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Forty four

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'If I tell you you'll leave me'

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After her nap Robyn still had time before the guys finished their show so she freshened up and borrowed one of linzi's tops. By the time she was ready the guys had just arrived back and went to get ready themselves. Her phone was charged so she just got back to a few emails and messages that she'd missed and then once they was ready they set off to the restaurant. Benji was there but just quiet and not involved. During the meal they was all chatting and having a laugh except for Benji he replied to just what he had to. Even when Paul tried to winde him up by telling him Robyn had rode her horse he just said ‘that’s nice’ normally Benji would have gone off his head after her accident. After their meal they made their way back to the bus. All the guys made an excuse for one reason or another to leave Robyn along with Benji to try and talk.
“so you’ve been quiet.” Robyn said softly moving closer to him rubbing his back and his leg trying the sexy approach.
“mmm just tired.” He said she knew he was making excuses again.
“are you sure that’s all?” She said.
“yeh.” He turned to smiled at her weakly.
“I’ve missed you.” She kissed him but he didn’t kiss back. She sat back to look at him confuses.
“right Benj if this is somehow you breaking up with me then lets just call it quits now and stop messing around.” She said slightly annoyed and hurt.
Joel and linzi who was listening in behind the door gasped.
“What?” Paul, Billy and Dean asked at the same time.
“she’s talking about breaking up with him.” Linzi whispered in Disbelief.
“No!” Paul shouted Billy put his over his mouth to quieten him hoping Benji and Robyn didn’t hear.
“she’s supposed to be helping not making it worse breaking up with him.” Dean said Joel shushed them as he heard Benji and Robyn talking again
“what, no I don't want to break up with you.” Benji said in shock.
“well what is it? What’s wrong?” Robyn pleaded.
“it’s nothing I've just got stuff on my mind.” He tried to brush off.
“like what tell me and I can help you.” She said.
“it’s nothing.” He shook his head.
“well it doesn’t seem like nothing.” She said.
“just leave it will you!” he snapped. If it was anyone else Robyn would have probably knocked them out and told them the fuck off by now but Benji was different.
“fine I’m going to bed.” She said clearly hurt.
“Robyn..” he said quickly realizing how much he'd hurt her but then couldn’t bring himself to talk to her about his problem.
“what?” She said quietly.
“night.” He said quietly.
“good night Benji.” She said in a cold emotionless tone.
Robyn got in the spare bunk and just lay there wondering what the he’ll was going on needless to say she didn’t get much sleep.
The next morning Robyn purposely stayed in her bunk pretending to still be asleep in hopes that everyone would go out and she could avoid having to speak to anyone for now.
When Robyn heard the bus was quiet she got up and went to the bathroom. When she came out linzi was the only one in the bus.
“coffee?” linzi asked.
“please.” Robyn smiled quietly.
“so can I ask how things are?” linzi asked cautiously.
“pretty shit clearly something is really bothering him and yet he won’t say. He’s never been like this least not with me. He always told me everything and we’ve worked thought it together. I even asked of it was me he says not but I’m getting pretty stuck on where to go with this one.” Robyn rambled.
“it’ll work out it has to.” Linzi said sympathetically not really knowing what else to say.
“I hope so.” Robyn sighed.
“anyways the boys are playing early today so you still wanting to go shopping?” linzi asked trying to cheer her up.
“yeh I’ll call the airport first to see where they’re at with finding my bag and then we can go if you like.”
“ok so they said that they haven’t found it yet and it usually means if they haven’t found it by now it’s not likely to be found soooo looks like we’re shopping for a whole new wardrobe for me.” Robyn said coming off the phone.
“shit about your bag but least we get some retail therapy.” Linzi said clearly more happy and enthusiastic than Robyn about shopping.

The girls spent most of the day shopping and they stopped for lunch. Robyn had treated herself t a whole new wardrobe and bought all the essentials too. It helped to take her mind of things. She even was persuaded by Linzi to get her hair and nails done too... no point having a brand new wardrobe and then not have the hair and nails to match. To linzi’s surprise Robyn went for it and had her hair does dark cherry chocolate brown which was quite drastic from her previous bleach blonde.
“I cant stop looking at your hair its gorgeous.” Linzi laughed.
“it’s a nice change I had it like this a few years back. I usually go for the blonde have more fun saying but this kicks ass.” She laughed. They walked up the steps onto the bus the boys was all there changed and chilling out after their show except Benji.
“wow looks like you two was busy today.” Billy said looking from the bags to Robyn's hair.
“blame linzi she's such a bad influence on me.” Robyn said acting innocent.
“haha never ever have I heard of someone being a bad influence over Robyn.” Paul laughed.
“I take it the airport couldn’t find your bag.” Joel said.
“no well they’re supposed to still be looking but they pretty much said it won’t be found.” Robyn said.
“I’m sure you’ve more than made up for it today and the hair look great.” Joel smiled.
“Sure have.” She said then Benji walked in he glanced at everyone then went off to the back room without a word. Robyn sighed and followed him.
“Rob..” Joel began to see if she was ok.
“this ends now.” Robyn said in her take no shit attitude and went to Benji.
“oh dear.” Dean said looking concerned.
“this will go one of too ways. “ Joel flinched.
As Robyn got to the back she stood infront of Benji he don’t look up at her.
“Benji talk to me.” She said quietly.
“I can't.” He said still not looking up.
“at least look at me.” She said.
“your hair looks nice.” He smiled weakly.
“thank you.” She said looking him over he looked like he hadn’t slept in weeks.
“Benji talk to me please.” She pleaded.
“it’s nothing just leave it.” He said.
“it’s certainly not nothing and I will not leave it.” She said slightly irritated now.
“I wish you could help.” He mumbled.
“I can’t help you if you don't talk to me!” she shouted.
“I cant tell you!” he shouted back.
“Well I can’t help you.” She said breaking a little.
“So where does that leave us?” He said quietly.
“Well no where good if you can’t talk to me.” She scolded. “Come on Benj after all this time what is there that you can’t possibly tell me.”
“I cant tell you becuase you’ll leave me.” He said his voice cracking holding back tears.
“Try me.” She softened.
“I cant.” He whispered.
“Well there's not much to stay for if you can’t talk to me.” She said sadly.
Benji sat in silence.
“For fucks sake Benj!” she shouted and went to leave.
“No, no wait.” Benji pleaded jumping up to catch her hand.
“What?” Robyn said now completely exhausted at this whole thing now.
“Rebecca said she's had my child.” Benji said in a deep breath.
Robyn didn’t say anything just blinked at him.
“Say something.” He said panicked.
“How do you know?” Robyn said plainly.
“She came last week and said so” Benji said as if it was obvious.
“Wait she said so” Robyn said irritably.
“yeh" Benji said looking confused at her reaction.
“Well have you any proof?” Robyn said.
“The dates match up.” Benji shrugged.
“But have you any real proof? a paternity test?” Robyn said getting annoyed at how silly he's been.
“No” Benji said looking confused.
“Well I suggest you do incase you seem to forget she was also sleeping with two other guys that we know of at the same time!” she said. She couldn’t believe he’d just took that lying, bitter, gold digging tramps word.
“Shit.” Benji breathed realisation hitting him.
“Yeh shit so before you do anything else get a paternity test done” she lectured.
“Then what?” He asked acting like a scolded child.
“Well that's up to you I guess” she said softer.
“But what about you?” He asked sheepishly.
“What about me?” she asked not knowing what he meant.
“Where does this leave us?” He asked nervously.
“Well it shouldn’t affect us should it?” She said confused.
“I dunno I hope not.” He said feeling relieved he’d done nothing but stress thinking the minute he told her she’d loose it and leave him.
“As long as you friggin talk to me.” She warned.
“I know I’m sorry.” He sulked.
“So you Bloody should be, now come here.” She said smiling pulling him into a hug. It was so nice to feel him actually hug her back and interact with her normally after the last few weeks.
“I’m sorry I've been such an idiot I was so scared you’d loose it and leave me straight away and I’ve been panicking and stressing and...” he rambled into her embrace.
“Benji shut up.” She kissed him to silance him challenge kissed back she felt relieved to be getting somewhere to getting her Benji back. “there’s nothing we can’t work through as long as we talk you know that.” She said feeling like old times She told him that many times before.
“I know I love you so much.” He squealed her in a tight hug and then kissed her again. “and your hair is hot.” He smirked.
“1 minute.” She said quietly leaving him confuses. She snuck over to the door and flung it open quickly to reveal linzi and Paul listening in. Theu jumped in shock making Dean Joel and Billy laugh from the sofas.
“you guys having a good time.” Robyn raised her eyebrows with her arms folded.
“I er we we we it not what it looks like we er...” They both stuttered.
“go on fuck off.” She laughed shaking her head at them then closing the door on them and walking over the Benji.
“how did you know.” He laughed.
“they’re so predictable.” She shook her head “there’s no way they'd have been able to help themselves when they seen me come back here.” She said.
“you are unreal.” He smiled kissing her.
“I know.” She smiled proudly. They sat cuddled on the sofa.
“I’m sorry I've been such a jackass I just don’t know what him to my heads all over the place and what if..” Benji rambled.
“shh don’t think about it no point stressing or anything till we know for real.” She said. They enjoyed just sitting in each other’s company till late on then went to bed.
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