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Forty six

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A run in with Rebecca

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It was a good thing it was everyone day off he next day as no doubt there was a fair few sore heads. When Robyn woke up she felt awful she got a glass of water and went back to bed. She noticed the bus was quiet and empty but didn’t put much thought into it.
Later when Robyn woke up again it was definatly after lunch she felt better but still a little rough. She decided she'd better up thought. She put on her trusty large sunglasses and baseball hat. The bus was still empty bit she could hear lots of voices outside and smell food. She looked out the window all the tour guys was sat out having a barbeque. She made her self a cup of coffee and made her way out to join them.
As she opened the door she noticed that it had gone much quieter and she could only hear one female voice scratching. Robyn rubbed her head she'd recognise that terrible shriek anywhere. Rebecca. She was shouting at Benji in front of everyone who just looked on in silence. Clearly Benji had told her about the paternity test and where to go which clearly Rebecca didn’t like. Robyn had walked up behind Rebecca quietly without Rebecca noticing.
“ dare you, how dare you go behind my back. I bet it was her, she out you up to it. Typical she's a trouble making slag. She doesn't give a shit about you she's just playing with you. She's a tramp she's bad news. My plan given you a family it could have worked but that good for nothing low life bitch ruins everything!” Rebecca shouted. Robyn raised her eyebrows as clearly Rebecca’s rant was about her. Every one including Benji stood in silence stiring at her as she still hadn’t noticed Robyn behind her.
“well go on say something or are you waiting for that bitch to do it for you.” Rebecca went on.
“have you quite finished.” Robyn said. Rebecca looked horrified as she turned round to see Robyn. All the guys watched on and especially the ones who knew Robyn well enough looked delighted for Robyn's response.
“you.” Rebecca spat launching a hand towards Robyn to which Robyn blocked and caught it twisting it behind Rebecca’s back spinning her around.
“now let’s take a walk.” Robyn said holding onto her arm behind her back with one hand and a fist of her hair in another pushing her towards the bus parks gate.
“go on Robyn!” Jimmy cheered in delight. Followed by some ‘cheers’ and ‘whoops’ from Paul, Dean and Matt.
“do you think anyone should go check Robyn doesn’t completely kill Rebecca?” Zacky asked.
“nah Robyn's not stupid enough to do time for Rebecca.” Joel said.
“Benj mate your misses is awesome.” Jacoby laughed.
“yeh she’s pretty special.” Benji nodded with a laugh.
Before long Robyn made her way back over.
“What did you do?” linzi smirked.
“took the trash out.” Robyn said simply. Causing them to laugh.
“is the trash still in one piece?” Billy smiled.
“erm well not hit a but if turbulence and had a bumpy landing but it’s still alive." Robyn shrugged with a smile.
“thank God that voice has gone.” Paul said high fiving Robyn.
“tell me about it. Especially with a hang over headache.” Robyn agreed.
“here beer." Jimmy said proudly.
“urgh!” Robyn said repulsed at the thought of alcohol then seconds later took it. “hair of the dog I suppose.”
“that’s ma girl.” Jimmy laughed.
“food?” Benji asked motioning towards the barbeque.
“yeh I suppose I best had.” She laughed.
They all had a great time chilling eating drinking having a laugh. Robyn seen Seb sat by himself. I think I owe you a drink she smiled sitting down next to Seb. Seb shuffled a little Robyn made him a bit nervous.
“What for?” He asked confused.
“You was very helpful to me when I first arrived unlike some.” she glared at Pete and Jacoby “so let me say thanks.” She smiled.
“Oh its ok it was no bother at all.” Seb brushed off.
“Hey how do you guys know each other already?” Benji said sitting down on the other side of Robyn.
“Seb helped me find your bus when I first arrived after a day from hell he was very helpful unlike some who just tried to hit on me badly may I add.” She laughed.
Benji laughed
“Anyways I owe you one.” she winked at Seb.
“I’ll keep that in mind.” He smiled then Pierre called him over.
“So how are you, you ok after Rebecca?” Robyn asked him.
“yeh glad it’s done with now. If I never see her again it'll be too soon." Benji said.
“I’ll second that.” She laughed the clinked their glasses.
“you was awesome. You always have my back.” He grinned.
“always.” Robyn winked and they clinked their glasses again and kissed. Robyn looked round at everyone still dotted around enjoying eating and drinking. “so I'd say the bus is empty.” Robyn whispered suggestively.
“I'd say your right let’s take advantage of it.” He smirked as they snuck into the bus to make the most out of the alone time.

“you two have fun?” linzi smirked as they walked off the bus.
“dunno what your talking about.” Robyn said acting innocent. Benji dodged away to talk to the guys.
“sure you don’t so whys your hair all scuffed up.” Linzi laughed. Robyn shrugged laughing.
“you two are shameless.” Linzi laughed.
“Are you jealous.” Robyn teased playfully.
“shut up.” Linzi said pretending to be grossed out. “but yeh a little.” Linzi laughed.
“why what’s up.” Robyn said still laughing but turning a little serious.
“I just duno how you two find alone time to get up to stuff.” Linzi said quietly.
“you gotta make time.” Robyn smirked and winked.
“easy for you to say.” Linzi laughed referring to Robyn don’t care what people think attitude.
“I guess you need to just lighten up and be a bit creative.” Robyn grinned.
“again easy for you to say.” Linzi raised her eye brows at Robyn.
“I guess it is as we’re used to sneaking around.” Robyn shrugged referring to the secret relationships her and Benji had had in the past.
“I just feel a bit stuck in a rut I guess and I duno we're a bit more self conscious with people around all the time. “ linzi pouted.
“well you need to spice things up try something new lighten up a little your not over the hill AND your newly weds who cares if people know your at it. You should be.” Robyn said getting slightly louder with enthusiasm.
“shh.” Linzi said laughing.
“sorry but seriously we’re going to get you laid. Starting tomorrow we’re going underwear shopping.” Robyn said.
“I have plenty of under wear.” Linzi said not getting the point.
“no I mean sexy underwear. “ Robyn rolled her eyes.
“I have sexy underwear.” Linzi said defensively.
“really.’ Robyn gave her a like fuck you do look and pulled the side of her jeans down little to expose boring every day underwear to which linzi pulled her jeans up again quickly looking around for make sure no one seen.
“I rest my case.” Robyn laughed.
“well I don't have them on now.” Linzi said.
“exactly my point.” Robyn laughed.
“what you mean you wear sexy underwear everyday.” Linzi laughed in disbelief.
“yeh all the time matching sets.” Robyn said proudly.
“no way.” Linzi gasped laughing.
“yes way.” Robyn smiled.
“no wonder Benji wants to rip your clothes off all the time.” Linzi laughed.
“exactly which is what you need.” Robyn nodded then thought and added. “..from Billy. “ they laughed.
“what are you two laughing about.” Billy said walking over.
“ok think I’m just going to... go over there.” Robyn said walking away amused.
“Oh nothing.” Linzi said.
“Robyn as discrete as ever.” Billy said not believing her but dropping it.

“so how are you doing?” Joel said sitting next to Robyn.
“I’m good, you ok?” Robyn smiled at him.
“yeh just feels like ages since we’ve had chance to chat properly.” Joel said Robyn knew what he meant, they’ve always been close like brother and sister and chatted putting the world to rights. Mostly if it was something Benji or Karl had done.
“I know. I suppose in a way its a good thing.” She sighed he looked at her confused. “it means neither of us have had a fucked up problem.” She laughed. He nodded. “Joel you are ok aren’t you?” She looked at him.
“yeh.” He lied.
“Joel don’t lie to me you look like your brother when he lies.” She eyed him but they couldn’t help but laugh her knowing their resemblance.
“it’s nothing its silly.” Joel sighed looking down.
“Joel it’s not silly and it’s not nothing if it means something to you.” She said turning closer to him to make him look at her.
“I just I’ve been feeling a bit lonely really.” He started Robyn looked at him to carry on. “you know like Billy’s just got married, Benji has you, Paul has Erin I just feel a bit lonely. But it’s just me being over sensitive away from home.”
“as Joel you don’t ever need to feel lonely you have so many people around you who love and care for you and I do know what you mean but the right girl will come along when the time is right for you.” She said pulling him into a hug. “and she is out there believe it.”
“so how about you, I’m impressed how you handled the Rebecca situation.” Joel smiled.
“yeh. I did well not to blow didn’t I.” She smirked.
“Is everything ok though?” He asked seriously.
“yeh it is. I think by now me and Benji have been through so much and know each other too well.” Robyn said.
“that’s good. I’m glad. You two bring out best in each other.” He smiled.
The rest of the night everyone carried on chatting and having a laugh.
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