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Thirty eight

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Day before the wedding

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Two weeks had flown by and it was now the day before the wedding. Over the last two weeks linzi and Robyn had done the finishing touches to the wedding and the guys had worked long hours finishing up in the studio. After the wedding the band had two days and then they was off on a year long festival tour with a number of bands. Linzi was traveling with them for the whole tour. Robyn as planned was going to England for two weeks to visit her brother Karl and then to Canada to sort out work which she wasn’t sure how long it would take and what would happen regards her new role/commitments to in now since her injurie. If time allowed she would join the tour once everything was sorted.

“now are you sure you’ve packed everything?” Benji asked. As they where packing up the car to set off to the wedding venue.
“I think so?” Robyn said not sounding convinced.
“well you know linzi will kill you if you’ve forgot anything.”
“I know.” Robyn cringed.
“so have you got everything?” He smiled.
“I hope so.” Robyn said.
“right well if that's the best we can get lets go.” Benji said. They set off driving to the wedding venue.
“I can’t believe how fast this wedding come round it seems like just last week billy and Linzi announced they was engaged.” Robyn said getting comfy in the passenger seat whilst Benji was driving.
“I know which also means we leave in two days.” Benji said pulling a said face. Robyn poured back as he glanced at her.
“but you love touring.” She said in looking on the bright side way.
“but I love you and will miss you.” Benji said sincerely.
“aw I love you too but it'll only be a few weeks and then I should be able to visit.” She forced a smiled she was sad too. They had really got used to being around each other so much over the months it will feel strange being apart.
“visit? I want you to stay.” He pouted like a big kid.
“if I can I will I just have to see what Dan And the team say.”
“What do you think will happen? What do you want to do?”
“I dunno.” She sighed. “obviously I’d want to be back riding but that’s not going to happen is it. So I’ll just have to se what we can work out they will have to replace my role as a rider which I know they already have a temp I dunno whether they'll give me the accounts and paper work side instead of us all sharing it or if they want to buy me out.” She said sadly. He raised his eye brows to look at her.
“buy you out is that what you’d want?” He looked shocked she’d even thought of it.
“ well no not at all its my baby me and Dan started it together and expanded to where we are today. Then theirs Diego he's my baby I would never give him up but I need them to work him whilst I can't.” She said Benji nodded. “anyway stop talking about all this let not think about it till after the wedding let’s just have fun and enjoy the next two days.” She said cheering up pushing the stress out of her mind smiling and patting him on the thigh to get him to smile too.
It wasn’t long before they arrived at the wedding venue. When they got there it looked like most people was already there. They parked up and left their bags and the rest of the stuff for the wedding that hey was bringing in the car for now and went inside.
It was pretty mayhem inside with people hired to help put the decorations up and organise the wedding working away. As Benji and Robyn walked through they seen some of linzi’s family and Paul and Billy looking rather stressed trying to put things together. Then they heard linzi before they seen her frantically trying to organise things and giving people directions rather blunty probably down to nerves and stress.
“where have you been?” linzi shouted to Robyn and Benji walking up to them.
“on our way here.” Robyn said simply. Robyn doesn’t scare easily to people shouting at her.
“well what took you so long. Where’s all the stuff?” linzi exclaimed.
“well I packed, then double checked and set off here. Stuff in the car.” Robyn said simply again.
“do you have everything.” Linzi said looking past her towards the door still in a short term.
“yeh I think so.” Robyn replied calmly everyone looked at her as if she was mad knowing linzi seemed like she could blow any minute and ‘I think so’ wasn’t the right answer.
“WHAT what do you mean you think so!?” linzi said almost hyperventilating.
“linz seriously chill out otherwise at this rate you won’t make it to your wedding day.” Robyn said
“yeh if she doesn’t have a heart attack from stress Robyn will knock her out talking to her like that but then again bridezilla over might just swing it this time Paul whispered to Billy and Benji making them laugh.
“how can I chill out there's so much to organise.” Linzi exclaimed.
“and it’ll all get done so don't worry.” Robyn said calmly trying to make linzi calm down.
“ok well you guys go and get the stuff in.” She said to Robyn and Benji obviously the stress making her forget her manners which Robyn frowned at.
“I can carry the boxes, want me to do something else?” Robyn said as her should wouldn’t be able to manage carrying all the heavy boxes. Benji had loaded them all when they left giving Robyn chance to double check everything.
“well what can you do that's useful.” Linzi snapped without thinking everyone cringed knowing any other circumstances Robyn would have flipped.
“oh come on linz you known I can’t be carrying heavy boxes.” Robyn reasoned.
“for fucks sake just go and swap with Joel...” linzi said sharply.
“wow wow wedding or not don’t be oh for fucks saking me...” Robyn went to blow up Benji caught her by the hand and pulled her away to the next room.
“hey hey calm down.” Benji said in the next room having Robyn between himself and the bar. “you know she doesn’t mean it she's just stressed.” he said he seen Robyn start to soften. “remember what you said let’s have fun and enjoy this weekend.” He smiled leaning in to give her a kiss putting his hands in her back pockets. She smiled putting her arms on his shoulders kissing him back.
“fine.” She sighed relaxing. As a waiter walked past with a tray of prosecco she lift one off the top. “I’m going to need some of this though.” They laughed.
“wow good catch from Benj before Robyn exploded.” Paul laughed as Billy Paul Dean Joel and a few others looked on at the scene unfold.
“they’re good at talking each other down.” Billy said. He's always noticed more so than all the others through school.
“Separate they are self destructive but together they just work they are good for each other.” Joel said.
I dont think I’ve ever seen Benji so...smitten.” Dean said trying to find the right word to use. They all laughed agreeing.
“it’s like we have the high school sweet heart of Billy and linzi then the alternative version of high school sweet hearts right there.” Paul laughed.
“right come on Deano what are we doing over here.” Robyn interrupted them walking over to them with Benji. Dean went to explain the flowers they where doing and Benji and Joel went to get the boxes and Billy and Paul went back to what they where doing.
The next few hours pasted by everyone busy Setting things up. Linzi had got herself into an utter tizz so Robyn had taken over organising everything and co ordination everyone. The guests consisted of linzi’s family and friends, the guys from avenged Sevenfold and mest and thier girlfriends if they had them. Billy’s family and a few other's would be arriving in the morning. By the evening everything was done the Manson looked amazing everyone was knackered they was going to have a big meal that evening for dinner everyone had gone up to their rooms to get changed and have a mintue then to meet up at the bar later on.
“right are we ready to go down?” Robyn said just finishing off fixing her hair.
“hmm let’s just have a minute to ourselves.” He said coming up wrapping his arms around her waist as she turned to face him. “I’m not used to having to share you so much.” He smiled leaning in kissing her.
“hmm you know I'm all yours.” She winked at him and kissed him back.
“Benj come on we need to go otherwise we’re never going to make it.” She reluctantly pulled away.
“so let’s just skip dinner and stay here.” Benji pouted.
“if love to but you know full well if we're not down there they’ll be coming up to get us.” Robyn sighed.
“right come on then.” He said taking her hand and they walked down to the bar.
When they got to the bar most people was already there. They went to the bar to get a drink.
“guys let me get these, its the least owe you Robs.” Linzi said.
“oh I see have you called down now.” Robyn smiled giving her a hug accepting her prosecco.
“yeh I'm so sorry and thank you so much I don’t know what I'd have done without you.” Linzi said. Robyn noticed the girl she believed to be Linzi’s sister another a glare as she over heard linzi talking to Robyn.
“no worries any time.” Robyn smiled.
“I owe you big time.” Linzi said.
“don’t be silly you did enough for me with my shoulder we're square.” Robyn winked then noticed a glare from Linzi’s sister who was joined by two other girls who looked vaguely familiar but she wasn’t sure where from who also glared at her. Robyn didn’t put much thought into it as someone came up behind her.
“I hope that Benji's looking after you.” Tony said.
“Yes he is. How are you?” Robyn smiled as he gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“aw that's a shame I was hoping I might be in with a chance.” Tony pouted probably only half joking.
“so to let you down.” Robyn laughed.
“it’s good to see you again. Where's Benji at?” Tony asked.
“hmm not sure he was here a second ago.” Robyn said as they looked round.
“looking for someone.” Benji said coming up behind them putting an arm around Robyn.
“yeh you.” Tony laughed.
“we'll I thought I best come over before you start hitting on my girl.” Benji and Tony laughed Robyn raised her eye brows.
“your girl really.” She said holding back a laugh.
“you know I don’t mean it like that.” Benji squirmed.
“so Paul’s best man, and Robyn your bridesmaid? Is that all?” Tony asked.
“yeh they wanted to keep it really simple.” Robyn said.
“And how’s her sister been about it?” Tony asked looking over to the girl Robyn had suspected to be linzi's sister with the two other girls.
“erm Well judging by the looks I got from those guys earlier not too well.” Robyn laughed.
“oh dear control yourself.” Benji laughed.
“I always do.” Robyn laughed. “I even got glares off the other two girls I thought I knew them but I dunno where from.” Robyn looked confused.
“They went our school they're linzi's friends.” Benji explained.
“ahh.” Robyn said still none the wiser.
“you still don’t have a clue do you.” Benji laughed knowing her to well.
“nope." Robyn said simply.
“and you don’t care either?” Tony laughed.
“no not really.” Robyn said. “as long as they keep their glares to themselves.”
Just then they got called through for dinner. There was several large round tables for everyone. On Robyn and Benji’s table they was joined by Joel, Dean, Matt shadows, and his girlfriend, Jimmy and his girl friend.
During dinner they all had a chat and a joke around on their table they all got along really well.
After the meal linzi stood up tapping her glass indicating she wanted to speak. Everyone stopped turn and looked to her.
“hey guys I just wanted to say a massive thank you to you all for coming and for all your help today. You’ve all been amazing and sorry for my bridezilla moments I totally didn't mean any offence to anyone I love you all and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. And of course a special shout out to Robyn, without you I don’t think any of this would have been possible so thank you, you are fabulous.” Linzi said clearly a little bit tipsy but very sincere. Robyn raised her glass first and smiled to linzi followed by everyone else and a chorus of ‘cheers'
After linzi’s speach everyone went back to chatting between themselves around their tables.
“ooo if looks could kill Robyn I’m sorry you would have left us by now.” Jimmy said observing linzi’s sister and the girls glearing at her.
Benji shot him a don't draw attention to it look but ideas too late.
“starting to test my patients.” Robyn sighed in a count to 10 fordt manner.
“Robyn.” Benji warned.
“I know, i know ill behave.” She held her hands up they all laughed.
“right are we going to the bar.” Matt said as people started to leave the tables and either carry on chatting and mingling in the bar or long up to their rooms.
“yeh I’m just going to nip to the loo.” Robyn announced as every one started to make their way to the bar.
As Robyn walked into the toilets linzi sister was coming out as she seen Robyn she huffed and shoved past her but Robyn didn’t have chance to stop her as she's pushed her slightly off balance causing her to bang her shoulder in the door sending shooting pains through her arm. Robyn got herself together went to the loo and then back out to the bar it was very busy and she found Benji sat on a bar stool at the bar.
“hey you ok?” He asked looking at her slightly pained expression.
“yeh just bloody linzi's sister bumped into me coming out the toilet and I banged my shoulder in the door.” Robyn said.
“bumped into you what on purpose or by accident?” Benji asked looking confused.
“oh I’d say it was pretty intentional.” Robyn said. Just then the linzi's sister and then two girl walked past Robyn stopped them in their tracks Benji went to stop her but she brushed him off.
“excuse me I don't believe we’ve met, I’m Robyn.” Robyn said calmly.
“ooo shit.” Paul said as he and Dean walked up to Benji.
“as if you don't know. I’m linzi's sister but I guess you don't give a shit when you just come in and take over everything you think your so special well your not.” Linzi’s sister said bitterly.
“ok I really don’t care what you think. Maybe if you’d have shown a bit more of an interest on your sisters life instead of being jealous and bitter you wouldn't need to be stood here with me now but instead be by your sister side. Tomorrow however she asked me and I gladly accepted. where was you though?... That’s right no where. So now how about you get over yourself and help you sister celebrate one of the happiest days of her life that you didn't for you fault only, no one elses missed out on planning with her.” Robyn said clearly calmly and quietly leaving Robyn sister stood in shock but looking like Robyn's words hit a nerve, she sheepishly turned and walked away. The other two girls gave Robyn a dirty look then followed linzi's sister.
“right come here you before you cause any more trouble.” Benji laughed pulling Robyn to sit on his lap on the bar stool.
“ I’m not causing trouble I’m just telling her what she needs to hear.” Robyn smiled.
“good on you.” Dean laughed high fiveing her.
“don’t be encouraging her.” Benji laughed. Just then a rather drunk linzi came over to them wrapping her arms around Robyn as best she could.
“I love you so much ya know.” Linzi slurred.
“o love you too but I think ypu be had plenty to drink and you should maybe get some rest for tomorrow you don’t want to be hung over and miss it.” Robyn laughed.
“noooo I want another drink.” Linzi stumbled grabbing onto Robyn and Benji to steady herself.
“wow no you really don't.” Robyn said holding onto her.
“Benjamin Madden do you know how lucky you are to have such a beautiful, smart, amazing girlfriend like my Robyn.” Linzi said leaning closer to Benji. “if I was you I’d be putting a ring on it and fast.” She whispered loudly as if one else could hear but everyone could.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” Benji smiled.
“right enough misses time for bed.” Robyn said jumping off Benji’s lap leading linzi to her room.
“will you mange?” Benji asked.
“yes I’ll see you back at our room.” Robyn smiled.
“woohoo.” Linzi laughed “I know what you two are planning.” She winked cheeseily.
“come on bed time.” Robyn said shooing linzi now as she started to draw attention from people as they walked through the bar

“Rob you Ok?” Billy asked as he noticed them passing.
“yeh no worries linzi's off to bed to sleep off a hang over before tomorrow.” Robyn called back. Billy laughed and nodded.
“she’s only rushing me because her and Benji want some nookie.” Linzi called loudly to everyone in the vicinity. Robyn just shook her head in a ‘I can’t believe she's just said that way' and smiled at as everyone humoured linzi.
“come on lady stairs that’s enough about my sex life.” Robyn laughed as they started to climb the stairs slowly with linzi wobbling.
“as but you guys are so hot I bet you have amazing sex.” Linzi carried on with her drunken ramblings as they climbed the stairs.
“Well yeh it is pretty amazing and the sooner you get to bed the faster I get ‘hot sex'" Robyn laughed humouring her.
“really?” linzi stopped to look at her as if joking then suddenly took her seriously.
“Yes.. no.. well maybe. Never mind come on bed!” Robyn laughed getting confused.
Robyn managed to get linzi to her room and to bed with a glass of water without much more issues then she made her way back to hers and Benji’s room as it was getting late by now. As she got into the room Benji was already in there.
“finally got you to myself.” Benji said walking up to her pulling her closer for a kiss.
“hmm sorry it took so long she was too busy broadcasting our sex life to the wedding party.” Robyn laughed never one to embarrass easily.
“Well your here now.” He whispered kissing her again.
“and what exactly should we do about that.” She said seductively starting to unbutton the buttons on his shirt.
“I’d say something like this.” He said lifting her up and lying them both on the bed. He was on top as she pulled his worried He pulled top over her head as they resumed a heated kiss mean while working on each other pants and having ‘hot’ sex.
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