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Fifty three

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Robyns birthday

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The next day like last last few days at the last venue the guys did their shows Robyn did her work and although linzi was around more she was still being odd Robyn was sure she was up to something but wasn’t sure what it was.

The next day was Robyn's birthday, it was the guys day off and also the day of the surprise party. Linzi had dragged Billy and Dean off to help with party prep. Benji had got up before Robyn to make her breakfast and Joel was just hanging round the front of the bus.
Paul shuffled though and went to take a piece of toast Benji had made for Robyn. Benji slapped his hand away.
“it’s for Robyn's birthday get your own.” Benji said.
“geeze she'll never eat all that.” Paul laughed.
“still your not having any not at least till Robyn gets up.” Benji said Paul huffed and went to the front of the bus to Joel.
“morning.” Robyn yawned walking through.
“good morning and happy birthday.” Benji smiled giving her a kiss and sitting her down at the table where he’d done toast eggs cereal and fruit what she liked plus coffee orange juice and a single flower in a little glass.
“Benji what’s all this fuss.” She warned but smiling still.
“it’s your birthday your allowed a little fuss.” He smiled.
“well thank you, it’s lovely.” She smiled.
“happy birthday Robs.” Joel smiled giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“thanks.” She smiled.
“yeh happy birthday.” Paul said also giving her a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “mind if I.” Paul said motioning to a piece of toast.
“no no help yourself.” Robyn said. Paul took a piece and smirked at Benji to which Benji flipped him off laughing.
“so I was thinking we could go out for the day.” Benji said to Robyn. He did want to take her out for the day but also linzi had told him to taken her out until the party although Benji had told her he wasn’t making any promises to when or if he could get her to the party as if She knew he knew she’d flip and refuse to go.
“ok where we going?” She asked sipping her coffee.
“I thought I'd leave that up to you whilst it’s your birthday.” He smiled.
“I don't mind it’s just another day is it.” Robyn said.
“ok I know you don’t do birthdays but it’s your....” Benji said but she cut him off before he said 30th.
“shh! You don’t need to finish that sentence.” She said he laughed.
“fine but you need to celebrate.” Benji smiled.
“whoo!” she said as if to ‘celebrate’ “there you go done now can we have a normal day.” She grinned.
“ok but we are going out for lunch at least.” He said.
“fine.” She sighed.
They finished breakfast then went for a walk along the beach just nice and relaxed chilling and talking. Then had lunch in a little cafe and a walk around the shops then walked back along the beach with an ice cream.
“see this is nice this is how to celebrate a birthday no fuss just having a good time with the people who matter most.” Robyn said. Benji stopped turning to grin at her.
“I matter the most.” He said beaming at her.
“I suppose so.” She smirked then blobbed ice cream on his nose.
“oi.” He jumped she laughed and ran a little he chased her.
“ok ok I give up.” She said seconds later out of breath from laughing.
“well I suppose it is your birthday I'll let you off.” He said putting an arm around her shoulders. She wiped the blob of ice cream off his nose. They walked a little way as Robyn went to have her ice cream Benji nudged her so she missed her mouth and got her cheek.
“benji!” she squealed. “you said...”
“birthday I know however just another day you said.” He laughed. She couldn’t help but smiled at him shook her head and playfully went to punch him in the arm but he caught her hand gently and pulled her closer to him. He kissed the ice cream off her cheek the they looked into each other’s eyes and kissed.
“right come on my ice creams melting everywhere.” She laughed pulling away a few moments later.
“I suppose we should make our way back too.” He said aware of the time. He knew linzi had put a lot of effort into this party even if it was probably wasn’t what Robyn wanted. They walked back to the buses hand in hand. When they got to the bus there was no one there Benji knew they'd be at the venues hall that Linzi had planned the party in.
“hmm wonder where everyone is?” Robyn wondered out loud as they got in the bus as she knew it was off no one being around especially on their day off usually everyone was just hanging around.
“yeh they've probably just gone for food or something. Hey I remembered I left your present with my guitar so you wouldn’t find it come on let’s go get it” He said hoping she would just follow him. He started to leave the bus quickly not giving her chance to say or do anything else. She thought it was a little bit odd but decided to just go with him anyway. As they got closer to the hall Benji knew she was suspecting something. They could hear voices of people in the hall. Robyn stopped dead. He cringed and turned round slowly to her.
“there’s people in there Benji. Lots of people. That’s a party. What have I said about birthdays and parties.” She said to him figuring out that he was taking her to a surprise birthday party.
“ok ok yes there’s a party but...” he started to try to explain but she went to walk back to the bus he grabbed her hand stopping her. “wait wait its not me. Linzi planned it all...”
“but you knew about it.” She frowned.
“I know but Rob please she's actually put alot of effort into it and...” he pleaded she was still having none of it she tried to wiggle her hand out of his grasp but as she did he did the only thing he thought he could to get her into the party he spun her round and threw her over his shoulder.
“Benji! If you don't put me dooooooownn!” she squealed shouting trying to sound threatening but failing. Benji had kicked the doors open and delivered Robyn to the party over his shoulder ass first mid way through her sentence. He dropped her to her feet in front of everyone who had stopped and just started at them.
“surprise!” they all shouted after taking a second to take in the scene unfolding.
“I got her here. You owe me.” Benji said to linzi.
“happy birthday!” Linzi squealed handing her a drink and giving her a hug.
“I hear this was all your doing.” Robyn said in a not impressed tone but softening underneath.
“yes please don’t be mad they all warned me so don't be mad at them you need to have a party and celebrate a special birthday.” Linzi said. Robyn started to soften to her then..
“What a way to make an entrance sis!” Karl’s amused voice came up behind her before she had chance to reply to linzi.
“oh hell no you didn't.” Robyn sighed shooting linzi a glare to be met by Karl.
“what are you doing here.” Robyn said looking at Karl less than impressed.
“I’m here for my beautiful sisters birthday of course.” He smiled going to give her a hug but she stepped back away from it.
“sure and to take the opportunity to swing your fists again.” She rolled her eyes.
“no not at all best behaviour scouts honour.” He said saluting her but he couldn’t help but laugh a little.
“no Karl I’m being fucking serious you hit him (she pointed to Benji), or anyone else for that matter again and I’m done.” She said warned in her very scary pissed off Robyn way and walked off and sat by Jimmy.
“wow she's actually scarier than mom now.” Karl said as she walked off. “look man truse, for Robyn.” Karl said holding his hand out to Benji to shake. Benji thought to himself they'd been here before and it meant nothing but he shook his hand went along with it for Robyn's sake.
“ok-ay right shall we all try to have a good time now.” Linzi sighed trying to put on a smile for everyone. They got the party back on the way.

“dare I say happy birthday.” Jimmy smirked at Robyn as she sat next to him in a grump.
“I suppose you can.” She smiled. He held his glass out to clink she did and they drank.
“how are you anyway?” she asked.
“I’m good.” He said. She looked at him. “well as good as I can be.” He said. She nodded. “So what’s so bad about having a birthday party I'd have thought you’d have loved it.”
“I just don’t really do birthdays having all the attention on me and cheesiness just isn’t my thing. When we we're kids there was never time to celebrate birthdays with dads job so why start now when your just another year older.” She said.
“maybe all the more reason to celebrate now. Make up for ones you missed and celebrate making it to another year older.” He said “here get a drink down you and cheer up.” He laughed handing her another drink giving her a nudge making her lighten up and smile.
“I suppose I’ve got to hand it to her she had put alot of effort in.” Robyn smiled.
“please don’t be mad at me.” Linzi said coming back over to them with her hands up in surrender.
“what for the party or bringing my brother here who can't ever seem to control his fists.” Robyn said pretending to still be mad at her.
“both I’m sorry.” She said.
“your forgiven.” Robyn laughed and hugged her. “however you are to take full responsibility of my pain in the ass brother.” Robyn warned.
“I take that as my punishment then.” Linzi laughed then went off to Billy. Robyn chatted to Jimmy a little longer Matt and Johnny joined them then Robyn went to the bathroom on her way there and back she was stopped several times by different people who wished her happy birthday and had a little chat and catch up with her.
She finally found Benji and went to with him.
“hey.” She smiled.
“hey having a good time?” He smiled.
“maybe a little bit but don’t start making a habit of this stuff.” She warned and they laughed.
“noted.” He said.
“so before you said you left your present here was that just a ploy to get me here or..” She asked like a child asking for sweets.
“I do have a gift for you however it will have to wait till later” Benji smiled.
“but later won’t even be my birthday.” She pouted.
“patience is a virtue Robyn one day you’ll learn it.” He smirked.
“or we could just leave now.” She grinned leaning in close to him seductively. Benji lent in close to her as if her attempts was working.
“no that’s not going to work either.” Benji smirked.
“fine.” She rolled her eyes joking giving in.
“Benji here a minute mate.” Pete called Benji over. Benji got up giving Robyn a quick kiss before going over.
As soon as Benji left Karl filled his seat.
“birthday drink for the birthday girl.” He smiled.
“thanks.” She smiled.
“also piece offering. I want no trouble I even called a truce with Benji and shook his hand.” He grinned proudly.
“good I’m glad now the hard part and stick to it.” She said.
“you know you get more and more like mom every time I see you.” He said.
“watch it.” She playfully punched his arm.
“you two seem to be close.” He said looking over to Benji.
“Yeh.” She smiled looking over at Benji subconsciously
“oh my god Robyn your so smitten.” Karl laughed throwing a beer mat at her head breaking her out of her daze.
“so what if I am.” She laughed throwing a beer mat back at him.
“aw my little sis in lurve.” He teased.
“says you who still loves by himself and when was the last time you had a serious relationship.” She fired back.
“oh now now robs let’s not hit a nerve.” He laughed.
“your a dick.” She rolled her eyes laughing it off and having a drink.
“hey do you know a guy he plays on dad’s team Jake I can’t think of his second name.” She started.
“Rodgers?” Karl said.
“yeh that’s it.” She said.
“yeh why?” Karl said eyeing her.
“urgh he recognised me in the street apparently he was in our final year of school but he was a total ass.” She said Karl could tell Jake had certainly ruffled Robyn's feathers.
“what’s he done do I need to teach him a lesson?” Karl said.
“no don’t go hitting anyone especially him he’s not worth it. He was just an on obnoxious prick seemed to think I should have recognised him and instantly fell head over heels for him and he was a dick to Benj.” She explained.
“he’s so far up dad’s ass its unreal.. like the ‘son he always wanted'.” Karl mimicked.
“urgh so they’re well matched.” Robyn said with a look of disgust.
“hey Robs you up for any games?” Johnny shouted across to her waving some bottles of whiskey at her.
“no defiantly not no drinking games.” She said.
“I love drinking games!” Karl said as if someone just told him its his birthday.
“there you go then fill ya boots but count me out.” Robyn laughed.
Karl, Johnny, Matt, Jimmy, Pete, Jacoby, Patrick and a few others from the tour team went over to a corner playing drinking games.
Robyn went and sat with Billy, linzi, Joel and Dean's table as she couldn’t find Benji.
“are you having a good time? If your not I’m sorry and you can leave and do what ever you want.” Linzi said worriedly.
“it’s fine linz, thank you for putting the effort in. Ignore me being a miserable cow.” Robyn said.
“so your happy?” She said hopeful.
“it might not be my first choice but yes I've had a good time.” Robyn smiled. “but don’t go getting any ideas about doing any more.” Robyn warned.
“hey Brian.” She jumped up when she seen Brian passing and walked a little bit away from the table with him.
“happy birthday.” He smiled giving her a kiss on the cheek.
“thank you. How’s Jimmy been has he spoke to any of you?” She asked.
“he’s still a bit quiet better than he was though. He knows we know but he hasn’t spoke to us about it. He’ll just work through it himself I think. He knows we’re here for him and he’s got you too.” Brian said.
“Yeh I spoke to him earlier he seemed better but it’s clear hit him hard it'll just take time at least the tour will help keep him busy.” She said.
“thanks for looking out for him we appreciate it.” He smiled.
“any time.” She smiled back.
“anyway I’m going to have to shoot I promised Carley I'd call her to catch up. Hope you had a good birthday and enjoy the rest of it.” He said.
“ok thanks.” She said. He gave her a quick hug then left. She went and sat back at the table. They all looked at her suspiciously.
“what’s up?” she said looking round at them.
“what was that?” linzi said.
“oh come on seriously? You guys think there’s something going on?” Robyn laughed slightly offended and outraged.
“no no well we’re just making sure.” Dean said.
“Been there before and didn’t work remember. he has Carley and you should know I'd never do that to Benji. I was just checking how Jimmy was. Not that I should need to explain myself.” She said not being able to hide the hurt and annoyance in her voice.
“we know sorry Robs wasn’t meant to upset or offend you.” Billy said.
“hmm.” She brushed off still a bit grumpy.
“hey Robyn! Is it true Karl's slept with two playboy models at the same time?!” Matt shouted across to her.
“yes more than likely he is a man whore.” She shouted back to which Karl took as a compliment they laughed.
“Karl seems to be fitting in well.” Joel said to her.
“yes worrying isn’t it.” She laughed.
“where is Benji anyways?” she asked looking round.
“I seen him nip out before. I’m sure he’ll be back soon.” Joel said. Just as he did Benji came back through the door.
“Hey.” She smiled at him.
“come on.” He said almost looking nervous which confused Robyn a little.
“what’s up?” She said as he took her hand and she followed him out of the party. He didn’t reply. “ooo is this about my present?” She smiled.
“shh come on will you.” He laughed a little still seeming nervous.
“this better be good.” She sighed following him back to the bus.
“I wanted to give it to you before every one got back.” He said. She sat down.
“you known you really didn’t have to get me anything.” She smiled at him genuinely.
“I did.” He shuffled nervously.
“Benji what’s wrong you look like your waiting to go in the dentist or something.” She laughed.
“ok right well er.” he stuttered nervously. She knew this sort of nervous Benji it was like when they first met and he realised she liked him or when he told her he loved her for the first time but wasn’t sure why he was nervous now.
“Benj what is it?” She asked as he sat down in front of her hoping her hands.
“ok well I’m not sure how this will go but here goes. I want you to have this.” He said handing her a small ring box. She took it holding it not quite registering what it was at first as she was more concerned about what had got Benji so nervous.
“open it.” He whispered breaking her out of her daze. She opened it and seen a beautiful ring she looked up at him not 100% sure what to say or think. “so erm I want you to have it wear it when your ready call it what you like but take it as my promise to you as my love for you and that ill always be here for you. You mean more to me the anything else in the world but if you’d like to call it and engagement ring then that would make me happy too.” He smiled nervously. She didn’t say or do anything for a moment just still looking at the ring letting his words sink in, in a daze. She felt the same way she knew he felt that way and he knew she did too. They knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together however putting a ‘label' or a ‘ring on it' was much scarier.
“say something.” Benji said quietly snapping her out of her daze she snapped out of her thoughts and felt a bit bad for leaving waiting for a response. She put her hands on each side of his face and kissed him.
“engagement ring sounds scary but ok with me.” She whispered still holding him close to her. He smiled and kissed her again. “very relaxed no stress bora bora ring mind.” She added.
“sounds perfect to me. I love you.” He smiled kissing her again.
“I love you.” She said pulling him into a hug. “have you told anyone, Joel.”
“no no one.” He said.
“we should just not tell anyone and see if they notice. I bet linzi's first.” She laughed.
“ok.” He laughed.
They stayed in the bus hanging out till they went to bed the other guys made their way back to the busses late on that night or more like early the next morning. Karl stayed on the good Charlotte bus sofa.
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