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Forty three

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Problems on tour

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Meanwhile on the tour the guys had a good time settling back into life on the road and adjusting to missing loved ones at home. Benji and Robyn spoke on the phone at least once every day for the first nearly three weeks and all was going well. Then near the end of the third week Benji seemed less talkative on the phone and a bit odd but Robyn couldn’t put her finger on it. She put it down to he must just be tired. By the fourth week he didn’t call or answer her phone calls at first she thought he was busy then as it carried on was concerned it was something else but she had no idea what.
Robyn wasn’t the only one to notice something wasn’t right with Benji the rest of the band and even the rest of the people on tour noticed him become less chatty, more short tempered and grumpy. Clearly there was something wrong but no one knew what everyone tried to talk to him but he wasn’t having any of it not e an Joel could get through to him he just closed down to everyone and got angry at them if they tried to ask what was wrong. Joel had spoken to Robyn briefly about it but at the same time didn’t was to worry her however nothing got past Robyn and he knew she could tell thing's wasn’t good.

Robyn arrived a the tour black boot heels, ripped skinny jeans, fitted black ‘apocalypse horses’ t shirt and large sunglasses. It had been the worse journey ever her first flight was cancled, second delayed, her phone had died and the air port had lost her bag meaning she didn't have a charger for her phone either which meant she couldn't call the guys to let them know her flight was delayed or that she'd arrived and needed picking up so then had to wait almost another hour for a taxi. As she walked down the bus park she could feel people stiring at her. Someone wolf whistled to which she paused looked over her glasses and flipped them off.
“you look lost why don’t I show you round my bus.” A voice said to her in a sleazy chat up line.
“erm, no.” She glared at him in disgust and carried on walking.
“Hey...” Someone else said catching up to her.
“look unless you can point me in the direction of the Good Charlotte bus then just don’t bother.” She snapped.
“sure. This way.” He said and started walking Robyn followed.
“I’m seb.” He said after a brief silence.
“Robyn.” She managed a smile.
“are you ok you seem kind of... angry back there.” He asked seeming slightly scared to ask or hear the answer.
“sorry ignore me I’m just in a bad mood I've had a bad journey, the feckless airports lost my bag, phones died, you seem like the only guy on this tour that isn’t a sleaze or an idiot and now I need to sort some mystery shit out with my boyfriend.” She listed and sighed looking at the door to the Good Charlotte bus that they'd just arrived at.
“your Benji's girlfriend?” He more stated than asked as if finally putting a face to a name.
“hmm.” She said.
“Well I’ll leave you in peace, nice to meet you and hope you day gets better.” He smiled.
“yeh me to, thanks.” She said sounding unconvinced.
She climbed the Sri and knocked on the door of the bus linzi answered.
“oh my god Robyn your here we didn’t know what had happened or if you was even still coming. Come in.” Linzi shriked pulling her into the bus and into a hug. Closely followed by Paul, Joel, Billy and Dean all giving their ‘hellos'
“are you ok what happened?” Joel asked as the went to sit down and linzi put the kettle on
“urgh don’t asked. My first flight got cancelled, my second flight was delayed, then the airports lost my suitcase, my phone died and I now have no charger or anything so I couldn’t call you guys to let you know and then I had to wait over an hour to get a taxi” Robyn explained.
“bloody hell you’ve been through it.” Paul said.
“what have the airport said about your stuff?” Dean asked.
“they’ll look but can't guarantee anything.” Robyn sighed accepting the coffee linzi was handing out.
“that’s shit.” Dean stated she nodded.
“did you have a good time and get everything sorted?” Billy asked.
“yeh was good to spend time with Karl we're both so busy it's good to have chance to catch up. It was so nice being back with the horses again I didn’t realise how much I ‘ve missed them. I even have little sit on Diego.” She beamed.
“you did what!” Joel exclaimed.
“Robyn you know your not supposed to be riding.” Linzi said worriedly.
“calm down in only walked him to cool him off and he’s so good he wouldn’t do anything silly I know my own horse and Dan helped me on and off so...”
“well he shouldn’t be.” Joel sounded cross.
“it’s not his fault he didn’t want me to get on either but I told him I was with or without his help so best to just help me.”
“that doesn’t sound like you at all.” Billy laughed sarcastically.
“no not at all.” she laughed rolling her eyes.
“so what about your job?” Joel asked still disapproving of her riding.
“I’m going to be doing all the admin and office side leaving the rest of them more time to do the practical side therefore if I ever manage to stunt ride again my roles always open.” Joel gave her a disapproving look. “which means I’m free to work from home or well anywhere.” She looked round at the tour bus. “unless I need to go to a meeting.”
“that’s good linzi smiled.
“right so don’t think I've not noticed where's Benji and what the fucks been going on?” She said. None of them knew what to say to her.
“honestly we don't know its like he was fine then out of no where just over a week ago he just wasn’t. He’s been quiet, snappy and moody.” Joel said.
“around the same time he stopped answering my calls.” Robyn said.
“really he's not spoke to you?” Paul sounded surprised.
“nope not a word for over a week phone just rings out or goes to voice mail.” She shook her head.
“did he say anything odd the last time you spoke to him?” Billy asked.
“no everything was fine and normal. Has he not even said anything to you Joel?” Robyn said trying to remember any significance to her last conversation with Benji which there wasn't.
“no won’t tell me anything every time I ask what’s up he just get angry at me or brushes me off. That’s why we was hoping you’d be able to get something out of him we know he’s always been able to speak to you.” Joel said.
“I hope so. Where is he?” She asked.
“he sort of disappears usually just wondering round or hanging out somewhere quiet I think trying to avoid talking to anyone then shows up at sound check and the shows.” Linzi said.
“right well when's sound check?” she asked.
“in a half hour.” Paul said.
“right I’ll come with you.” She said.
“but Rob...” Joel said a little uneasy knowing how volatile she could be and how sensitive Benji seemed to be at the minute.
“don’t worry Joel I'll keep my cool, I know.” She said reassuringly knowing what he was thinking.
“Hey Rob do you want to use my charger for your phone?” Dean said suddenly remembering he has the same phone as her.
“yeh that would be great thanks.” She smiled.
“and if you need to borrow any clothes or anything help yourself to my stuff.” Linzi said.
“thanks ill probably go and pick up a few things later or tomorrow and hopefully they'll have found my bag by then.” Robyn said.
“right are we going to go to sound check.” Billy said looking at his watch. They all got up and made their way to sound check. Joel hung back a bit to speak to Robyn alone whilst the others went off ahead as they walked across the bus park.
“hey are you ok?” Joel said quietly linking arms with her.
“I guess so be better once we know what’s going on with Benji.” She said clearly worried.
“I know hopefully he'll open up to you when he see you. I'm here for you if you need anything though you know.” Joel smiled.
“thanks Joel” she smiled.
As they got to sound check the last band was just leaving. They stopped to talk as they passed Robyn instantly recognised one of them as the one with the sleazy chat up line.
“hey Rob this Patrick..” Joel said as her shook Robyn's hand and they said hello.
“.. Pete from fall out boy.” Joel introduced. “This is Robyn.”
“we've met.” Robyn said glaring at Pete who looked sheepish now realising who Robyn was.
“yet about earlier.” Pete squirmed.
“Pete you never tried to come onto Benji’s girlfriend.” Patrick laughed.
“if you can call it that is call it embarrassing.” Robyn said making them laugh.
“I’m sorry I was an idiot.” Pete said.
“I’ll say.” Robyn rolled her eye but softening and finding more of the funny side of it.
“I er I thought you was someone else...” Pete shuffled.
“a roadie seriously Pete!” Patrick laughed.
“charming this just gets better.” Robyn rolled her eyes.
Then good charlotte got called up Benji had already got on stage sorting his equipment Joel looked back at her.
“go on. I’ll catch him later.” She said.
Robyn sat at the side while they done sound check. She knew Benji knew she was there she could feel him looking at her but when she looked at him he looked away as if he’d not seen her. After sound check she seen Benji try to make a quick get away so she went after him.
“Well aren’t you going to say hi.” She said catching up to him as he made his way towards the bus.
“oh erm hi when did you get here?” He said quietly seeming distracted.
“not so long ago. Had the journey from hell getting here.” She said trying to act as normal as possible.
This is where normally he would have asked why but he didn't.
“thought you wasn’t coming as you didn’t call.” He said. ‘not that you’d have answered anyway’ Robyn thought to herself.
“my phone died and the airport lost my bag and its just been shit.” She sighed. Benji just nodded. They walked in silence for a minute.
“so have you been busy last week?” She broke the silence.
“a little.” He said looking confused.
“just I've not heard from you.” She eyed him he tried to avoid looking at her.
“oh er my phone been playing up.” He lied and she knew it but chose to be tactile and live it for now. She knew if she pulled him on it he'd get defensive and she wouldn’t get anything out of him.
They got onto the bus.
“I need a coffee, do you want one?” She said to him as he went and sat down.
No thanks. “ he said sitting quietly she watched him she hated seeing him like this.
“Benj.” She said still watching him.
“yeh.” He briefly looked up but quickly looked away when he caught her eye contact.
“are you Ok?” She bit the bullet and asked him.
“y-yeh” He said after a short pause not sounding convincing.
“are you sure.” She said sitting next to him.
“yeh” he smiled trying to be as convincing as possible but she could see straight through him but chose to leave it for now. Just then the guys and linzi walked in.
“alright Guys?” Dean paused in the door way with the others behind him. Robyn nodded letting them know it was ok to come in
“I was thinking after the show should we go out for food to celebrate Robyn being back?” Joel announced everyone agreed except Benji who just sat quietly.
“Benj?” Joel asked
“oh yeh sure.” He said in his distracted way.
“urgh well I can’t decide if I’m more hungry or tired.” Robyn said finishing off her coffee. “I think I might have to have a nap whilst you guys play before dinner if that ok with you guys.”
She made her way to the back of the bus.
“did he say anything?” Joel whispered following her.
“nope he hardly said anything at all.” She sighed.
“do you think you should talk to him more.” Joel hinted that instead of her having a nap.
“Joel I’m so tired if I don’t sleep I will loose my shit with him. Give him time.” She said he nodded and left her to her nap.
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