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The wedding part 2

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The ceremony went by smoothly then every one was moving outside for photos. As Robyn walked the the crowd of people someone wrapped their arms around her and picked her up spinning her round. She instantly recognised who it was.
“you are so beautiful.” He whispered in her ear. She turned round in his arms. “and sexy.” He kissed her “and smart.” Kiss “and just fucking amazing.” Kiss. “I am the most lucky guy in the world.” Kiss.
“hmm right back at you.” She smiled kissing him. “I feel pretty lucky myself.” She winked. Then got called away for pictures with linzi.
“well don’t you two look cosey.” Joel grinned walking up to Benji as Robyn went off for photos. Benji just smirked at him.
“honestly bro I’m so happy for you. You guys are perfect for each other.” Joel patted him on the arm. Benji nodded.
“she makes me so happy Joel she just gets me.” Benji smiled.
“you bring out the best in each other.” Joel nodded.
“check our Benji out all smitten.” Toby grinned walking over to them too. “I don’t blame you dude she is fucking gorgeous though.” Toby smirked.
“thanks Tone.” Benji laughed.
“seriously though drunken linzi’s right put a ring on it.” Toby smiled.
“ah I think we’re ready for that yet. I'm not sure it’s Robyn's thing.” Benji stuttered. He knew how much he and Robyn loved and cared for each other. He knew he couldn't imagine life without her but Robyn has never came across as the marrying type. He knew she would hate the idea of a big white.
“hmm but you need to keep hold of that one she's special. Tony said seriously.
After the photos they moved inside for the wedding breakfast. Lindsey and billy was on the top table with their parents. Benji, Robyn, Joel, Dean, Paul and his girlfriend, Tony and Matt from mest was one table and avenged Sevenfold with their girl friends was on another table. The other tables was filled with linzi and Billys other family and friends. The food was lovely everyone was chatting and getting along having a laugh. After the meal Billy, linzi's dad and Paul made lovely speeches.
After that evening party started by now everyone was a little tipsy and the drinks kept flowing. Linzi and Billy had their first dance and cut the cake. Everyone was mingling and joking around with each other. Lindsey spent most of the time dancing with her sister, cousins and friends. The avenged Sevenfold guys had bottles of jack Daniels and god know what else shotting on thier table. Benji was off chatting to some people.
“now this looks like my kinda table.” Robyn smirked walking up to them.
“come, sit, shot.” Matt said pulling a chair up sitting her down and handing her a shot that she took and shot straight away.
“and again you have catching up to do.” Jimmy laughed handing her another which she nodded and took again.
“that’s what we like a girl who can drink.” Jimmy laughed. Everyone know Robyn could drink a car dry and still be last one standing.
“Hey Robyn have you met Carley Brian’s new girlfriend.” Johnny said always one to want to stir the pot once he’s had a drink or two.
“hey nice to meet you.” Robyn smiled standing to lean over the table to Carley to shake her hand surprising everyone. “everyone Ok?” Robyn smiled sitting down noticing everyone sitring at her as if waiting for an explosion.
“I think we’ll go to the bar anyone want anything.” Brain said quickly standing up and taking Carley with him.
“what’s wrong with you all?” Robyn laughed.
“sorry down you hear Brian’s girlfriend.” Johnny reappeared himself.
“yeh and I’m happy for them.” She said they all looked at her. “Honsetly happy for them why wouldn’t I be in happy with Benji and they look happy together.” Rpbyn saod simply. “now lets have a fucking drink.”
“hear hear.” Jimmy said handing out the shots.
Robyn had the shot then excused her self and walked over to Brian and Carley.
“hey guys just wanted to say I’m happy for you.” She said mainly to Brian. “you make a lovely couple.” She said looking between both of them Carley smiled genuinely she seemed like a nice girl.
“you look really well how’s your shoulder after the accident?” Brian asked.
“getting their slowly I still don't have full range of movement and it aches but I'm getting there.” She smiled. “anyways ill leave you too it have a good time.”
“yeh you too.” Brian said.
“nice to meet you.” Carley said.
“yes you too.” Robyn smiled.
Robyn bumped into linzi next.
“hey Mrs Martin, you did it and it was fabulous.” Robyn said in a I told you so way giving her a hug.
“couldn’t have done all this without you. Thank you so much.” Linzi said.
“you are more than welcome any time. How does it feel to be a Mrs then?” Robyn grinned.
“ah so exciting it doesn’t even feel real at the minute.” Linzi squealed.
“well it’s real my love. And if you need any sexy underwear to spice things up you know where I am.” She winked. Linzi looked mortified. “brand new in work obviously.” Robyn added quickly.
“I’ll pass for now. I’ll let Benji I enjoy it.” Linzi laughed still a little embarrassed. “hey is Benji ok?” linzi said looking over to Benji sat on his own looking a bit fed up Robyn turned to look.
“oh I dunno ill go see him. He was fine before be was chatting to some friends of his and I went o the avenged boys and oooohhh shit I was talking to Brian.” Robyn winced.
“you did what?” linzi exclaimed.
“totally innocently he was with his girlfriend.. Johnny tried to make a bit of an issue about introducing Brian’s girlfriend to me it got a little awkward so Brian and Carley went to the bar and I just went to clear the air with them.” Robyn explained.
“don’t tell me tell Benji.” Linzi shooed her in the direction of Benji.
“hey.” Robyn said when she got to Benji.
“hey.” He mumbled not looking up at her. She sat opposite him putting her hand on his chin lifting his head to look at her.
“are you being grumpy at me.” She looked at him forcing him to look at her.
“No” he said still sulking.
“yes you are, bow whats up?” Robyn said wanting to hear it from him.
“I think you know.” He said.
“I think you know deep down that this is silly.” Robyn said without thinking quite how harsh it sounded. Benji frowned and looked hurt.
“shit Benji I’m sorry I didn’t mean it like that.” She sighed finally letting go of his head holding his ha ds in her. “seriously Benj nothings going on Johnny tried stir the pot a little introducing me to Brian’s new girlfriend Brian left the table with her to avoid awkwardness so I just went to clear the air and wish them well there's nothing between me and Brian totally platonic and I don’t really know How many times I need to tell everyone. He’s even told Matt he’s not interested in too much of a handful. Benji looked at her like ‘how do you know that’ that guys all knew that Brian had said that on your but no one thought Robyn knew.
“yes I know he said that.” Robyn said pretending to be offended then laughed she didn't really care. She herself knew she was a handful at times. “look Benj its you it always has been you've got to know that and trust me.” She sighed.
“I do I know I just over think things sometimes I know its stupid I just love you so much and don't want to loose you again.” Benji tried to explain.
“your not going to loose me Benji madden you are stuck with me.” She smiled he smiled back she leant over wrapping her arms round his neck giving him a kiss which he returned.
“is it safe to join you guys now?” Paul said as Paul, Dean, Joel, Billy, linzi, Tony and Matt sat around their table.
“don’t suppose we have a choice.” Robyn laughed.
“let have a toast to the new Mr and Mrs Martin.” Joel said raising his glass. Everyone raised there glass and cheers-ed. They all chatted between themselves and occasionally some getting up dancing. Then a slow song came on Robyn’s eyes looked up to meet Benji’s as they instantly recognised the song it was ‘their song' the one from prom that they danced to under the stars feeling like the only two people who matter in the world the moment that nothing else mattered all the shit they dealt with day to day forgotten lost in a perfect moment in time. Robyn without words stood up and held her hand out for him to take in heat or of asking him to dance.
“not a chance will you get Benji to dance.” Paul laughed neither Benji or Robyn took their eyes off each other.
“I think you’ll be surprised.” Billy said quietly with a knowing smile.
Benji took her and and lead her to the dance floor where they danced just like they had done the night of prom. Robyns arms around his shoulders and his hands loosely on her lower back bodies close together moving slowly with the music.
“wait is this the song?” Joel said Billy nodded.
“what song?” Paul said confused.
“from prom.” Billy answered.
“what the fuck is that Benji dancing?!” Tony laughed as he walked by. “she must be something special to manage to get Benji to dance.” Tony said joining them at the table watching Benji and Robyn.
“aw look at them their so in love.” Linzi gushed coming over sitting next to Billy.
“as if yourself here saying that on your wedding day.” Dean laughed.
“ah well we’ve had the attention all day its nice to have every one watching someone else for a change.” Linzi smiled.
When the song had finished Robyn went to the bathroom and Benji went and sat at thier table.
“you feeling ok mate.” Tony joked placing his hand on his forehead. “in all the years I've known you I’ve never seen you dancing.”
“Well you know special occasion and all.” Benji shrugged.
The fun than announced it was time for linzi to throw he bouquet of flowers. She got up and all the girls gathered round.
“Christ she'll end up knocking someone put she's a rubbish thrower.” Billy laughed as all the guys watched. As linzi threw the bouquet she realy wasn’t a good thrower and clearly tried to hard so it ended up launched sideways just as Robyn was entering the room. Robyn instinctively put her hands out to catch what ever it was about to hit her in the face not knowing what was going on as she’s been in the bathroom. As she caught it she realised it was a bouquet of flowers and then the room cheered.
“oh no I think you want these back.” Robyn said trying to hand them back to linzi.
“no they’re all yours you caught them.” Linzi smirked. Everyone making ‘its you next’ comments and jokes.
“urgh what a cliché.” Robyn sighed with a smile sitting down next to Benji. Everyone had gone about their own things again chatting, mingling and dancing.
“not really your thing is it?” Benji said quietly after a moment of silence.
“what?” She said confused for a second then realised he was talking about the bouquet and weddings. “oh well no not really. Not like this.” She said motioning to the whole big white wedding thing. “how about you?” She said eyeing him.
“I er well er I dunno not really thought about it I always just thought some day maybe.” He stuttered. “I mean it would depend.”
“on what?” She questioned playfully
“you know things and the girl.” He stuttered not knowing how to answer without it being like He was expecting to marry her even though it’s all he could dream of.
“oh the girl so just another girl, not me” she pretended to be a bit offended.
“I well er.” He didn’t notice her playing with him.
“its ok I'm just messing. But if it was me I’d be more inclined to want to go away somewhere beautiful and peaceful like bora bora and get married on the beach nice and casual no guest lists none of all this just what’s really important.” She smiled.
“sounds nice. Well if it is you, bora bora it is.” He grinned playing her game a little.
“i guess we’ll just have to wait and see then won’t we.” She winked. She was playing with his hand and his other hand was tracing circles on her thigh.
“I guess we will. But for now I’m happy just way we are.” He said.
“me to.” She said the look of lust in both their eyes. “do you think anyone will notice if we sneak off.” She Said suggestively. They looked round the room every one seemed preoccupied with whatever they was doing. Benji turned back to her took her hand and they walked swiftly out of the room to the lifts as the lift door opened Benji three her over his should and ran too their room.
“shit Benji!” she squealed laughing. He put her down as they got into their room he put her down and put the do not disturb sign on the door. As he turned round Robyn was right behind him and push him against the door kissing him passionately.
“I been waiting for this all day.” He said between breaths as Robyn took his suit jacket and tie off then started working on the buttons of his shirt whilst still in a heated kiss. “you have no idea how fucking gorgeous you are.” He breathed kissing down her neck. She'd got his shirt off and was working on his belt and pant.
“Benji shut up and get me out of this dress.” She breathed kicking her shoes off shrinking a few inches. Benji said as he was told still attacking her neck with kisses and reaching round to unzip her dress. He kissed across her chest and shoulder and he let one stop slip off and then the same to the other should letting her dress drop to the floor at the same time his pant dropping to the floor. He lifted her up, she wrapped her legs around his wasted he moved them to the bed and they removed what was left of their clothing proceeding to have sex.
They was both snuggled in bed when there was a knocking at the door.
“really can they not read the do not disturb sign.” Robyn sighed.
“shh leave it they’ll go away.” Benji said holding onto her. Next mintue the door flung open to reveal Tony, Joel, Paul and Johnny at the door all very drunk.
“what the fuck.” Robyn shrieked a mix of confusion, annoyance but couldn’t help but laugh at them.
“how the hell did you get in here.” Benji said with a laugh of disbelief.
“they told the reception you’d lost your key.” Joel said.
“anyway what are you playing at the party isn’t over yet.” Paul said.
“yes get some clothes on and get your asses down stairs.” Johnny said.
“you sound like tour having enough fun without us.” Benji laughed trying to put it off.”
“nope you have to come. Come on you two have sex all the time we need to celebrate Billy and linzi’s wedding.” Tony pouted.
“and what if we don't.” Benji said.
“you know you won’t get any piece until you go.” Joel laughed.
“come on get some clothes on and come join us.” Paul said.
“well Robyn you don’t have to put any clothes on we don’t mind both you best put some on Benj.” Johnny said to be high fived by Tony.
“right haha very funny now get out and we'll meet you down there.” Robyn sighed.
“I know your game we'll leave and you won’t move.” Paul said as if he’s just figured out the greatest of problems.
“well I’m not getting dressed infront of you so you best piss off.” Robyn warned playfully.
“fine but if your not down in five minutes we'll be back” Tony said. They turned and left.
“we could just hope they forget us.” Benji said not making an effort to move.
“now you know that will never happen we won’t get any peace till we go down there. Come on.” Robyn said getting up throwing his boxers and a t shirt at him and she put on his suit shirt buttoning a few in the middle and pulling on her pj shorts. Benji had put some track suit pants on too. He stood and looked at her as she pulled her hair into a messy bun.
“you ready?” She looked at him noticing him watching her.
“I am are you sure you are.” He smirked motioning to what she was wearing.
“well yeh its not like we’re going seeing the queen is it.” She shrugged.
“how can you look so fucking sexy without even trying.” He laughed slapping her on the ass.
“it’s a gift.” She shrugged laughing.
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