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Forty eight

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The day after but will it be any calmer

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When she woke up the next morning she'd had lots more calls from Linzi and one or two from Joel and Benji there was also several from Karl. She hopes Karl hadn’t heard about the argument with Benji as he would go nuts. She still couldn’t be arsed speaking to anyone yet so she left her phone in her room and went down to breakfast. She enjoyed a lovely breakfast and cup of coffee reading the paper then went back up to her room. She was enjoying the alone time and peace and quiet. You don’t realise how much of a luxury it is when your constantly around people on a tour bus.
Karl had rang her every half hour since the early hours of the morning so by lunch time she thought it best to answer his call.
“where the hell have you been.” He said answering the phone to her.
“oh my phone died and I still don’t have a charger from the airport loosing my bag.” She lied hoping he’d believe her.
“Are you Ok?”
“yeh are you?” She tried to act as normal as possible.
“Are you sure your ok because I'm fuming.” He said.
“oh really why.” She tried to act normal.
“that Rebecca girl has been calling and harassing some of the guys on the team about you trying to insinuate stuff went on but I think you already know this and your trying to cover it up.” He said suspiciously.
“really she's a crazy bitch.” Robyn said knowing he was onto her.
“Don’t lie to me Robyn. Now I know you wouldn’t be covering up for Rebecca but I can give it a good guess that for some reason Rebecca’s tried to cause shit between you and Benji and succeeded and your trying to hide it from me because you know I will come and beat the shit out of Benji if he’s giving you grief AGAIN.” Karl said hitting the nail on the head.
“ok yeh your right but the last thing I need is for you to come throwing your weight around hence why I didn’t tell you.” Robyn said.
“Karl please just calm down and stay where you are. I’m fine I can handle my own shit if you come throwing your weight around its only going to make things worse.” She pleaded.
“ I’m here to look after you he can't get away with treating you like this.” He said calmer.
“Karl I know your intentions are good but please just stay out of my shit.” She tried to get through to him.
“ok if you need me call me though anytime.” He said.
“thank you.” She said relieved. That was easier to talk him down than expected maybe he’s growing up a bit hopefully she thought to herself. They chatted a little longer then once she'd out the phone down to Karl there was a knock at the door. She opened it to Jimmy stood there
“hey tell me to leave if you don’t want company but I just thought I'd come check up on you as no one has heard from you.” He said quickly.
“come in she laughed.” She said stepping to the side.
“don’t worry I didn't tell anyone where you was.” He said.
“thank you.” She smiled. “it’s been nice having some peace and quiet well once I muted my phone anyway.” She laughed.
“linzi, Joel and Benji was put looking for you when I got back last night they asked if I’d seen you I said I had and you was fine they asked where you was I did have to say a hotel but I didn’t say which one.” He explained she nodded.
“I thought you might need to get some stuff from the bus if your not going back there yet I could try and pick it up if you give me a list of you don’t want to go or I can come with you if you want some company.” He said
“I’m not going back not yet anyway I do need some stuff but I'll probably have to go it'd be to hard to explain but company would be good.” She said she likes Jimmy company as he didn’t pester her to talk about shit.
“Ok ready when you are.” He smiled.
“may as well go now.” She shrugged. They made their way over to the bus park making small talk.
As they got there there was a commotion Robyn thought to herself at first for once it's not to do with me but then as they got closer realised it was in fact Karl launching at Benji throwing fists at him as Benji said his best to avoid him and block him.
“shit.” Robyn said.
“what?” Jimmy asked confused.
“Karl!” She shouted and ran at him forcefully pushing him off balance away from Benji enough to get between them.
“get out the way!” Karl shouted at her.
“I told you to stay out of my shit! What the he’ll are you doing here!” Robyn shouted back still pushing him back as he kept stepping forwards.
“not this time Robyn get out the way.” He said lunching at Benji to punch him to which Robyn threw one at him first catching him on the cheek knocking him backwards.
“I mean it Karl stay out of it!” she shouted. He staggered away a little Paul and Dean managed to hook an arm each and pull him onto their bus.
“er thanks Rob can we talk.” Benji said quietly behind her putting a hand on her arm. She shook it off straight away.
“get off I’m still angry at you too!” she shouted pushing him away.
“Benj come on give her space.” Joel said taking Benji over to the Avenged Sevenfold bus with zacky and Matt.
“let’s go get my shit.” She said to Jimmy who was stood wide eyed at her like everyone else.
“y-yeh come on.” Jimmy said walking to the bus with her leaving everyone to start to go about their business.
“Robyn wait up.” Linzi said catching up with them.
“Are you Ok? Talk to me?” linzi said.
“not really and no offense linz but I really don’t want to talk.” Robyn sighed
“we’ve been worried a out you.” Linzi said.
“linz honestly I’m fine I just need some head space.” Robyn said to her as they walked up the steps onto the bus.
“Robyn...” Karl walked towards her as she entered the bus.
“don’t bother Karl get back on your plane and fuck off back to England!” she shouted at him walking to the back of the bus to get her things. Jimmy waited in the door way between them.
“Robs come on talk to me.” Karl said as she came back through with her stuff.
“what's the point you never listen to me anyway.” She said coldly.
“I’m your big brother I’m supposed to protect you.” He said.
“well swinging your fists all the time ignoring everything I say to you is not exactly doing a good job.” She said.
“you know I’m just a bit hot headded... runs in the family.” He said with a little smirk she couldn’t hide a little smile coming. “and as for swinging fists, Jesus Christ Robs.” He laughed wincing in pain rubbing where she hit him that was already bruising.
“yeh well you totally deserved that.” She smirked.
“if you say so.” Karl shrugged.
“when did you get here and when are you going.” She asked.
“wow not feeling the love here can you not wait to get rid of me.” Karl laughed.
“I didn’t mean it like that well yeh actually I do when you come in all guns blazing making shit worse.” She laughed.
“I was already here when spoke to you on the phone I knew that Rebecca was fucking around with shit I just wanted to hear it from you too.” Karl said.
“the whole reason I don’t tell you stuff is because you just go off on one. You need to let me deal with my own shit ill let you know if I can’t.” She said.
“well I beginning to believe that there nothing you can’t handle now after the way my face feels.” He said.
“ good so in future back off.” She laughed. “anyways how long are you here for?”
“I actually need to leave now we have a match tomorrow.” Karl said waiting for her to go mad at him.
“are you for real you waltz in swing your fists cause havoc then fuck off. Nice one Karl.” She said clearly irritated.
“I know I’m sorry really I am I had the best intentions.” He winced.
“well next time don’t bother.” She sighed.
“don’t be mad Robs don't let me leave with you angry at me.” Karl pleaded.
“fine, you never learn.” She sis still seeming irritated.
“can I have a hug?” He said cautiously.
“take care and we'll catch up soon.” She said giving him hug.
“yes we will. Right I'll have to go. Do not be take for a mug.” He said to Robyn she rolled her eyes. “ and do not let her be taken the piss out off.” Her said looking round Billy, Paul, Linzi and Jimmy.
“mate have you seen your face, there ain’t no one taking the piss outta your sister.” Paul said making everyone laugh.
“I know she's a tough cookie but still we know where her weaknesses are.” He said having a dig at her relationship with Benji.
“and I am still stood her so unless you want your other cheek to match I'd quit before you dig that hole any deeper.” Robyn warned.
“love you too sis.” Karl grinned giving her a kiss on the cheek and leaving.
“well I certainly see the family resembolment now.” Jimmy said breaking the silance as Karl had left.
“they could cause a war left together for two long those two.” Billy joked.
“we don’t paint me with the same brush as Karl.” Robyn said pretending to be offended.
“you know its true.” Paul laughed. Robyn rolled her eyes and laughed.
“so what’s your plans?” linzi asked seriously.
“I was just coming back to pick up some stuff and then go back to my hotel.” Robyn said.
“how long for?” linzi pouted.
“I dunno I just need a bit of space.” Robyn said her mind was all over the place.
“bit you know we move on from here tomorrow night then what will you do?” Paul said.
“I dunno I haven’t put much thought into it.” Robyn said rubbing her head everything was too much at the minute.
“do you think you should speak to Benji.” Billy said cautiously.
“right now that’s the last thing I feel like doing.” Robyn said honestly one she was hurt by him and two she was still angry so she didn’t want to do something she'd regret.
“so what will you do tomorrow?” linzi asked again.
“I dunno I’ll sort something out.” Robyn said slightly irritated at being hounded.
“ok but please keep in touch we was all worried about you last night.” Linzi pleaded.
“yeh will do sorry I just needed head space and time to cool off.” She said sound hastled. Jimmy was just stood there quietly.
“are you Ready?” She said looking at Jimmy which snapped him out of a bit of a daze he wasn’t sure if Robyn wanted him to walk her back or not
“yeh sure.” He nodded following her out the door.
“what’s going on with those two?” linzi screwed her face up in confusion at Robyn and Jimmy when they'd left.
“they seem to have found a budding friendship lately.” Billy said.
“well at least she's got someone she'll let in I’m happy.” Paul said.
“I know but you don’t think...” linzi started as if to ask if there was something going on between Robyn and Jimmy.
“no definatly not.” Paul said knowing there was only friendship there.
“I’m sure they just get along because they're very similar you know both wild and like a drink and stuff.” Billy said.
“also Jimmy doesn’t really talk about feelings and shit so knowing Robyn she'll like that not having the pressure to have to talk.” Paul hit the nail on the head.
Meanwhile as Robyn and Jimmy was walking across the bus park Benji and Joel was walking towards the good Charlotte bus Benji clearly has a busted lip from Karl Robyn noticed.
“Robyn can we talk?” Benji said sheepishly.
“no.” She said point blank. Joel and Jimmy just looked a them.
“please.” Benji said as she went to walk off he reach out for her hand.
“No Benji!” she snapped yanking her hand away from his grasp. Then softened a little when she seen how hurt he was but she was also hurt and angry because of him. “just no. Talking is what you should have done first rather then call me a cheater in front of everyone.” She said you could heart the hurt and anger in every word.
“I know I’m sorry please we need to talk?” Benji pleaded.
“no not now.” She said walking away before she felt words of anger and hurt coming out that would only male things worse.
“maybe you should leave it for now.” Jimmy reasoned stepping in front of Benji as he went to follow her.
“what’s it to you?” Benji snapped without thinking.
“just leave it.” Jimmy said trying to keep things calm.
“what are you even doing with her anyway.” Benji said and instantly regretted it Robyn heard and swing back round.
“oh no you didn’t! So am I cheating on you with Jimmy now?” Robyn fumed.
“come on now Rob I’m sure Benji didn’t mean it like that.” Joel said trying to defuse the situation quickly.
“no you see I think he did Joel so you know what if I’m not trusted what's the point.” She said angrily but clearly hurt and walked off. She heard Joel and Benji make steps towards following her.
“don't follow me.” She said clearly hurt. Joel pulled Benji back to leave her alone for now. Jimmy looked confused at what to do but thought best to risk following Robyn to make sure she was ok.
“please don't punch me.” He said holding his hands up as he caught up to her making her laugh.
“I won’t punch you, if you don't annoy me.” She said.
“noted.” He grinned and they walked in silance to the hotel.
“here’s what I owe you for yesterday.” She sis handing him the money back he laid for the hotel.
“I don’t want it.” He declined .
“no take it.” She laughed putting it in his pocket.
“so er at risk of getting punched do you think you should try talking to Benji tomorrow or even just hearing him out if you don’t want to talk to him.” Jimmy said preparing for her to go nuts at him.
“maybe.” She sighed calmly Jimmy mentally said ‘phew’
“and then you can decide on what to do when the tour moves on. There's a spare bunk in our bus if you want to come with the tour but not stay with them yet or obviously if you need to take sometime out.” He said looking at the hotel to finish his sentence.
“yeh well let see what tomorrow brings.” She said.
“of course. I’ll leave you in peace now.” He said getting ready to head back to the buses.
“thanks again Jimmy.” She smiled.
“any time.” He said and left.
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