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Forty nine

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Jimmy fairy god mother

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That evening Avenged Sevenfold played after Good Charlotte so after Benji had his shower from coming off stage he hung around waiting to speak to Jimmy instead of going back to the bus with Joel, Billy, Paul and Dean.
“hey Jimmy can I have a word.” Benji said as he came off stage.
“can it wait Benj.” Jimmy said really wanting to get a shower first.
“no not really.” Benji said.
“look Benj I’m not fucking your misses nor am I intending to. I’m just looking out for a mate.” Jimmy sighed.
“oh no. Well good to know but I just wanted to say sorry implying that earlier I wasn’t thinking straight but also thanks for making sure she's ok.” Benji said humbly. Jimmy nodded
“your welcome. I hope you guys work it out she's a special lady.” Jimmy smiled.
“I hope so too and yeah she really is.” Benji smiled. Jimmy went to the changing rooms and Benji went back to the buses.
Later on on the good Charlotte bus every one was chilling Paul and billy was playing video games, linzi reading a book Joel and Dean on their phones and Benji was just sat thinking things threw mostly about Robyn. He knew he was stupid for letting Rebecca get into his head about the photos. Yes he did know Robyn better than that and knew she wouldn’t cheat but his insecurities got the better of him he’s always thought he wasn’t good enough for her. Ever since the first time he met her and she so kind, smart, funny, caring and supportive to him and has been ever since he always wondered why him. He loves more than anything in the world but then that makes him do stupid jealous things sometimes.
There was a knock at the door there was a slight hope in Benji that it would be Robyn.
“come in.” Joel called. Jimmy stepped in.
“I just came to give you this.” Jimmy handed Benji a piece of paper. Benji looked confused and opened it.
“it's where Robyn's staying I think you need the opportunity to talk to her.” Jimmy said quietly. He felt bad for breaking Robyn's trust but he knew in the long run she may not thank him but it would be for the best to give Benji and Robyn a chance to sort things out. “thank you.” Benji looked at him in disbelief but greatful.
“no worries I just thought you needed chance to talk to her. Just one thing though.. do not tell her I gave you it.” Jimmy warned.
“don't worry I won’t.” Benji laughed.
“I seen how she can throw a punch.” Jimmy laughed.
“thanks again.” Benji laughed. Jimmy nodded and left.
“are you going to go see her?” Joel asked as Jimmy left.
“I think so.” Benji said sounding worried.
“it’ll be fine just talk to her.” Joel said giving him reassuring pat on the back.
“and take her some flowers.” Linzi added all the boys looked at her like she was crazy.
“Robyn doesn’t care about flowers.” Paul laughed.
“all girls love to receive flowers.” Linzi said knowingly. They all looked at her still not convinced. “Well it’s not going to make it any worse.” Linzi said that they agreed to. Benji got up and left they all said a chorus of ‘good luck’

Robyn was lay on her bed in the hotel room watching shit on tv half way through a bottle of wine. There was a knock at the door. She opened it and was instantly face with the biggest bunch of flowers she'd ever seen.
“what the fuck.” She said confused with a little laugh. Benji moves the flowers to the side to reveal it was him.
“oh.” She said her face falling when she seen it was him.
“can I come in?” He smiled weakly.
“suppose you best had.” She said walking into her leaving the door open for him to follow her.
“here these are for you.” Benji said handing her the flowers. She took them and ran some water for them in the sink. Benji took that as a good sign the fact she haven’t thrown them at him yet. As she came back threw she pours some more wine and sat on the bed. There was a moment on silance. She looked at him.
“you wanna talk, talk.” She said plainly making him more nervous. He didn't know how to start and she certainly wasn’t helping.
“I erm Well er you see.” He stuttered nervously. “I'm so sorry.” He sighed words failing him.
“Benji I know you are but seriously how many times are we going to be here. You chose to listen to Rebecca over me again and you accused me of cheating in front of pretty much the whole tour rather than just coming asking me if for what ever read on you had doubts. But then didn’t stop there you then suggested that when a friend, a friends of yours, was just making sure I was ok you suggested there might be something going on there. So you know how that make me feel?” She said annoyed but you could hear how hurt she was I her voice.
“I know I just its hard to explain.” Benji said looking down.
“well you'd better start fucking trying.” Robyn said slightly more irritated. Benji sat in silance for a minute trying to gather his thoughts.
“it’s just hard I let my insecurities get the better of me I know and trust you I really do but then she just got in my head and I’ve always had a feeling of not being good enough for you...” Benji started he’d never opened up about ‘not feeling good enough for her' to her before.
“wow wow wait there what do you mean not good enough for me?” She said as if it was the most ridiculous thing she'd heard.
“Well your just well you your beautiful, smart, funny, kind, caring and well just amazing. You could have any guy you want. Through school you could have been with all the popular kids and had a football player boyfriend but you chose to stick with me and all the agro that came with it and you pretty much have done ever since. All I keep doing it fucking up because there’s apart of me that feels one day you'll see that and leave me for someone better.” Benji said quietly. Robyn was looking at him like he was nuts. He finally looked up at her when she didn't answer straight away as she was tying to figure out where all this was coming from and why.
“Benji why would you ever think your not good enough?” She said quietly in disbelief he shrugged his shoulders looking down again. “have I ever made you feel that way?” She asked sounding upset and gutted if she had she was frantically trying to think through the years if she could think of a time that she might have.
“no, no never.” He said quickly.
“then why would you think that?” She said feeling gutted he’d felt that way and hidden it from her.
“Benji never ever think that your not good enough for me or anyone else for that matter because you are. I am with you now like I always have been because I want to be not for any other reason, I love and care for you and you are the best person in my eyes. You know I can’t stand footballers then and even now. That night of the photos was the worst time ever some big headed sleazes trying to come onto me thinking they can ‘have any one they wanted’ I only went because I wanted to spend more time with Karl. All of which I could have explained to you if you’d have just came and spoke to me. I can’t believe you’ve felt like that and never told me.” She explained. Benji sat quietly.
“Well Karl doesn’t seem to think so.” he said finally.
“Karl knows shit about shit.” Robyn said plainly making him laugh very slightly. “you should know by now what Karl’s like. He’s a headed bloody idiot at times. Benji come here.” She said shuffling closer to him to pull him into a hug.
“am I forgiven.” He said with a muffled voice from inside the hug she'd wrapped him in.
“I’m still a little angry that you didn’t just speak to me.. again but at least I know where it come from now.” She said releasing him from the hug. “and next time being chocolates.” She laughed.
“I don’t plan on there being a next time.” Benji smiled.
“that’s good.” She smiled. She moved over so she was sat straddling his lap and kisses him the kiss became more heated and passionate. He lifted her top up over her head breaking the kiss briefly. She only had a lounge suit no bra and French knickers. She removes his hoodie and shirt and push him to laying down on the bed. She kissed down his chest and removed his pants. He swiftly flipped her round so he was on top doing the same to her kissing down her cheat and stomach removing her pants. He kissed back up her stomach and chest focusing on her neck. She wrapped her legs round his waste and moved him into her and they continued passionately.

“Well at least there's one good thing about falling out.” He smirked lay in bed with her lay on his chest.
“we don't need to fall out to do that.” She warned.
“true.” He nodded. He started to make a move to get out of bed.
“what are you doing?” She said in a playful how dare you way.
“I thought I should be going back to the bus.” He said now unsure of his answer.
“you’ll do no such thing.” She laughed grabbing his hand a pulling him back down on to the bed to which he landed on top of her.
“your staying right here.” She smiled pulling him in for a kiss he kisses back again things getting heated. He pulled away for a second she looked at him confused.
“I should just text Joel so he won’t be worried. Of I don’t go back they might think that you’ve killed me.” He laughed as she playfully hit him across the shoulder.
“ha funny.” She smiled sarcastically.
“so where was we.” He smiled putting his phone to one side.
“I dunno you was pretty close to needing to buy me some chocolates to go with those flowers.” She joked pretending to be annoyed.
“really.” He smiled leaning in kissing her the kiss got heated and so followed round two.

The next morning Robyn woke up early and nudged Benji.
“hey what time are you guys leaving today.
“lunch time. So we have more time for this.” He kissed her.
“no no we don’t I want to enjoy a luxury shower again before we go back to them buses.” She said pulling away.
“ok well maybe could join you, you know save water.” He grinned.
“save water certainly won’t save time.” She laughed.
After their shower the gathered up Robyn's stuff and flowers and made their way back to the buses.
“oh good afternoon we was about to send out a search party.” Paul jailed as they entered the bus together. Everyone looking happy to see them both together.
“yeh when we got Benji’s message last night we thought its either you’ve nearly killed him or tour too busy making up.” Joel laughed.
“I told you every girl likes flowers.” Linzi smirked in a I told you so way then giving Robyn a hug. “please say your staying”
“yeh i suppose I could for now.” Robyn laughed.
“thank God for that.” Linzi smiled.
“and as these was clearly your idea you can figure out where the hell they're going to go.” Robyn said handing linzi the extremely large bouquet of flowers.
“oh come on you can’t say you don’t love flowers.” Linzi laughed.
“I love chocolate more and it takes up a lot less space.” Robyn smiled matter of factly.
Not long after they had set off to there next destination. Robyn had some work to do so went to the back of the bus on her laptop and the guys and linzi was at the front of the bus chilling.
“so hard you guys like ok ok now?” linzi asked Benji.
“yeh I think so we talked a lot and.. made up.” Benji said and couldn't help a smiled on the last bit.
“yeh I'll bet you did.” Linzi laughed.

A little while later Robyn had finished her work and joined the others in the front of the bus. She sat next to Benji resting her head on his shoulder.
“all done?” Benji asked.
“All done.” Robyn nodded.
“I’m starving what time did they say we'd arrive?” Dean announced.
“3.30 not long now.” Joel said.
“where is the next stop?” Robyn asked suddenly aware she had no idea where she was traveling to.
“Maryland.” Benji replied with a half smiled.
“really, an that’ll be nice.” She said.
“right I’ve had enough.” Billy said putting the video game controller down after being beaten by Paul for the fifth time.
“aw come on don’t be like that one more game.” Paul winged.
“no, no more.” Billy refused.
“fine. Dean..” Paul looked to Dean.
“no way I’m too hungry to concentrate.” Dean said. Paul pouted.
“come on Paul-y I'll kick your ass.” Robyn sighed getting up sitting on the floor next to him picking up the controller.
“no way will you kick my ass.” Paul laughed.
“we'll see.” She smirked. Everyone took an interest in the game. It was close finally Robyn won, every one laughed.
“no! Rematch.” Paul said outraged.
“I would be I don’t want to embarrass you again." Robyn laughed.
“aw come on you’ve got to give me chance to redeem myself.” Paul pouted.
“fine but only once more.” She laughed.
Robyn indeed beat him again to which Paul said he wasn’t going to pay her again as she must be cheating or something. Not long after they had arrived at the bus park in Maryland. The venue had put on a buffet for them so all the band’s and tour staff was mingling and eating and drinking. Robyn had excused herself and nipped out to the shop down the road. When she returned she found who she was looking for... Jimmy sat at a table across the room with Matt, Brian, Pete and Patrick.
She walked over to him with a few people linzi and the good charlotte guys being some of them. He was sat with his back to her. She loosely hung her left arm round his shoulders from behind making him jump slightly and whispered in his right ear...
“Here’s a thank you for having my back, not having my back, by going behind my back, to have my back.” She smiled placing a fairly decent bottle of whiskey on the table in front of him. He smirked at the bottle of whiskey turning to look at her thankful it wasn’t a punch in the face for going behind her back to tell Benji where she was.
You are very welcome my dear I’m just glad it’s not a black eye.” He laughed.
“what from me, no never.” She pretended to act shocked at the very thought.
“hmm. Well I’m glad you two seem to have sorted things out and that your still here with us.” He smiled
“mostly down to you so enjoy.” She smiled nodding to the whiskey then patted him on the shoulder and went back to the table with good Charlotte.
“that was nice.” Benji smiled to her acknowledging what she'd just done.
“you sound surprised. I can be nice.. sometimes.” She laughed.
A bit later on every one was still sat around chatting Jimmy came and sat on Robyn's right as Benji was sat on her left. He had the bottle of whiskey and two glasses.
“I owe you a drink for going behind your back.” He smirked handing her a glass pouring the whiskey into it. “drink up.” He smirked.
“be rude not to.” She laughed they cheers-ed and drank. And drank... and drank. It took zacky and Matt to carry Jimmy back to their bus and Benji with some help from Linzi to carry Robyn back to their bus. Needless to say every one had a good night especially Jimmy and Robyn somewhere hilarious together especially after nearly a full bottle of whiskey. They was defiantly the entertainment for the night. Not that either of them will remember it in the morning.
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