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Forty five

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Party time

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The next morning the boys was out early for an interview linzi had gone with them. Robyn had become accustomed to having a lie in now not having horses to do every morning.
When they got back Robyn was out. Benji had filled them all in on what's been happening now that Robyn knew and they agreed to keep it just between them. Everyone was happy that Benji was pretty much back go normal.
They was all chilling in the lounge area when Robyn got back.
“Benj a word.” She said signalling to him she meant in private.
“so I have a friend of a friend that works at a lab that does DNA tests I managed to pull a few strings and she can do one for us straight away. All you need it a swab from your mouth and a swab from baby's mouth. I suggest you go and you retrieve it. If Rebecca knows I’m involved it’ll probably aggravate her and best you do it so we know its definatly accurate.” Robyn explained.
“ok I think I’ll go now get it over and done with.” Benji said. He gave her a kiss on the cheek and left. Robyn went and sat with the others.
“are you alright?” linzi asked her cautiously.
“yeh.” Robyn answer as without much thought.
“Robs are you sure?” Joel asked again.
“yeh why.” She said.
“just well you know with things...” Joel struggled to find the words.
“basically we're worried your going to loose your shit at any moment and the longer you bottle it up the bigger the explosion.” Paul said out right. Robyn laughed.
“I’m not away to loose my shit not yet anyway.” Robyn said they still looked like they didn’t believe her. “seriously guys chill.”
The rest of the afternoon linzi and the boys had a lazy day whilst Robyn got on with some work for the stunt team.
When Benji got back Robyn was on the phone to Dan sorting through some things it was almost and hour later she Robyn was done. She made her was to the front of the bus Benji pulled her down gently to sit on his lap.
“did you get your work done.” Benji asked.
“yep all sorted for now.” She smiled.
“I got the swabs done.” Benji said quietly.
“ok I’ll take them in tomorrow. Did she actually you do it?” she asked.
“well I erm didn't ask her I just did it when she went out the room.” Be no said sheepishly. Robyn laughed and high fives him.
“where's Joel and Dean?” She asked looking round nothing they was missing.
“they've gone to get a take away.” Benji said.
“fab I’m starving.” Robyn said.
She Joel and Dean got back they ate the tale away all together and had a chilled night chatting like normal everyone was happy Benji and Robyn seemed more now.

The next day the boys had a busy day of interviews then sound check and then their show. Robyn left early too as she need some more shopping as the airport had said that her bag probably won’t be found and she needed to get to the lab to get the DNA test done. She knew a friend of a friend there so managed to pull some strings to get the test done and get the results that day. Once she'd done her shopping and went back to the lab to get the test results
When she got back to the tour the guys was still on stage so she unpacked her stuff then went to meet them. She managed to catch a few songs at the side of the stage before they was done.
“Hey” Benji's eyes lot up as he came off stage and seem Robyn.
“hey.” She smiled as he kissed her. “mate shower first before anyone else.” she warned.
“fine.” He laughed slapping her ass then making his way to the changing room the rest of the guys followed him saying their ‘hi's' to Robyn on the way past.
Robyn waited round the changing rooms for boys to finish getting showered and changed.
“hey so there’s a party tonight so you fancy it?” Benji said as they made their way out the changing room.
“sure but first.” She took the white envelope out of her pocket that had the DNA results in and motioned for him to go somewhere quiet.
“what do they say?” He asked.
“I dunno I haven’t opened them their for you.” She said. He took a deep breath looking at the envelope. “Benj will you just open the friggin thing.” She rolled hr eyes at him. He looked worried then opened it she seen him taking his time to process what it said. He then beamed smiling lifting her up spinning her round and kissing her.
“just to be clear are we celebrating that you are the dad or not?” She said confused.
“I’m not, I’m not.” He laughed. “I love you, I love you and I don’t know what I'd do without you.” He said from hugging and kissing her neck.
“you’d be pretty fucked.” She smirked matter of factly.
“Hey are you guys ready, am I interrupting something?” linzi said looking between them.
“yeh we're ready and no just that Rebecca's a lying piece of work that she's always been.” Benji said.
“no change there then.” Linzi said smiling at Robyn who raised her eye rows in agreement. They set off to the party together. Joel Dean Paul and Billy had already gone ahead.
When they got to the party it was already in full swing there was all the band’s and people who worked on tour there.
The three of them walked over to Joel Dean Paul and Billy who was talking to someone.
“hey Benji.” He said to him then looked towards Robyn and recognised her she also recognised him and frowned slightly.
“Jacoby this is Robyn, Robyn this is Jacoby from papa roach.” Benji introduced them.
“Oh shit your Benji's girlfriend.” He said surprises regretting their first impromptu meeting when he wolf whistled at her.
“yeh have you got a sound effect for that too.” She said sarcastically but jokingly too.
“yeh I erm sorry about that.” He said turning slightly pink.
“oh my god is there anyone else on this tour thats hit on you?” linzi laughed.
“No not yet.” Robyn laughed. “come on I need a drink.” Robyn said to linzi and they left Benji with Jacoby talking with the others whilst they went for a drink.
Linzo and Robyn left the boys all chatting and drinking and sat at the bar themselves catching up and drinking. Linzi had gone to the toilet so Robyn was sat by herself.
“can I buy the lady a drink?” a voice came up behind her putting on a posh old English voice then Jimmy sat next to her.
“you certainly can good sir.” She replied copying his accent. Jimmy ordered them a couple of whiskeys.
“I didn’t know you guys where on this tour.” She smiled.
“a band dropped out last minute so they asked us to fill in.” He explained.
“ah cool.” She nodded.
“oh I see easily replaceable am I?” linzi said returning from the toilet.
“sorry move you feet loose your seat girl.” Robyn laughed.
“yey what she said.” Jimmy said.
“it’s ok I’m going to go catch Billy.” She said heading over to Billy. Jimmy and Robyn chatted for a little while members from other bands came over to greet Jimmy and he introduced them to Robyn. After a while Benji headed over to them.
“sorry I’ve been hogging your misses for a while.” Jimmy said to him.
“oh it’s ok whilst it’s you.” Benji laughed.
“anyways I'll catch you guys later.” Jimmy said getting up and wandering off. Benji sat in his seat opposite Robyn taking joking if her hand gym had was resting on the bar playing with it.
“you two seen to be getting along well.” Benji smiled.
“yeh cool guy we have a lot in common.” She said.
“Your like the male and female version of each other.” He laughed.
“I dunno whether that’s a component or not.” She laughed.
“depends how you take it I suppose.” He grinned she shook her head at him.
“so how are you? How’d you feel after Rebecca and baby stuff ?” She asked he was still playing with her hand.
“truthfully... relived if what she said was true that would have just been a whole can of worms that's best not opening. The woman’s a physco definatly not someone I want to be tied to forever.”
“you’ve still got to tell her you know she's lying.” She pointed out.
“I know not looking forward to it.” Benji said knowing it definatly wouldn’t go well.
“I'd offer to be there with you but its probably not wise.” Robyn said.
“yeh don’t want to risk you getting in shit for knocking her out.” Benji laughed.
“oh I'd take great pleasure in smashing her face in believe me.” Robyn said.
“so you’ve made quite an impression with some of the guys haven’t you.” Benji smirked changing the subject from Rebecca.
“apparently so of you class wolf whistling and terrible chat up lines charming.” Robyn rolled her eyes laughing a little.
“I’m surprised they didn’t feel the wrath of Robyn.” He said knowing all to well what she was like.
“hmm I guess they was just lucky that I'd had a terrible day and I was more concerned with what the hell was going on with you.” She explained.
“I’m sorry I didn’t handle it so well did I.” Benji said.
“No not particularly but it’s sorted ish now.” She smiled she couldn’t be angry at him. He smiled and gave her a kiss. She grabbed him and pulled him into a deeper kiss.
“I’ve missed you.” She smiled flirtatiously.
“mmm me too, I reckon the bus should be empty for a little while.” He said between kisses. They hadn't been ‘alone' together.
“then what are we waiting for.” She said mischievously. Then without warning he jumped up lifted her over his shoulder causing her to squeal and laugh as he ran of with her to the bus. As they got into the bus they breathlessly finished what they started in the party.
After getting ‘reacquainted’ Robyn and Benji made their way back to the party.
“oi over here you filthy bastards.” Jimmy called at them laughing. Jimmy, Matt, Johnny, Jacoby, Pete, Paul, Dean, Linzi, Pierre and Seb was sat round a table as Matt and Johnny was pouring loads of shots.
“oh aye what game are we playing now?” Robyn laughed rolling her eyes at them.
“never have I ever.” Matt grinned.
“oh no this game never ends well for me.” Robyn groaned making every one laugh.
“why does that not surprise us.” Dean laughed.
“tough sit play.” Jimmy said pulling seats out for her and Benji.
“hey where are you two going?” She said noticing Joel and Billy slipping away.
“we're not playing.” Joel laughed.
“how come they get out of it.” Robyn said pretending to be outraged.
“ah leave them they've probably never done anything anyway.” Johnny laughed to be flipped off by Joel and Billy.
“I’ll start... never have I ever had sex with a bloke.” Johnny grinned pleased with himself.
“this is going to get messy.” Robyn mumbled as only herself and linzi took the shot.
“never have I ever been arrested and spent the night in a cell.” Matt said. Robyn, Benji, Jimmy & Jacoby had a shot.
“never have I ever been in handcuffs.” Paul smirked as his double meaning. Robyn, Pete and Matt had a shot.
“never have I ever slept with my best friend.” Dean said. Benji, Robyn, linzi and Matt had a shot.
“never have I ever slept with someone in a relationship. “ Pierre said. Robyn and Jimmy took a shot when they realised it was just them they laughed and high fived each other.
“never have I ever been skinny dipping.” Dean said. Robyn, Matt, Benj, Paul Johnny and Jimmy took a shot.
“Robyn is there anything you’ve not done.” Linzi laughed.
“see why this game is bad for me!” Robyn laughed.
“never have I ever been in a physical fight.” Seb said.
Robyn, Benji, Jimmy, Matt, Jacoby took a shot.
“never have I ever cheated in a relationship.” Robyn said. Benji, Pete, Dean, Johnny took a shot.
“never have I ever slept with someone of the same sex.” Jimmy said. No one took a shot everyone looked to Robyn.
“nope sorry not for me guys.” Robyn laughed holding her hands up.
“never have I ever kissed someone of the same sex.” Jacoby said. Robyn, Pete, Jimmy and linzi took a shot.
“never have I ever had friends with benefits.” Linzi said.
“thanks a lot linz.” Robyn laughed sarcastically as herself, Benji, Matt, Pete and Jacoby took shots.
They played the game for a while longer everyone was very drunk some more than others Robyn, Jimmy, Matt, Jacoby and Pete where the worst. They all started to make their way to their buses.
“shit Benj hold my hand.” Robyn laughed as she stood up and the room was spinning. It took a little while for them all to stagger back to their buses everyone else had long gone.
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