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Old times

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The next morning it was safe to say Robyn felt worse for wear.
“oh my god I think I’m dying.” Robyn said shuffling through the bus trying to shield her eye from the light till she found her sunglasses.
“you look like you are.” Dean laughed handing her her glasses.
“good night though, good whilst.” She weakly laughed. Then stumbled regaining her balance holding onto the counter.
“I think your still pissed.” Joel laughed holding her upright as he passed her so she didn’t fall on him.
“hey Rob we have sound check in five minutes you wanna come?” Benji laughed already knowing the answer.
“oh god no I think I need to go back to bed.” She said as if someone had just asked her to jump out of a plane without a parachute.
“you go sleep it off and we'll see you later.” Benji smiled giving her a kiss on the way out.
“shit Rob I think I’m drunk off just your fumes.” He laughed earning a playful smack on the arm.
The boys left, Robyn went back to bed and linzi read a book at the front of the bus.
Hours later Robyn woke up she Sri felt rough but a lot better than earlier on.
“good evening sleeping beauty.” Linzi laughed as Robyn appeared from the bunks.
“beauty I don’t feel that beautiful.” Robyn laughed. “how long was I sleeping for?”
“a good few hours.” Linzi said. “the guys should be back from their show soon.”
“I think I'll grab a quick shower and hopefully feel a little more human.” Robyn said.
When Robyn got out the shower she heard voices indicating the boys where back. When she got to the front of the bus it was packed with people the Avenged Sevenfold guy was there too.
“well you look better than you did before.” Joel said as she walked in.
“thanks Joel I’m not sure if that’s a complement though.” Robyn laughed.
“you light weight.” Jimmy laughed.
“I know I must be getting old, I have no idea how the hell you managed to play a show.” Robyn laughed.
“hard-core.” Jimmy grinned proudly.
“feeling better?” Benji asked squeezing through everyone her giving her a kiss on the temple.
“Yeh bit I’m never drinking again.” She groaned.
“I’ll believe that when I see it.” Benji laughed she gave him a playful push.
“why are we all squished in here like sardines?” Robyn asked looking round.
“we're going to go out for tea, of your up for it that is.” He said.
“Yeh I could do with something to soak up the rest of the alcohol.” She laughed.
“right guys are we going or what.” Matt announced over every one.
They all made they're way out there was a Chinese restaurant a short walk away that they'd all agreed on. They had a good chilled night out with good food. Robyn true to her word didn't drink. Once they'd finished their food it was quite late with all the chatting too, they made their best back to the busses.

The next day Robyn was up early, must have been all the extra sleep she had the day before sleeping off her hangover. She made coffee and got her laptop out to catch up on some work before everyone got up.
“your up early.” Said Joel appearing out of the bunks.
“well ya know early bird catches the worm an all.” She shrugged making him laugh. “there's coffee in the pot.” She nodded towards the coffee. Joel nodded and pour himself a cup then sat at the table opposite her reading the paper.
“so you got any plans for whilst your in your home town.” Robyn said not really taking her eyes off the laptop.
“nah not really we're off today then show tomorrow and we leave again.” Joel said.
“thought you might want to go see some old school mates.” Robyn said as a joke with a smirk. For a second Joel thought she was serious and shot her a glare but seen her smirking and laughed himself.
“oh yeh or I could stick hot pins in my eyes.” He said sarcastically.
“hmm yet both sound equally fun.” Robyn continued the sarcastic banter and they laughed Billy and linzi was up next they didn’t hang around they was off put together for the day making the most of their day off.
Then Dean got up and joined them at the table sat next to Joel with a coffee. Then Benji and lastly Paul.
“how much longer do you have to work?” Benji pouted like a child sat next to Robyn.
“almost done.” She said not taking her attention off the screen.
“but how much longer.” He whined joking making Joel laugh.
“seriously Benj are you 2.” Robyn laughed.
“no but I’m bored and have plans for us today.” He said.
“really like what.” She said humouring him whilst she was finishing off her work.
“I cant tell you.” He smirked smugly.
“then I don’t care.” Robyn joked, games like that didn’t work with her.
“your no fun.” Benji huffed joking as Joel laughed Robyn raised her eyebrows at Joel as if ‘really’.
“right done.” Robyn said triumphantly closing the laptop about 20 minutes later.
“well I don’t want to go now.” Benji teased.
“ok fine ill just do some more work.” Robyn threatened playfully.
“no. N-no I only joking.” Benji said quickly changing his tune. Robyn just grinned. “come on shoes coat get ready to go.” He said pulling her up and shuffling her through the bus.
“ok but where are we going?” she asked along the way to getting ready.
“it’s a surprise.” Benji smirked.
“I don’t like surprises.” She frowned.
“we’ll tough you’ll like this one.” He said not giving her chance to back out shuffling her to the door. She looked at Joel Dean and Paul as if to say ‘what’s he up to’ they all just shrugged not having a clue what Benji was up to.

They walked for so long then Benji stopped and turned to her.
“you need to put a blind fold on now.” He said.
“what? Are you taking the piss! Benji I’m not putting a blind fold on and walking down the street.” She saod outraged but also seeing the funny side.
“come on its not far and there’s no one around.” He smiled holding back a laugh at her reaction.
“I’m not happy about this.” She warned as he put the blind fold on her. “do not let me fall. If I fall or this is some kind of joke I swear I'll kick your ass. You think Karl’s bad you have no idea the hurt I’ll put on you.” She huffed.
“I have no doubt.” he laughed.
They walked for about five more minutes then came to a stop.
“ok.” He said as she pulled the blindfold off.
“oh my god, as if this place is still here.” She gasped smiling. “and still just as beautiful as before and not been trashed.” She said.
“see good surprise.” Benji smiled putting his arms around her. He'd brought her to the secret spot in the woods that they used to go to meet up and be along together.
“very good. Well done Madden.” She smiled giving him a kiss.
They went and sat under the tree in the shade just like old times. They sat in silence for a while taking everything in and thinking of old times good with the bad but always had each other.
“I’ve not even back to this place since, well yeh since school.” She said pulling Benji out of his thoughts.
“I cant say I've been much, once or twice maybe out of curiosity.” He said with an arm around her shoulders.
“This was the longest we’d ever stayed in once place for with it being final years of exams then we moved on again.” She said.
“must have been hard.” Benji said remembering how guarded she always was.
“always being the new kid in town and of course everyone knew who I was, was always... difficult with the fakeness and users.” She sighed. “somewhat its worth here’s probably more of a home than anywhere else to me.”
“and a bonus here has me.” He beamed.
“bonus? Really.” She screwed her face up as if she didn't agree. Benji pouted pretending to be hurt.
“I’m joking your the best thing I’ve found on my travels.” She smiled.
“talk about objectifying me.” He laughed.
“nah seriously though as fucked up as things have been at times I’m so glad we found each other and got through it all together to get to where we are today. I love you so much Benjamin Madden and you never ever have to feel not good enough or any other that other silly stuff you felt because you are and you deserve all the happiness and good fortunes that come your way.” She said giving him a kiss. “now that’s as soppy as I’m getting so don’t be getting used to it.” She laughed and he pulled her onto his lap kissing her again.
“I suppose I'll take what I can from the ice queen.” He laughed. “but really honestly I don’t know what I’d have done without you if you hadn't came into me life when you did. I know I certainly wouldn’t be where I am today without you having my back especially way back then.” Benji said.
“and I'd do it all over again no questions asked.” She smiled. They spent a good while longer making out like teenagers again sat under the tree.
On their way back to the bus hours later after just enjoying each other’s company. They used to love escaping from everything being in their own bubble together.
“Robyn Copeland?” a guy said stopping them in the street. They stopped Robyn eyed him she had no idea who he was but clearly he knew her.
“sorry do I know you?” She said looking confused.
“Jake Rodgers we where in final year of school together. It's good to see you however I didn’t think you’d be around people like him.” He said glarring at Benji. Robyn put an elbow in Benji’s side to prevent him from launching at the guy.
“listen I don’t know what your problem is but why don’t you just fuck off.” Robyn said irritably.
“do you know who I am.” He said clearly thinking very highly of himself.
“do you think I care.” Robyn scowled.
“well you should, I play for your father. And you should keep better company.” He said with a dig a Benji again.
“what like you?” Robyn laughed sarcastically.
“of course.” He smirked.
“listen you obnoxious asshole Benji is a million times the man you’ll ever be. I’m sure you and my cheating daddy dearest are like two peas in a pod. Now if you don’t mind we're leaving.” Robyn scowled at him and started walking linking Benji's are and taking him with her last thing she wanted was to be breaking up a fight.
“urgh what a prick.” Robyn said as they walked away.
“you recognise him right?” Benji said.
“no why should I has he got golden bolloks or something.” Robyn said clearly still furious.
“he was captain of the football team and took pride in being the ring leader in making my life hell during school time.” Benji said.
“urgh should have kicked his ass then.” She rolled her eyes. “do you see why I don’t like football players now. What an obnoxious prick.” Robyn ranted. Benji just laughed at her she was funny and cute when she was angry as well as quite terrifying if you was on the wrong end of it.
“well you certainly knocked him down a peg or two his face was priceless when he realised you didn’t know who he was.” Benji laughed.
“like hell I’m going to know who he is I don’t have time for nobs like him.” She laughed.
When they got back to the bus Billy and linzi where still out but Joel Paul and Dean where joined by Jimmy Matt Zacky Pete Patrick and Jacoby.
“what's this get rid of the couple’s and throw a party.” Benji laughed making his way to the front of the bus.
“what we drinking?” Robyn said squeezing into the dining table booth next to Jimmy with Matt Paul and Pete.
“Ah no you said you wasn't drinking any more.” Jimmy said putting a hand over her glass as Jacoby went to pour her a drink.
“Like fuck who ever listens to me anyway.” Robyn exclaimed. “pour me a drink.” She looked at Jacoby. Jimmy laughed and moved his hand.
“Hey guys where a linzi and Billy?” She asked kneeling up and turn round in her seat to see Joel and Dean at the front of the bus.
“they’re staying out tonight got a hotel.” Joel said.
“oh I’’ll bet they are.” Robyn smirked laughing to herself.
“I think Billy’s on a promise.” Dean laughed.
“I bloody well hope he is.” Robyn laughed
“why do j think there’s more to this story?” Paul said suspiciously.
“I shouldn't say.” Robyn squinted.
“oh go on, it’s not like linzi hasn’t blabbed almost every aspect of you sex life to pretty much everyone we know.” Paul laughed.
“true.” She shrugged her shoulders
“well??” Dean pushed her.
“oh it’s nothing really they're just ya know struggling to find the alone time on tour...”
“so they’re not getting any?” Joel said.
“well they wasn't I took her underwear shopping and gave her a talking to so hopefully this will sort them.” Robyn laughed.
“it's not like you and Benj don’t find time to...” Dean laughed.
“yet well we're not quite as erm...bothered as them.” Robyn grinned. Benji just laughed shaking his head.
“tell me about it Jesus I nearly walked in on you two in the bathroom the other day.” Paul exclaimed laughing.
“how the hell did you guys manage to in the bathroom!?” Matt asked without thinking.
“we’ll you see you...” she started totally unembarrassed.
“Robyn!” Benji, Joel and a few others shouted to stop her laughing
“what it’s only sex.” Robyn laughed joking.
“see the girl has no shame.” Paul laughed joking. Robyn shrugged and had a drink.
“but seriously you'll have to show me how to fit in the bathroom.” Matt added quietly. Robyn laughed and nodded. Paul flicked a coaster at Robyn and Jimmy at Matt as they over heard. To which they flicked them back at them.
They all carried on chatting and messing around.
Later on Robyn went through to the front of the bus and was sat with Joel they had their legs up on the sofa resting on each other’s facing each other.
“I heard you had a run in with an old friend.” Joel said.
“yeh shame I forgot the hot pins for my eyes.” She laughed. “I didn’t even recognise him, Benji did.”
“yet he was such an ads to Benj, well all of us really but mostly Benji.” Joel said.
“urgh it still makes me so angry there's just no need or place for bullying and shit like that.” Robyn said.
“I know but you defiantly helped to make it easier for all of us especially Benji, and turns out even more than we knew about at the time we now know.” He said giving her leg a squeeze.
“No I know but no one should be made to feel like that by anyone breaks my heart all the stuff you guys went through. If I could have done more I would have.” She said getting a little emotional bullying etc of any sort to anyone especially the people she cared about always got to Robyn and she would always do anything she could to stop it. Yes she was tough and blunt at times and told things like they are but she had a good heart and always stood up for what was right to anyone being the strong person she was
“you done and still do enough for everyone.” Joel smiled. She smiled and nodded.
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