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Fifty one

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Jimmy got a problem

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The next morning Robyn was the first up unlike most of the others she hadn’t actually drank too much with talking to Joel most of the night. As she walked out the bunks area she instantly tripped over a sleeping body to the land on another.
“what the fuck.” She cursed out loud. Then took a look around she had tripped over Jimmy to land on Matt. All the other guys had literally slept where they dropped. She laughed out loud to herself Jimmy had grunted when she tripped on him but was still sleeping Matt had stirred then woke up as she laughed.
“Robyn.” He said confused blinking as he work up. “what are you doing? I mean don’t get my wrong its a good way to wake up..” he smirked to get a playful smack off her.
“I could ask you guys the same thing I came out the bunks and tripped over Jimmy and you broke my fall. Now help me up.” She said shuffling to get up as he gave her a push.
“what the hell?” Joel laughed walking in just as Matt was boosting Robyn up.
“don't ask.” Robyn shook her head starting some coffee.
“she fell for me.” Matt grinned proudly.
“I didn't realise we had a carpet of bodies staying the night so I tripped over Jimmy and evidently landed on Matt.” Robyn explained.
“I cant believe these lot managed to sleep like that.” Joel laughed.
“COFFEE!!” Robyn shouted loudly. The guys started to wake up. Jimmy Joel and Matt who was closest to her physically jumped. Jimmy jumped awake banging his head.
“what the fuck?” Jimmy said rubbing his head.
“your fucking nuts.” Matt laughed. Joel looked amused knowing Robyn's antics so too well.
“what you guys will have to be up soon for sound check I’m doing them a favour.” Robyn shrugged.
“what’s all the shouting.” A groggy Benji came out the bunks and did exactly the same as Robyn and tripped over Jimmy.
“Benj watch...” Robyn started but it was too late he also fell landing on Matt. “..out
“Jesus.” Benji grumbled pulling himself to his feet. “sorry mate.” He patted Matt on the shoulder.
“come on you get up before anyone else falls for Matt.” Robyn said pulling Jimmy to his feet and handing him a coffee.
“why thank you.” Jimmy smiled nodded and sat at the dining table.
“did someone say coffee?” Paul and Dean came shuffling out.
“in the pot.” Robyn said.
“what the hell, is this what you guys get up to when we're not around.” Linzi laughed as her and Billy walked into the carnage.
“I think the real question is what you two get up to when your not here.” Paul laughed linzi blushed and glared at Robyn.
“I take it you had a good night then.” Robyn winked and laughed.
“What have you told them.” Linzi eyed Robyn.
“nothing.” Robyn said clearly guilty. Linzi raised her eyebrows at her. “they forced it out of me.” Robyn said holding her hands up.
“hmm.” Linzi said dropping it.
“anyways what’s the running order for today you guys will be needing to get a move on.” She said making her way to a free spot on the side giving the likes of Pete Patrick and Jacoby a nudge with her foot on the way.
“erm it’s us, fall out boy, papa roach then a7x.” Billy realed off the top of his head
“Ah plenty of time to sleep more.” Pete said putting his head down.
“don’t think so buddy make a move get a shower.” Robyn laughed nudging him again
“bossy when she wants to be.” Pete joked.
“oh you don’t even know the half.” Robyn laughed putting her feet up in the space he'd just moved from. Pete Patrick Jacoby Jimmy matt Johnny all shuffled out of the bus linzi Benji and Billy sat at the dining table and Dean Paul and Joel sat on the sofas with Robyn. Zacky and Brian hung back and zacky said something to Brian.
“Robyn can we have a word please.” Brian said a bit uncomfortably. Robyn and the GC boys looked confused Brian and Robyn was fine with each other but didn’t really have much to do with each other.
“yea sure.” Robyn got up and walked out the bus with them. “you guys Ok?” Robyn asked looking between them.
“yeh well we are..” Zacky started.
“it’s just we think there’s something going on with Jimmy but he won’t speak to us guys about it we just thought we know you two have got close lately maybe he'll talk to you?” Brian said.
“I’ll give it a go but I’m not pushing him of he doesn’t want to talk as he didn’t push me about the Benji stuff but I’ll let him know he can.” Robyn said they nodded.
“thank you.” Brian smiled.
“appreciate it.” Zacky said. They left and Robyn went back into the bus.

Meanwhile on the bus.
“hey Benj it's Robyn's birthday next week isn’t it?” linzi asked him spying the opportunity whilst Robyn wasn’t there.
“yea why.” Benji said.
“are we throwing her a party.” Linzi said as if it was the most obvious thing ever.
“oh no.” Benji said.
“why it’s her 30th.” Linzi said thinking a surprise party would be the perfect thing for Robyn.
“no no Robyn doesn’t like drawing attention to herself or her birthday and certainly doesn’t like surprises.” Benji said knowing she would flip if she knew they'd thrown her a surprise birthday party. For all she was loud and confident she didn’t like the spot light on her. A few drinks with friends maybe but not a full on birthday party with all eyes on her.
“I find that hard to believe this is Robyn we're talking about. Plus it’s a special birthday.” Linzi said.
“no seriously linz Robs hates surprises. “ Joel added.
“and she doesn't really celebrate her birthdays.” Paul said.
“well maybe its time she started.” Linzi said still not believing them but they finished the conversation as Robyn just walked back in.
“everything Ok?’ Joel asked Robyn.
“yeh just wanted men to see if Jimmy was ok they think somethings bothering him but he won’t speak to them about it so wanted to see if he’d speak to me.” Robyn said honestly they nodded.
“guys we need to go to sound check.” Billy said.
“I’ll come with.” Robyn said her plan was to chill watching the band’s play then hang around to see Jimmy after they was done.
Robyn enjoyed watching the guys play. Surprisingly she hadn’t actually seen them for a while. Avenged Sevenfold was the last on once they was done she hung around waiting to catch him after they'd showered and changed. She was a little bored she wondered on stage and sat at the drum kit. It had been a long while since she had played but couldn’t resist, she started playing around a little then Jimmy appeared with a look of surprise and amazement on his face. She stopped as she seen him.
“don’t take this the wrong way not that I’m trying to come onto you but you just got even hotter.” He smirked.
“that better not be a pick up line or I'll kick your ass.” She laughed.
“I didn’t know you played.” He said walking over to her.
“I don’t really.” Robyn said.
“you seem to do pretty well at it then.” He laughed.
“one of the guys on the team was pretty ace so we used to mess around on tour when we had free time.” She explained. “I’ve not played in a long time.”
“well I think you have a back up career.” Jimmy said.
“nah not for me.” She smiled.
“did you enjoy the shows? Not seen you down here for a while.” He asked sitting down on a speaker opposite her.
“yeh it was great watching you all again it just been a time I've been using to fit my work in whilst you guys are ‘working' but I’ve been missing out.” She smiled
“totally. I hear the drummer from a7x kicks ass.” Jimmy laughed.
“oh really cause I thought he was more mediocre.” Robyn joked.
“ha funny.” He said sarcastically then laughed.
“so anyways how are you?” She asked. He eyes her for a minute.
“the guys asked you to ask that?” He frowned a little.
“I asked a question first answer mine and I'll answer yours.” She twisted back to him she knew she'd have to be tactile.
“honestly I've been better, but its nothing to write home about.” He said as vaguely as he could. “so now your answer.” He was to clever for games.
“Ok so zacky and Brian did ask me to see if you was ok but only because they're worried about you and thought you might find it easier to talk to me.” She explained.
“we’ll tell them keep their noses out.” He said.
“they’re just concerned. Me too.” She said.
“did I ever pester you to talk she you didn’t want to.” He shot back.
“no and I was glad of that and also the fact you was there for me. Like I told them I will speak to you but if you don't want to talk I’m not going to make you.” She said. He nodded. “seriously though you wanna talk I’m here.” She said standing up taking steps to leave.
“Robyn.” He said quietly. She smirked a little to herself knowing that would work.
“yeh.” She turned to him he was still sat on the speaker.
“I think Jayda’s cheating on me.” He said quietly then looked up at her for her reaction. For a second she just looked at him she didn’t realise he’d actually open up so easily.
“oh mate shit.” She said sitting down next to him “are you sure?”
“well she’s always messaging an unsaved number and she's been odd lately and disappearing places but never says where or makes up excuses that don't make sense.” He said.
“maybe you should speak to her about it?” Robyn suggested for lack of anything else helpful to say.
“I know I just keep putting it off though I don’t wanna be the guy who's misses went off with another guy.” He said.
“if she does its defiantly her loss. Surely it’s best to speak to her and get answers either way better than being in this sort of limbo.” Robyn said.
“yeh I guess.” He sighed.
“it’s shit mate really shit but anything you need I’m here for you and you know the guys are too.” She said giving him a nudge.
“thanks it’s just a bit embarrassing.” He said with a laugh clearly feeling uncomfortable discussing his feelings.
“you have nothing to be embarrassed about and anyway you never know there could be a perfectly good explanation as to what's going on She might not be cheating.” Robyn said sounding hopeful.
“thanks for the bright side but I don’t think so.” He sighed. “but thanks for making me talk. Next time I’ll return the favour.” He laughed.
“I know I’m sorry I’m a walking hypocrite but at least I helped.” She shrugged laughing. They made their way back to the buses.
Whilst Robyn was busy talking to Jimmy, back the buses linzi was along the way to planning a big surprise birthday party for Robyn's birthday against the guys warnings.
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