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Forty one

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Fun and games

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They started to make their way downstairs.
“I don’t even know why they want us. I wouldn’t have thought there’s much of a party left at this time” Robyn said.
“they’re probably playing stupid drinking games.” Benji rolled his eyes.
“oh the joys.” She laughed.
They walked the room where as predicted there was only the boys from the bands and their girl friends sat round tables pushed together with bottles of wine, prosecco, whisky and bottles of beer.
“Right bitches this better be good pass the jack.” She sighed as her and Benji sat around the table with them. All eyes had followed them mostly Robyn as they walked round the room. Jimmy handed her a glass with a shot of jack in it. She downed straight away as Benji got himself a beer.
“bottle.” She signalled to Jimmy to pass her the bottle. she poured a full glass and passed it back to him.
“hey Robs you have your tounge pierced don’t you?” Paul asked. She looked at him wondering where it was going and slowly pulled her tongue out to show her piercing.
“Benji can you silver a debate we was having earlier. Is it true that a tounge piercing make sexy time hotter?” Johnny asked.
“I well erm I dunno.” Benji stuttered.
“what do you mean you don’t know?” Dean laughed. Robyn frowned at him questioningly.
“Well I've only been with Robyn with a tongue piercing and it’s always good really good.” He smirked. “but that could be because it’s Robyn.” Benji explained.
“well I’ve been with a girl with a tongue piercing and it’s definatly much hotter.” Matt clarified.
“well i have a piercing too so maybe we should make out you know for research purposes.” Toby said trying to be seductive to Robyn. Robyn raised her eye brows at him seductively leaning over to him.
“I don’t think so, nice try though.” She whispered to him he pouted causing every one to laugh.
“right now that we’re all here are we going with truth or dare?” Matt announced.
“Ohh no not again.” Robyn groaned.
“Ok so spin the bottle.” Tony said excitedly.
“no!” Robyn protested.
“ok card game.” Matt grinned.
“I’m not wearing enough for strip lol we of that's what your thinking.” She said.
“no as tempting as that sounds now this card game.” Johnny said getting out a stack of cards.
“basically I spin the bottle who it lands on pick a card. Each card has something on it to do. You have to do it no changes no swapping or you forfit and have to do whatever’s on the next TWO cards. Once your done you spin the bottle and the person it lands on pick a card..” Johnny explained.
“if we must.” Robyn rolled her eyes.
Johnny spun the bottle it landed on Jimmy. He chose a card.
“Drink 5 shots of your chosen alcohol. Easy.” Jimmy grinned and done his 5 shots proudly straight away then spun the bottle it landed on Robyn.
“give the person directly opposite you a lap dance for 1 minute. Seriously.” Robyn said.
“hey Joel switch seats with me.” Tony pleaded.
“no switching not the rules.” Johnny warned he took his game very seriously.
“haha at least he's as close to Benji as your going to get.” Linzi laughed being very drunk again.
“don’t you start again lady your supposed to be on my side.” Robyn warned playfully as she got up and made her way over to Joel. He almost looked slightly nervous. Matt started playing genuwine pony off his phone. Robyn raised an eyebrow at him
“thought it might help.” he just shrugged and laughed.
A few seconds into the lap dance the boys seeming to be enjoying it Joel looked a little uncomfortable Robyn being his brother's girl friend and like a sister to him.
“hey Robyn didn’t you used to do some lap dancing?” Paul smirked teasing he knew a secret she didn't know any of them knew she'd worked in a lap dancing club for a short time when she was much younger.
“how the hell do you know.” She stopped for a second to stare at him in shock.
“I heard from a little birdy.” He grinned.
“minutes not up.” Johnny warned Robyn flipped him off and carried on. When the minute was up she went back to her seat Benji was looking at her smirking with his eye brows raised.
“don’t look at me like that it was years ago.” She warned laughing. “Oh I so hope I get you." Robyn said stiring at Paul who was still looking smugly at her.
She spun the bottle and it landed on linzi.
“Oh no.” Linzi groaned getting up to take a card.
“where is the strangest place you’ve had sex? Oh Christ I don’t know... toilets at the mall.” She shrugged.
“that true Billy?” Jimmy frowned not quite believing her.
“I guess so.” Billy nodded.
“well where is then Billy?” Matt asked.
“not my card.” Billy grinned. Linzi spun the bottle it landed on Matt’s girl friend.
“have you ever kissed or more a member of the same sex. Yes. Once. Drunken night in college. All I’m saying.” She said later of factly. She spun the bottle it landed on Tony.
“profess your undying love to the person of choice from the person who spun the bottle.” Tony read out Matt’s girl friend smiled mischievously.
“him.” Matt's girl friend smirked point in at a passing waiter. Tony mentally cursed as he stood up. They seem him go out to the poor unsuspecting waiter and start to talk to him then the waiter give him a funny look and walk off briskly. They all laughed as he walked back in.
“Tone I don't think he feels the same way mate.” Zacky laughed Tony grumbled and so in the bottle it landed on Robyn.
“what again!” Robyn moaned.
“strip to your underwear. I can’t do that.” Robyn sighed.
“Oh come on Robyn it’s not like your shy.” Linzi laughed.
“no but I don’t have any underwear on.” She said.
“we don’t mind.” Tony grinned.
“I told you you should have put more thought into what you wore.” Benji laughed.
“no I can’t do it ill forfit and have the next two cards.” She cringed.
“fine go on.” Johnny said.
“Ok so show and tell all your tattoos.” Read read on then looked at Johnny like he was nuts. “really? Good job it was me that got this as if some others around this table got it then we might have been here for a while.” She said looking to the more heavily tattooed guys.
“ok so Dragon wings cause well they’re just fucking ace and well it’s been said I'm a bit like a dragon.” She lifted the shirt to show her lower back.
“phonex to symbolise rebirth. “ she show her red flaming phonex on her wrist.
“fairy because we all need a little magic in our life.” She slid the shirt down her shoulder to she the fairy on her shoulder blade.
“and roses as well there’s this guy he decided rather than buying me flowers that die after a few days we'd have them tattooed on me to keep forever.” She said revealing the roses that wrapped round her hip and her thigh. As she looked up she met Benji’s eyes and smiled.
“by any chance was the guy our Benj.” Joel smiled.
“now that would be telling.” Robyn smirked which made it obvious it was.
“aw that’s so romantic.” Linzi gushed.
“right come on card two.” Johnny winked handing her a second card.
“make out with the person to you right. That I can do.” Robyn laughed as Benji was on her right.
“as no not fair there's no fun in that we should change that to person on her left.” Tony said meaning him.
“ah ah rule are rules.” Robyn smirked turning to Benji standing between his legs as he stayed sat on the chair she place her hands on either side of his face and kissed him, he pulled her down so she was sat on his lap deepening the kiss.
“right guys that'll do.” Matt laughed tossing a beer mat at them which bounced off and they didn’t make any attempt to break the kiss.
“I think we’ve lost them.” Zacky laughed.
“It’s like you shouldn’t watch but you can’t stop.” Linzi slurred.
“I’m so jealous.” Tony said.
“guys get a room.” Johnny said they still didn't move.
“right.” Jimmy sighed getting up shall g a bottle of prosecco and spraying them with it. Robyn screamed and jumped up everyone laughing.
“holy shit!” she laughed trying to shake as much off her as possible.
“well you didn’t leave is any choice.” Jimmy smirked devilishly at her.
“ we was playing your stupid games.” She laughed. “Sullivan I will get you back for this.” She sis trying to find somewhere dry to sit.
“I have no doubt.” He smiled knowing all to well Robyn always got revenge.
Robyn spun the bottle it got Johnny.
“kiss the person who spun the bottle on their body in 3 separate place other than the lips.” He grinned at Robyn.
“oh for fucks sake.” Robyn sighed laughing.
“right come on shirt off.” Johnny said walking up to her she glared at him. “joking joking please don’t hurt me.” He said holding his hands up defensively. Everyone laughed. He kissed her hand, cheek and then her neck making her shiver.
“mmm prosecco.” He laughed as she batted him away.
They played the game for a little while longer uneventfully the just ended up chatting and going to bed.
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