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Of to tour

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The next morning the light coming through the curtains woke Robyn up.
“Oh my god.” She groaned pulling the pillow over her head.
“that bad?” Benji laughed.
“shh don't shout.” She said quietly.
“here.” he said handing her paracetamol. She sat up to take it.
“you don’t look so bright yourself.” She laughed.
“I don’t feel it.” He laughed roughly.
“I don't think I can move.” She said pulling the duvet over her head. Benji slowly got up and made his way to the shower. When he came out 20 minutes later Robyn was still in bed.
“have you not moved at all.” He laughed.
“no.” He heard her mumble from under the duvet. He was feeling a bit better after his shower.
“come on I need food.” He said. She didn’t move. “Robs come on.” Still no movement. “right.” He said jumping on the bed pulling the duvet back and tickling her.
“alright alright I’m up!” she half laughed half screamed trying to get away from him.
“hurry up I’m starving and I need coffee.” He slapped her on the was as she shuffled to the bathroom.
“hmm coffee sound good.” She smiled at the thought.
“right so get a move on.” He laughed shooing her.
Robyn reappeared after her shower in jeans a fitted t shirt and she pulled her wet loosely curly hair into a messy bun and put on her trusty sunglasses.
“right coffee time.” She said slightly more chirpier. They made their way down to the dining room. When they got there linzi and Billy was sat mostly with their family eating breakfast Billy looked ok but linzi looked rough. Dean, Paul, Joel, zacky, Matt and Jimmy was sat at a large table. Zacky, Matt, Paul and Jimmy’s girl friends was sat at their own table and Johnny and Tony was no where to be seen no doubt feeling very hung over in bed still. Benji got breakfast and Robyn went and sat in the spare seat next to Jimmy.
“mate you look as bad as I feel.” She said.
“good night though.” He smiled.
“paying for it now.” She laughed. She had become quite good friends with Jimmy the most over the time mainly probably because they was both a wild as each other for partying, drinking, sarcasm and joking.
Benji sat next to her on the other side with a big plate of breakfast.
“Oh my god how can you eat that.” Robyn said looking sick. Benji smiled proudly.
“it’s good try some.” He teased handing her his fork .
“nope no thanks ill stick with my coffee thanks.” She said.
Breakfast was really quiet everyone feeling the effects of the previous night. Once everyone was done with breakfast they made their way to their rooms to pack and get ready to go home. Once everyone was checked out they said their good byes and set off home.
“so you wanna enlighten me about lap dancing you kept that quiet?” Benji smirked at her as he was driving them home. She smiled she knew it was only a matter of time before he brought it up she’d never told him before never really thought to as it was a long time ago they hadn't seen much of each other at the time and it just never came up.
“Not a lot to tell was years ago before the stunt team I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with my life I needed money I didn’t want to live off dad as I didn’t want to be trying to live up to his ridiculous expectations you know how it was so I moved out, got a pokey flat and made good money dancing. Was never sleazy or dangerous. I worked at a good legit club and was never more than dancing in nothing less than underwear. guys can't touch it was actually good fun but a means to an end once I had direction with the stunt team I gave it up.” She explained he nodded.
“Anything else I don’t know.” He laughed.
“Nah I think that's about it.” She smiled.
“so do you want to do anything special tonight or tomorrow?” he asked as after that they was leaving on tour.
“tonight defiantly not. Tonight pjs and chill is needed. Tomorrow I really don't mind as long as it’s with you.” She smiled cheesily.
“oh well aren’t you softening.” He laughed.
“ I know! Your making me soft.” She laughed. “I think I best start doing something to change it even linzi said I was a soft romantic deep down yesterday ill be loosing my reputation.” She laughed.
“Oh I dunno drinking 3 bottles of whisky between just you and Jimmy, giving your boyfriend’s brother a lap dance, walking round a hotel with no underwear in a short and hot pants seems pretty crazy to me need I go on.” He laughed.
“no I’d say that’s enough for now.” She grinned proudly.
It wasn’t long before they was home. They unpacked the car got into some comfy clothes and watched movies until they fell asleep cuddled on the sofa.
The next morning Robyn woke up to ‘ouch’ ‘argh’
“Benji what the fuck are you doing?” She sat up.
“I slept funny on my neck.” He pouted holding his neck. “I can’t believe I spent the last night at home on the sofa instead of a real bed.” He huffed grimcing in pain as he rubbed it trying to move his head.
“come here.” She said she moved over to sit behind him and massage his neck. He was tense at first then relaxed into her touch.
“feel better.” She said leaning forward to look at him over his shoulder he leant back to her and kissed her.
“I’ll take that as a yes.” She said as he spun them round so he was on top of her holding her hands above her head.
“I’m going to miss this.” He said.
“what just this...” she raised eyebrows at him pretending to be offended but she knew what he meant really.
“no you I’m going to miss you.” He smiled kissing her.
The kiss deepened, clothes getting removed which obviously one thing lead to another.

“I think we'd better make move soon I need to pack.” Robyn sighed after they'd snuggled on the sofa for a few hours just enjoying each other’s company.
“need to pack? You mean you’ve not started?” Benji asked.
“Well no.” She said.
“Robs we leave tonight and you leave first thing in the morning. “ he said almost like a parent to a child.
“I know but I’ve just been so busy with helping Linzi with the wedding I just didn’t think about it and you know I’m rubbish at it anyway.” She shrugged.
“right come on we’ve got two hours before I leave.” He said holding his hand out for her to take and they went to pack her bags and Benji finished off his.
“I cant believe it’s just took us am hour and a half to pack all your shit.” Benji laughed helping her up off her suitcase that she'd had to sit on to close.
“Well ya know gotta be prepared.” She laughed.
“prepared! Prepared would be not leaving all your packing to the last minute.” He laughed.
“we’ve got to be a bit compulsive too.” She shrugged.
“I’m going to miss you.” He said after looking at her.
“miss you too.” She said as he brushed her hair out of her face and kissed her. They got snapped out of thier moment by Benji’s phone ringing.
“hello.... Hey bro...erm yeh I guess so... ok see you soon.”
“everything Ok?” Robyn asked only hearing Benji's half of the conversation.
“yeh there’s a problem with Joel’s car would you mind driving us to the bus?” he asked as Joel was originally supposed to be picking Benji up.
“sure but I guess we need to leave now to get you both there on time.” Robyn said.
“Ok right let go.” Benji sighed.
“come the less you mope about it the fast time will go.” She said grabbing her keys. They put his stuff in her car and went to pick up Joel and made their way to the bus park.

“right boys have fun and be good.” Robyn said hugging each of them. Dean, Paul, Billy, Joel then of course Benji. “look after them linz.” She sad giving linzi a hug.
“Will do. You look after yourself be careful traveling alone and look forward to seeing you soon.”
“yeh you two.” Robyn said as linzi made her way onto the bus and she got back in her car to go home for the night.
Robyn had a early night as her flight was in the early hours of the morning. She spent the next two weeks in London with her brother Karl. They enjoyed quality brother sister time along with of course sibling arguments. He was made up that she could come watch him at some football games even though it notes her senseless. The up side for her was they went out on VIP nights out with the football club and footballers even though she found them arrogant and dull the alcohol made it better. Once the two weeks was up she travelled to Canada to met with Dan and the stunt team. She had a great time being around the horses and of course Diego. She enjoyed watching the movie filming and the team in action but also felt sad that she wasn’t able to be involved. She had a good catch up with the team and a long meeting with Dan working out where to go from here. She offered to let them but her out as she felt it was only fair as she couldn’t do the job she used to within the team even though she never wanted to cut all ties with it. Dan told her that was the last thing he wanted as they'd been together from the start. They came to the conclusion Robyn would do all the admin and office side of things as they all used to share it out between them which would leave the team more time to pick up the practicle side of things that Robyn was unable to do. Which meant she was free to work from home (or tour)
It was Robyn's last day before she left that evening to fly out and join the tour. It was the teams day off from filming and she was watching them exercise the horses. Dan was just finishing up with Diego.
“Hey let me sit on to cool him off.” She said to Dan.
“Robs I don’t know about that.” He said knowing she wasn’t supposed to medically.
“it’ll be fine only walking to cool him off. You know you don’t get any safer than Diego. He’s my boy he'll look after me.”
“I know but...”
“come on not buts about it he's my horse give him here.” She said walking over to him giving him a pat and waiting for Dan to leg her up. “either you leg me up or o get on myself which you know would be worse.” She warned. Knowing she was getting on no matter what Dan sighed and legged her up. As she said she just walked and it was the best feeling in the world to be back on board after all this time but also sad knowing she couldn’t risk doing any more at the moment.
“he looks happy to have you back.” Dan said as he sat watching her walking Diego round.
“don’t you’ll make me cry.” She said feeling emotional.
“must be hard.” He said.
“you have no idea.” She said sadly.
“you never know one day...” he trialled off.
“...hope so.” She sighed bringing Diego to a halt.
“I guess that will do him.” She said giving him a big pat and Dan helped her down. They put Diego away and finished off at the yard then Dan gave her a lift to the airport.
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