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Forty seven

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Trouble in paradise

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The next day Robyn and linzi went shopping as planned with Robyn working out plans to give linzi and Billy more ‘quality alone time’ together. They bumped into Joel, Dean, Zacky, Matt, Patrick and Pete so they all went for a late lunch together then made their way back to the buses.
“Have you got something to tell me?” Benji said seeming pisser off as she got to the bus steps.
“I don't think so.” She said looking confused. Everyone stopped behind her.
“Something about England jog your memory.” He said.
“Nope. what's going on?” Robyn said still confused.
“Ok well how about these photos.” He threw a few news paper pictures cut out of her when she went out with Karl and was in the club with his football team. Obviously are knew it was totally innocent and in fact she hated it she only went to spend time with Karl. On the other hand if she didn’t know better it at a push could look a little less innocent but surely Benji one her better than that.
“What about them you know I went out with Karl.” Robyn said simply.
“Oh stop playing dumb or do you think I’m that stupid?” Benji shouted loosing his temper slightly.
“I’d say you being stupid as I don’t know what the hell your getting at.” Robyn raised her voice to match his a few other guys had come out of the buses when they heard shouting.
“You with footballers again it's always the footballers!” Benji shouted taking the mick a little.
“what the fuck Benji! yes I was out with Karl and his football team was there you know I went to spend time with my brother. Benji who sent you those photos?” Robyn was getting annoyed that he would even think or insinuate that she would cheat.
“That doesn’t matter.” Benji brushed off.
“Well yes it does. Was it Rebecca by any chance?” She shouted she knew this had Rebecca written all over it and it would be just like her to want to get her own back after the paternity test.
“So what if it was” Benji brushed off.
“Well let’s see the track record so far Rebecca serial liar and physco path compared to me need I say more.” She tried to get through to him.
“Pictures don't lie!” he shouted.
“No but they can be perceived differently depending who’s looking at them and what’s been put in their heads!” she defended. No where on those pictures was she cheating. They'd cleverly been snapped a the moment where a guy had his arm around her shoulder before she had pushed it off seconds later or where one was leaning towards her talking to a friend across the table to where she had got up and moved.
“yeh well I also know what your like when your with that brother of yours!” he spat back.
“what exactly is that supposed to mean?” She said squinting at him in disbelief.
“You know exactly what I means your bad influences on each other.” Benji said aggravated.
“Are you fucking kidding me! you should know me better by now!” she said outraged.
“Exactly I do.” He said quietly as a low blow.
“Well ya know what fuck you Benji! FUCK YOU!” she screamed she'd heard enough and stormed off past everyone that had gathered to see what all the commotion was. Linzi turned to him after Robyn but Joel stopped her.
“Best to leave her for now.” Joel said knowing all to well Robyn’s best to be left alone to cool off first
“right shows over guys.” Linzi said hinting for every one to move on their way.
“have you completely lost the plot.” Joel said pushing Benji back onto the bus.
“no.” Benji grumped.
“well what the hell are you thinking?” Joel said.
“ I’m thinking I’m not being taken as a mug.” Benji defended.
“ really because after that I’ve never thought of you ad more of a mug.”
“well why don’t you fuck off too Joel.” Benji grumbled.
“no I won’t fuck off. Are you mad? Do you seriously think she’d chest on you Benji this is Robyn were talking about. And what then hell are you thinking having anything to do with Rebecca again.” Joel said Benji sat in silence.
“look at the photos.” Benji said quietly.
“I have and I don’t see what’s in your head come on Benji they're new papers and footballers. I see nothing on these picture at would make me think Robyn has even so much a looked at another guy.” Joel said clearly getting through to him a little more.
“do you think?” Benji said quietly.
“no I know and I know you know it too.” Joel said.
“I guess no just lost my head. It’s hard I've never felt good enough for her or that we could ever be happy I’m a real relationship and I known it sounds stupid but it felt like in school competing for her with the football players.” Benji opened up.
“Benji you and I both know the football players never stood chance then and still don't now.” Joel laughed.
“Rebecca just got in my head I guess she knew the buttons to press.” Benji said. “I'm an idiot.”
“yeh you are.” Joel nodded with a smile.
“fuck she was pretty angry wasn’t she.” Benji winced replying the argument in his head.
“yep. You’ll work it out.” Joel said trying to reassure him.
“I hope so.” He sighed. “I’ll maybe let her cool off a bit first.”
“probably wise.” Joel agreed.
Mean while Billy, linzi, Paul and Dean was sat in the dining area.
“wow I almost forgot how scary Robyn was when she was angry.” Paul said.
“I know not good is it.” Billy said.
“I can’t believe what just happened. Surely Robyn wouldn’t cheat.” Dean said.
“no defiantly not you can call Robyn many things but defiantly not a cheat. She's the most loyal person you could find especially to Benji.” Paul said.
“I cant believe he would even speak to her like that and accuse her.” Linzi said.
“you know Benji, some times he just acts first and thinks later.” Billy said.

“has anyone heard from Robyn I’m getting worried I've called and text but she’s not replied.” Linzi said later that evening.
“nope try not to worry linz she’s best left to herself she'll come back when she's ready.” Joel said.
“yeh Robyn knows how to look after herself linz.” Paul said.
Meanwhile Jimmy wasn’t making his way back to his bus when he seen Robyn sat on a wall in the dimly lit bus park.
“you ok?” He said coming up behind her making her jump slightly.
“do I look ok.” She laughed a little.
“well no but I didn't want to open with hey you look like shit.” Jimmy laughed a little. “drink?” he offered her a beer from his shopping bag which she accepted.
“scooch up a bit.” He said wiggling onto the wall beside her. They said in silence for a minute.
“so bit fucked up before.” Jimmy said breaking the silance.
“your telling me.” Robyn sighed.
“your pretty badass when your angry.” He smirked.
“ yeah.” She laughed at him. “your not so good at this are you?”
“nope don’t talk about shit just have a drink.” He said taking a drink if his beer. “no but seriously if you wanna talk I'll do my best.” He said seriously.
“nah it’s ok I don’t even know what to say about it to be honest.” She sighed. “I’m many things but I’m certainly not a cheat and I thought Benji of all people would know that.”
“I’m sure he does but you know weal have our crazy moments when self doubt comes into it.” Jimmy said. Robyn looked at him thinking. “he's still nuts for acting the way he did.” He added. “I mean Jesus I wouldn’t want to get into a fight with you.” He laughed.
“yeh well he pissed me off.” She laughed. He put an around round her in a friendly sideways hug.
“it’ll all work out?” he said knowingly.
“do you think?” she said as of she didn't believe it.
“yeh why do you not?” he said looking at her confused.
“I dunno.” She said. “how can a relationship work if there’s no trust?”
“I’m sure he trust you he knows deep down you’d never chest on him just sometimes love makes us do crazy things” Jimmy said in an all knowing way.
“I thought you said you was no good at this stuff.” She smirked at him.
“well cats out the bag now. Don't go telling anyone don’t want to spoil my rep.” He laughed.
“secrets safe with me.” She winked.
“so what are you doing tonight are you going back to the GC bus?” He asked.
“no defiantly not I'm still way to angry still. I was going to get a hotel but if left my card and money in the bus hence the sat here.” She laughed.
“you could come back to our bus we’ve got a so we bunk.” He said not wanting to leave her out here.
“no, thank you. I don’t need any more rumours or accusations flying around.
“well you can’t stay out here. I’ll give you some money for a hotel if your sure you don’t want a spare buts about it I want to see you somewhere safe for the night before I leave you. You can pay me back tomorrow.” He said with all the answers before she had chance to make ‘buts'. There was a nice hotel round the corner Jimmy walked her to.
“right chill out, sleep and I’ll see you tomorrow.” He said once she was sorted with a room.
“thank you Jimmy your a good man.” She smiled giving him a brief kiss on the cheek he pretended to blush and the laughed.
“again you are welcome just don't tell anyone, reputation and all that.” He smirked.
“my lips are sealed.” She pretended to zip lock and throw away the key to her lips.
“great I’’ll be off then.”
“good night Jimmy. “ she said as he left and she went into her room.

As Jimmy was on his way back to his bus he jumped into linzi looking very worried with Joel and Benji.
“hey don’t suppose you’ve seen Robyn have you.” Joel said.
“as a matter of fact I have.” Jimmy said.
“where is she? Is she Ok?” linzi said frantically.
“yes she's fine well she's pissed off but she's ok.” Jimmy said tying to avoid saying where she was incase she got pestered he could tell she just wanted a piece night to get her head together.
“where is she?” She was sat on the wall over there I offered for her to have a spare bunk over at our bus as she does t want to go back to yours but she declined. Said she didn’t want any more rumours or cheating allocations thrown at her.” He said in her defence mostly as a dig at Benji but Benji remains quiet stiring at the floor.
“so you just left her?” linzi snapped a little before she thought about it.
“no I didn’t just leave her.” Jimmy said as it not was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever heard. “she's safe at a hotel and would like to be left alone.” He said.
“which hotel?” linzi said demanding more info.
“I think if Robyn needs you guys she'll call.” He said in a I’m not telling you way.
“that’s great thanks Jimmy at least we know she’s safe.” Joel said greatfully.” Knowing best to leave it there Jimmy was right best to leave her alone for now she would call or come to them when she's ready.
“come on guys let’s get back.” Joel said linzi gave him a look as if she wouldn’t drop it but he gave her one back and she nodded.
Robyn tried to relax with a bottle of wine, a Jacuzzi bath and a movie in her hotel room but still had a restless night with all what happened going round in her head. She put her phone on mute as she was getting constant calls from Linzi and she wasn't ready to talk to anyone yet. Of course she loves Benji and after all they’ve been through together over the years but she couldn’t help but be hurt and angry that he had listened to and believed Rebecca’s poison over her again.
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