear. It’s your day.” Robyn smiled.
“yes but I want you to liken it and feel good in it.” Linzi said.
“I’m sure what ever you pick will be amazing.” Robyn said.
“ah look at this one its beautiful itll look amazing on you go try it on.” Linzi said handing her the dress.
“careful I can’t be up staging the bride.” Robyn said as linzi nudged her towards the changing room.
“girl even if you wore a bin bag you would look stunning so I don't have much hope there.” Linzi laughed.
“hey it’s your day your the bride you will be the most beautiful person in the room regardless.” Robyn said from behind the changing room door.
“have you got the dress on yet.” linzi said impatiently.
“yeh yeh I can’t fasten it though.” Robyn said coming out holding the back up a little as her bad shoulder doesn’t he the range to be ablento fasten the dress.
“holy shit.” Linzi whispered.
“what?” Robyn said looking paranoid.
“you look amazing. Come here.” London said fastening the dress. “perfect absolutely perfect.” Linzi smiled.
“will it do.” Robyn said smiled.
“you’ll do more than do I think I want to marry you instead.” Linzi laughed.
“I suppose its ok for a dress.” Robyn laughed joking she thought the dress was beautiful.
“Come on that's the one.”linzi said nudging her to changing room again.

“Oh my god linz as if your wedding is in two weeks time.” Robyn said on the way home.
“I know crazy isn't it.” Linzi said looking a mix of scared and excited.
“how you feeling?” Robyn asked.
“scarred, nervous, excited.” Linzi laughed.
“ah you have nothing to worry about everything organised. It'll all be perfect and you'll be beautiful and most importantly your marrying your childhood sweetheart the man you love." Robyn smiled.
“bloody hell that's a bit mushy for you.” Linzi laughed.
“I know all this wedding stuff turning me soft.” Robyn laughed.
“well it'll be you and Benji next.” Linzi grinned. Robyn laugh out loud.
“what? Will it not?” linzi looked confused.
“well I never gave it any thought. Things are really good bow they are at the moment let’s just leave it at that for now.” Robyn reasoned.
“ok but you two are great together anyone can see how much you adore each other. So when you finally do put a thought to it remember I'll repay the wedding planning and bridesmaid roll.” Linzi grinned.
“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” Robyn laughed.
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