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Thirty nine

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The wedding

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The next morning Robyn's alarm was going off extra early as she was aware shed have to get linzi up and try to get rid of what ever hang over she had before her preparations for getting ready for the wedding. Her phone was on Benji’s side of the bed.
“Benj, Benji my phone.” She sleepily tried to wake him to get him to pass it to her to switch her alarm off. He just groaned not budging so she went to lean over him to turn it off. Then he opened his eyes smiled and pulled her down on top of him kissing her.
“good morning.” He smiles as they pulled away but he still heled her across his chest.
“good morning to you too.” Robyn laughed.
“I’ll miss this when we’re away.” Benji pouted. She kissed him again as he was pouting biting his lip gently.
“so let’s do it some more.” She whispered.
“don’t tempt me.” He laughed knowing they had to get up to get ready for the wedding but both desired otherwise. They kissed again.
“right right come on you need to see what sate linzi is in for her wedding.” Benji said reluctantly pulling away.
“fine.” Robyn groaned starting to get up and threw on her track suit. “right I’m off. I’ll see you at the wedding I guess.” She smiled excitedly.
“good luck with linz.” He said littering around the room. Robyn paused before going through the door and went back to Benji and gave him a kiss.
“I love you.” She smiled sweetly.
“I love you more.” He smiled she raised her eyebrows at him in a ‘oh really’ way.
“right definatly have to go now.” She said looking at her watch. She gave him a quick peck on the cheek before leaving.

As Robyn got to linzi’s door she knocked on it there was no answer, she knocked again a little louder staring to dread what state she would find linzi in. There was still no answer so she banged louder.
“LINZI! LINZI COME ON GET YOUR ASS UP!” Robyn shouted. Finally the door opened and a rough looking linzi stood behind it. Thankfully she didn’t look as bad as Robyn expected.
“shh dont be so loud.” Linzi said rubbing her head.
“well you should have opened the door sooner. Come on we’ve got a wedding to get you ready for.” Robyn said shooing her inside. The hair and made up stylist would be arriving any minute.
“so how bad are we feeling?” Robyn asked started to get coffee water and aspirin for her.
“not going to lie slightly regretting drinking so much now.”
“I’ll bet come on get these down you. I’ll. order some breakfast up.” Robyn said picking up the phone.
“I don’t think I can stomach breakfast.” Linzi groaned.
“well I can and you can't be vomming on your dress you need something to soak up the alcohol.” Robyn lectured almost like a mother.
“no I mean with nerves.” Linzi said looking worried.
“you have nothing to be nervous about.” Robyn said matter of factly.
“says you.” Linzi laughed.
“what's there to be nervous about marrying the man you love in front of all your friends and family.” Robyn said simply.
“what if something goes wrong.” Linzi said still sounding worried.
“nothing will go wrong. Anyway all that matters is that you both say I do which you will no doubt so nothing else matters.” Robyn smiled.
“oh my god you are such a soft romantic really aren't you under all you tough exterior.” Linzi grinned looking more at ease.
“I speak the truth.” Robyn laughed.
There was a knock at the door signalling the arrival of the stylists closely followed by the breakfast.
Linzi was getting her make-up done as Robyn was getting her hair done.
“so how much did I embarrass myself last night?” linzi asked.
“erm Well it depends its more like how much to tried to embarrass me but in turn probably embarrassed yourself.” Robyn laughed.
“oh shit what did I do?” linzi squirmed.
“well first you told me how much you love me.” Robyn smiled. Linzi nodded as that wasn’t embarrassing.
“then told Benji how lucky he was.” Robyn went on linzi nodded again that’s was fine.
“and that he should put a ring on it.” Robyn said.
“well he should.” Linzi grinned knowing that would have made Robyn and Benji feel awkward.
“then started asking about our sex life and broadcasting the fact we was getting ‘nookie’ last night and that we must have got sex as we’re both so hot.” Robyn finished off linzi looked at her mouth open holding she was going to say she was joking and when she didn't laughed flushing pink and causing the stylists to try their best to hold back a laugh.
“shit I’m so sorry. What did you do?” linzi asked horrified.
“I agreed with you.” Robyn said simply causing linzi and the stylists to burst out laughing.
“you never.” Linzi gasped.
“well it’s true.” Robyn shrugged then laughed at how stunned the three of them was at how honest and open she was.
“oh my god id have died.” The make up artist said without thinking. “oh I’m sorry its not my place to comment.” She apologised.
“no need to apologise.” Robyn said in a join in the conversation way.
“How many people heard?” linzi asked.
“what us having sex.” Robyn laughed joking.
“no our convesation.” Linzi gasped as the stylists laughed.
“probably 95% of the bar.” Robyn said linzi laughed shaking her head.
“I can’t believe how you don't care” The hair stylist said.
“ah it doesn't bother me.” Robyn said as they swapped so linzi was getting her hair done and Robyn was getting her make up done.
“I swear you could ask this girl anything and she'd tell you straight out.” Linzi laughed. She mouthed ‘watch this’ to the girls without Robyn seeing.
“so you did have hot sex last night then?” linzi asked straightly as Robyns attention was replying to a message on her phone.
“oh yeh. All the time.” She said seriously then looked up at them.
“really?” linzi said a little gob smacked.
“I’m so jealous Benji is so hot.” The make up artist said again without thinking again. “Sorry.” She said quickly flushing pink Robyn just gave a little laugh meaning its ok.
“I am so jealous. What you mean you have hot sex all the time like how many times?”
“I dunno at least once most days.” Robyn shrugged.
“really?” Linzi’s jaw dropped.
“well yeh.” Robyn said as of it was the most normal thing ever.
“and it doesn’t get boring?”
“wow linz your really interested in our sex life do you want to join us or something.” Robyn laughed.
“no but I we well you know you two have been together as long as me and billy..” linzi stuttered
“not necessarily we had breaks in-between and only technically ‘together’ this last year.” Robyn said.
“well you have as good as been together officially or unofficially and having sex that long. What I’m getting at...” linzi paused and whispered which was pointless as she wasn’t quiet. “does it not just feel like going through the motions?” linzi asked slightly embarrassed.
“No never that's one thing me and Benji have always been good at.” Robyn grinned.
Then when she seen linzi went serious. “why is your sex life boring?” She said horrified.
“ well some times a bit erm not exciting I just thought because we'd been together so long.” Linzi stuttered.
“wow are you sure you want to marry into a dull sex marriage.” Robyn blurted out. “oh shit no ignore I said that you are marrying Billy ignore me that was a stupid thing to say. Sex is not everything.” Robyn rambled tying to dig herself out of a hole.
“No it’s ok of course I'm marrying him. I guess I know who to come to if I need tips on spicing up our sex life.” She laughed.
“I don’t know about giving you any tips its not like we do anything special there's just this fire and spark between us that's always been there. Just a raw...”
“alright alright that's enough misses amazing sex life.” Linzi laughed cutting her off.
“well you asked.” Robyn laughed. “Anyway we should be talking about my sex life on your wedding day.”
“It’s helped calm my nerves anyway and I don't feel as hung over so goof job I knew I picked the right person to be my bridesmaid.” Linzi said.
Their hair and make-up was done and the stylists helped them get into their dresses and finish getting ready.
“oh linzi you look perfect.” Robyn smiled as she finished putting linzi’s necklace on.
“do you think?”
“yes Billy won’t know what’s hit him when he see you.” She smiled.
“says you look at you your bloody gorgeous.” Linzi said looking at Robyn.
“right well come on let’s knock em dead its time for you to meet the registrar.” Robyn said linzi looked nervous again. “come on everything will be fine.”
They made their way down stairs to the back of where the wedding was held they could hear everyone in the hall sat waiting for the wedding to begin. Linzi’s dad met them there. Linzi was going through official things with the registrar. Paul as Billy’s best man met Robyn at the back as they would walk down the aisle together after linzi and Billy’s cousins as the flower girls and paige boy.
“holy shit look at you.” Paul said walking up to her.
“What?” Robyn said.
“you look fucking amazing, does linzi know you look that good.” Paul laughed.
“thank you Paul you look very handsome yourself.” Robyn smiled.
“Benji is one lucky guy.” Paul said.
“I’m lucky to have him.” She said sincerely.
“you two have something very special. I guess before long we'll be doing this all over again for you guys.”
“oh I dunno this is all a bit too much fuss for my liking.” Robyn said. Then they got the call that the wedding was starting.
“have you got the rings Paul?” Robyn asked turning to him.
“no.” He said. Robyn's eyes went wide.
“what do you mean you’ve not got them?!” Robynsaid starting to panic. The music played the flower girls walked down the aisle first followed by the page boy.
“I’ve not got them...” He said honestly Robyn looked frantic “I gave them to Billy before.” He laughed it was a rare occasion someone managed to trick Robyn.
“fucking he’ll Paul you nearly gave me a heart attack.” She laughed relieved.
Robyn mouthed good luck to linzi before linking Paul’s arm.
“come on Paul-y let’s go.” She grinned as they walked down the aisle together everyone's attention on them. Robyn noticed Benji’s eyes light up a he seen her. He couldn't take his eyes off her. Even when it was linzi’s turn to walk down the aisle and all but Benji’s attention turned to linzi Benji’s eyes stayed fixed on Robyn.
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