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Fifty two

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Robyn saves the day

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The next day the guys played their shows and Robyn did her work linzi had snuck out party planning again. When Robyn had finished her work the guys was still not back nor was linzi so she decided to head down to the venue to meet the guys good Charlotte was just finishing up as the last band to play so she headed to the changing room.
“Robyn, Rob!” Brian called running a little to catch up to her.
“hey.” She smiled stopping to turn to him.
“did you manage to speak to Jimmy?” Brian asked.
“yeh has he nor spoke to you about it?” she said brain shook his head. “he erm thinks his girl friends cheating on him.” She said quietly.
“No.” Brian said sounding shocked.
“I know. He said she keeps messaging an unknown number and going off places without saying where she's been. I told him he should talk to her so at least he knows for definite either way. I think he’s a bit embarrassed to tell you the truth I told him we're all here for him and he can and should speak to you guys.” She said.
“aw man that's shit I can’t believe she’d cheat on him. Thanks for talking to him I knew of he was going to open up to someone its be you.” Brian said.
“no worries happy to help.” She smiled “I was going to pop over later to see how he is id he'd spoke to her.”
“yeh yea you should do.” Brian smiled.
“will do, catch you later.” She said and headed off to the good Charlotte changing room.
“hey Robs.” Greater her as she walked in the changing room.
“hey hope you all decent.” She announced loudly to make sure they all heard.
“since when has that bothered you.” Paul laughed with a towl round his waist coming out of the shower. Billy and Joel looked showered and dressed and as she couldn’t see Benji and Dean they must have been in the shower
“ha cheeky git was giving you the benefit of the doubt.” She laughed.
“have you seen linzi around?” Billy asked.
“no she not been around all day actually, I don’t even know where she's been.” Robyn said sounding a bit confused now she came to think of it it’s not like linzi to be out all day on her own. Paul nudged Billy to hint at the surprise party planning luckily Robyn didn’t see.
“oh er yea I think I remember her saying she had a few errands to run today.” Billy covered up.
“hey.” Benji smiled walking over to give her a hug and a kiss just out of the shower stop damp and towel round his waist.
“hey.” She smiled and kisses him back. “urgh your soaking go get dry.” She laughed slapping him on the chest. He laughed and lifted her up in a bear hug spinning her round making her squeal and the guys laugh. “so not funny.” She grinned playfully as he out her down and went to get dressed.
Once the guys was ready they headed back to the buses. As they passed the avenged Sevenfold bus Robyn paused.
“hey I'm just going to check in on Jimmy, I won’t be long.”
“Ok see you soon.” Benji said kiss on her in the cheek.
Robyn walked up the a7x bus steps and knocked on the door.
“hey.” Brain smiled as he opened the door and seen it was Robyn letting her in then Matt zacky and Johnny said a chorus of ‘hi’ to her.
“Hey guys. Is Jimmy around?” She said walking in.
“he’s in the back he just been on the phone.” Zacky said with a worried expression. Robyn nodded.
“can I...?” She asked if she could go through to the back.
“be our guest.” Brian smiled. She went though to the back and knocked on the door to no answer. She listened for a second she couldn’t hear him talking on the phone.
“hey Jimmy it’s me let can I come in?” Robyn said there was silence again for a while she almost left thinking he wanted to be alone then the door opened. He walked back and sat down she followed and sat next to him. He stayed in silence for a little while, Robyn just sat there for a minute.
“I..” Jimmy started
“so..” Robyn said at the exact same time.
“she’s defiantly cheated on me.” He sighed.
“fuck really.” Robyn winced.
“yea.” He said sounding really down.
“want me to like beat her up for ya.” Robyn said trying to lighten things up.
“thanks but she's not worth it. Can you believe she actually admitted to cheating on me but said if she had to choose she'd choose me. Like what the fucks that all about.” He said.
“fuck really. She must be taped in the head.” Robyn said angrily.
I know right. Well at least we know where we stand now.” He sighed.
“I know its a cliché but even though it seems tough now you’ll get over her and the right girls out there. You deserve better.” She said.
“wow hypocritical the other night and now clichés tonight your not the girl I thought you was.” He laughed taking the mick.
“shut it.” She laughed throwing a pillow at him.
“I’m joking...ish.” he laughed.
“right well anyways I best be getting back. Talk to the guys too they want to be there for you.” She said he nodded but still looked a bit unsure.
“thanks Robyn.” He smiled.
She headed back to the good Charlotte bus.

The next day things went pretty much the same the guys played their shows, linzi had disappeared for most of the day (party planning) and Robyn got on with some work. Robyn was still in the bus just finished her work when the guys got back and linzi was still out.
“Ah man I can’t believe we can’t play the next show.” Paul said.
“I know but I hope Steve’s wife’s ok.” Dean said.
“hey what’s up?” Robyn said over hearing them as they came in.
“ourselves Steve his wife’s not well so he’s had to leave and go take care of her.” Billy said.
“So we have to hang back here until they can get us another driver but the tour leaves tonight which means we'll end up missing at least tomorrows show.” Joel said Robyn thought for a moment.
“I could drive the bus.” She said they laughed at her.
“well fine miss your show.” Robyn shrugged. As they was still laughing.
“wait wait yes you could drive us couldn’t you.” Benji said excitedly remembering Robyn drives the horse boxes when the teams touring all round the world.
“yeh I have all the HGV and transporting licences.” Robyn said.
“really.” Paul said all their faces fell as they stopped laughing then started smiling as if all their prayers had been answered.
“yeh I drive all the horse boxes and equipment trucks when we’re touring the horses.” Robyn said as if it was no big deal.
“oh my god Robyn you are amazing.” Paul said.
“Ah that’s great we can go.” Bit said.
“hey hang on who says I’m taking you now after bloody laughing at me.” Robyn frowned playing.
“aw please Robyn we're sorry.” Dean laughed knowing she was joking.
“seriously though are you sure you don’t mind?” Joel said.
“nah it’s fine I'll drive until they can get you another driver. I’ve got all my paper work here of you want to call them to check it’s ok and sort insurance and stuff.” She said.
“that’s my girl.” Benji beamed kissing her on the cheek.
“I have one stipulation though, one of you have to ride up front with me all the time so I don’t get bored.” She said.
“I’m sure we can manage that.” Dean smiled. Joel went to call the tour directors.
“Robyn your like our tour saviour.” Paul said as linzi asked in.
“what’s going on?” She asked.
“Steve’s wife sick so he’s had to leave to care for her.” Billy started.
“aw no.” She said.
“but that left us without a driver.” Billy continued.
“shit.” Said linzi.
“but out Robyn's saved the day, she going to fill in and drive us till we get a driver sorted.” Paul grinned. Linzi laughed.
“oh don't you start or ill leave you behind.” Robyn warned.
“how can you drive the bus?” linzi said laughing.
“Same way I drive the horse boxes.” Robyn said smugly.
“do you?” linzi said surprised.
“I do.” Robyn grinned.
“right sorted they're happy well actually greatful for you to drive us and they said they’ll get a new driver as soon as possible.” Joel said.
“ok well come on let get this shit on the road.” Robyn said.
“I’ll ride up front with you.” Benji said she smiled.
“oh my god does anyone feel slightly nervous.” Paul laughed.
“hey if I can keep hundreds of pounds worth of horses safe my boy Diego being one of them you guys are nothing to worry about.” Robyn said.
“some how I don’t feel like we’re as valuable to her as the horses.” Dean laughed. Robyn gave he look of ‘well of course’
Robyn and Benji got in the front of the bus and set off, the guys and linzi went about their business in the back of the bus. It was a long drive till the early hours of the morning. Benji and Robyn just chatted away through the drive talking of old memories and exchanging memories and stories that they didn’t know about each other too. They was in such a good place in their relationship at the moment and closer than ever.
It was 3am when they arrived at their next stop as they pulled up the other bands had arrived a bit ahead of them as they was delayed sorting out if Robyn could drive them. The other bands had got out their busses to stretch their legs. Most of the did a double take when they seen Robyn driving.
“holy shit Robyn drove you!” Matt laughed to Benji as they got out.
“and what’s wrong with that.” Robyn said smiling.
“can you even drive it?” He said not realised how silly a question it clearly was.
“sorta looks like it.” She laughed.
“well that wasn't as bad as I thought it could be.” Paul said as he Joel and Dean walked towards them.
“do you know what next time I’ll leave you stranded.” Robyn said pretending to be offended.
“aw no we don’t mean it you’ve been ace.” Dean said.
“right well I’m going to my ace-ness and go to bed, you guys should too.” Robyn yawned and went into the bus.
“is linzi still planning a party for her birthday day?” Matt asked.
“yeh, she’s going to flip but linzi’s having none of it.” Paul said. Matt looked to Benji.
“don’t look at me I’m having nothing to do with it.” He said holding his hands up.
“mate you know about it and not told her or fine anything to stop it. Your so part of it.” Matt laughed.
“have you ever tried to tell linzi something when she's made her mind up.” Benji said they all nodded and agreed.
They all started to make their way back to their buses and to bed after a bit of socialising.
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